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LOCO #Live Stream Trivial Gaming Applications Technology Stack

Information Technology is swiftly shifting the way we think, the way we interact, the way we work and the way play.

Today we want to talk about the emerging technology like live streaming followed by a generic ideas which made a revolution in the mobile apps market from the stage of television market.

Do you know about the Live Stream Trivial Gaming Application? Namely we have Loco, Brain Baazi, Qureka and more…

Hmmmm !  However, let’s go deep into the topic with how reformed trivial application are utilizing the current technologies as eye-turning to conceptual applications to gain more knowledge and stay connected with real-world updates.

Live Streaming, Of course this is not a new world, We are hearing around the globe. In fact Youtube has started broad casting live events from 2008 worldwide, even though the Youtube stated it is properly immature due lack of future vision. However its not too late.

What is the Loco App process?

We will start with the How Loco Actually Works out, as we all are great players of Trivia gaming, you might know the process… Anyhow let me brief it.

Step 1: Sign-up with in the app

Step 2: Setup profile with required details

Step 3: Check the next game time & visit back soon to play

Step 4: On time, Here starts the game with a real time video playing on sync with a textual representation of question on the screen and you can see a count of live players on the top

Step 5: The players need to answer each question correctly to continue the game for a win-up. You can also able see the statistics of each answer that how many realtime users are given a correct answer and how many are wrong.

Remember! the rule if you are wrong, You are out of the game.

Step 6: User can also have an option to continue waking the game show after a wrong answer – when you are eliminated.

Life? You will be saved once in a game from question 1 to 7.

Step 7: At the end, the price money will be divided equally among the winners of the game and the winners list also be shown to app viewers.

Step 8: Winners get credited with price amount into their accounts with in a day or so.

So far, we have seen one phase of the game, lets move on to the technical phase – technology stack for the loco similar trivial game application development.

What are the technologies or infrastructure used for Loco Live Trivia & Quiz Game Show Development?

  1. A live streaming server which is capable to handle a low latency and high traffic in few seconds.
    Such as Wowz, Red5 Pro, WireCast, WebRTC, EvoStream… and more.
  2. A strong coded API based environment to overlap the questions otherwise suggestively a real-time messaging servers like XAMP, MQTT is preferred or can also go with a complete socket based switching to deliver a great sync with live streams followed by Firebase similar models involved.
  3. A robust web-system coded using strongest framework like Php, Angular Js, Ember.Js, Cake Php, Symphony, Laravel can be more helpful to organize, generate reports and handle the game shows.
  4. And of-course you must have to well quality coded, integrated with high standard payment gateways, Sms gateway and to design the app which will not crash in the foreground.

What is the architecture of the Loco Trivia & Quiz Game Show Application?

You might have used or have an experienced with the Live Streaming Trivia gaming applications. Which will hit a huge traffic in fraction of seconds. As you know for handling such huge traffic we do require a robust application with a lot of expertise to develop and maintain the whole application, also it requires a costly infrastructure engagement over it run the show.

Simple Architecture of Loco Gaming Application

Here we want to showcase a basic the level 3 architecture of the LOCO similar live video, audio and trivia game streaming application. The technology stack used will be varies according to the requirement specifications mentioned. However the Loco App Technology stack is still confidential and not revealed to the outside world.

Level 1: This layer is an User Interaction layer where all the user have an access to respective application, As per the loco application we have a web admin panel (User Number One), Android & iPhone App users (User Number Two), Web Application (User Number three, If required to be built) and a web admin panel.

Level 2: This a Middle layer which usually connects the User Interaction layer and the Physical layer. In fact this layer is actually deals with all the middle interfaces which are actually provide a way to interact the clients to the server followed by the request response model. We do use a API’s / Web / SDK’s Sockets / Live Server Client Service which is software as a service model.

Level 3: This is a Physical Layer primarily deals with the database operations and interaction server operations to provide a strong link-ups among.

Outer sources: In this Level 3 figure we do have a filter connection coming into the Physical layer with a connection from a HDMI input from Camera / Network input from mobile camera as a feed to run the live show in sync with the trivial gaming.

Also, The this require an addition functionalities integration such like firebase analytics, SMS gateways, Payment Gateways, Social Media sign-up integrations with respect to the detailed requirement of the application.

The dreamy world of techy kid is bringing a lots of new wishes to the common people with the advanced technologies. Of course live streaming technology is one among them to make job easy in connecting to people virtually. In face, mobile devices has made this job in the new and different way mainstream and bridged the gap between the business users to the market pleasure. It is must to realize the potentiality of live streaming technology at right time to capitalize and act quickly to utilize proven technology for fully leveraging the dreams over the mobile live video streaming.

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