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Develop an E-commerce Marketplace app like Wish

Develop an E-commerce Marketplace App like Wish

Online Shopping is one such largest, most growing industries on mobile and web platforms. E-commerce has changed the way that we buy and sell online. So retails are running to take advantage. Now, the Mobile e-commerce application development as the pathway it creates a business approach for many business minds.  Almost 150 million customers are purchased at least one article using these mobile shopping apps and E-commerce websites. So, more in count retailers have come up with their e-commerce startups. There are some names that we are prominent. One such that is a wish shopping app. Wish shopping is such an app which earn you reputable status in the market. Wish shopping successfully establishes a name for itself in the cyber marketplace.

A shopping platform doesn’t become a big deal until it considered the technical complexity of developing an online app and website. A market place doesn’t take any responsibility for shipping products which are advertised on it. Its neither responsible for the control over items listed nor content posted in the apps. All you required is to increase the m-commerce iPhone and Android application.

Let us have an insight into how to develop a marketplace app like – wish. Before going into let’s know what is wish shopping app, what it is doing and what type of market place it is creating. So let’s have a deep understanding of this…

What it is?

Wish shopping app is generally an app for online shopping. It’s the best leading e-commerce site with 500 million users, 75 million monthly users, and one million merchants. Total wish raised  1.3 billion dollars and is reported to be worth 8.5 billion dollars.

It started up as an app that allows users to create a list of items that are to be purchased by them. Using this user can visit the site of the merchant and purchase items directly from the merchant’s site. Soon it implemented crowded recommendations & start to promote goods similar to user’s wishlist.  It started establishing partnerships and gives users the opportunity to purchase directly from wish shopping app. Extreme bargains and good discounts are the best features of a marketplace app wish.

Works in multiple approaches

This wish shopping app works on both IOS and Android platforms by creating an eCommerce app development, mainly to merchants. It is the main site you can get a variety range of clothes, cosmetics, decors, gadgets etc. The app developers involved the app to built in 6 projects. These projects are:

  • Home decor: This will help you to change your bold idea into reality, it has a collection of all kinds of home decoration items.
  • Geek wish: it generally sells technical and electronic devices.
  • Cute wish: This is mainly for women that include eyelashes, liners, lip gloss etc, it includes all accessories, cosmetics, and clothes.
  • Mama: This is for future moms who are pregnant and for their kids. It varies from child- care products, clothing to accessories.
  • Merchants: both wholesalers and retailers can start their business. They can track order from a wish, submit the goods, get all analytics about the deals and promote goods.


Manage Login time

The admin manages the login bonus for users. The user who uses the app most will get the bonus. It captures the session of each user in wish shopping app.

Manage warehouse

The admin can manage the warehouse and also merchant inventory is managed. Here the merchants for shipping they can send their own inventory. Once the order is placed tasks can be handles from the warehouse.


Users get a specific result based on factors like location, the behavior of browsers, order history.


Integrates shipping API for tracking the shipped product from source to destination.

Multi-currency support

While making payment, the user can convert currency. API’s is integrated to convert currency value as per google’s currency API.

Google Map integration

The entire store displayed on the map, the user can search it and map navigates them.

Payment Gateway

While comes to online payment and the product payment, a payment API is integrated i.e, Braintree, Paypal, Stripe etc.

A website, App, Progressive Web App (PWA)

The system is designed in many ways that are suitable for a mobile app, website, and PWA. This can help to access on any devices.

Analytics and reporting

The system tracks and analyses the data by using technologies and  API user. It tracks ad visitors, ads tracking, conversions, user management etc.

Auto Tax calculation

The tax calculation API integrated in-app so that it calculates the tax for each item.

SMS Gateway API

This feature is used when to communicate with customers by SMS.

CMS integration

The content also a core part thus this feature helps to user to read the information of the product and system.

Cloud storage

This is used for storing the data on the cloud. So that the system can manage and access the data anywhere and anytime.

CRM Integration

This is useful in increasing marketing via email, SMS, etc. The admin deals with promotions, email templates communication, user analytics.

Strategies  to get success by using a market place app like wish shopping

In terms of success, these are strategies wish shopping app experienced

  • Displaying items in a good manner by targeting the buyers.
  • Focusing on mobile platforms.
  • Connecting the sellers and buyers to communicate directly with each other.
  • Offering higher discounts.
  • Balancing between satisfying quality and low prices.
  • Personalized of goods and customization categories in different applications.

Tips from wish

  1. Create own system of rewards and badges not only just for customers but also sellers. Don’t let a single person lower you in rating the app.
  2. Use colourfull and friendly designs that attract the attention of people and even in the process of delivery.
  3. Payment should be reliable and clear because people more rely on trusted systems like PayPal. Security should not be questionable.
  4. Don’t forget to support the customer, users may like for fast delivery and for a good bargain make sure to provide it as soon as possible.
  5. It should attract both buyers and merchants. Providing high-quality services and support may help you best.
  6. Increasing the product by developing clone apps will help you grow and a number of clients by offering something unique.

The Team required to wish similar marketplace app development 

To Develop a marketplace mobile app like wish you required qualified professionals like

  • A Project Manager.
  • UX UI Designers.
  • App developers of both IOS & Android.
  • Front-end developers.
  • Back-end developers.
  • Database Expert.
  • Quality Assurance Expert.


If you are a success in finding the E-commerce Marketplace Mobile app development company, then you are a success in the project to be developed at a reasonable price. There are a number of Marketplace mobile app development companies over the world offering a great service. You have to choose a well-qualified and highly experienced professional that succeeded from a reputed E-commerce Marketplace app development company. It will help you to reach the end product you required.

Krify is the best e-commerce marketplace app development company India. It ensures highly experienced and well-qualified developers. You can elaborate on your idea with our developers. They will assist you in all aspects and supports you to approach your goal. So, contact us...

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Ecommerce website Development services

Ecommerce Website Development Services Company in India

Having a sturdy e-commerce website is the foundation of your online retail business and we understand the importance of utilizing the latest technology to increase your profitability.

E-commerce web development and designing services have become essential in order to drive a huge mass of traffic on your online store. eCommerce is growing globally for both the B2B and B2C market segments. Technology advancements coupled with a rapid increase in the number of smartphones, broadband connections, and innovation payment solutions are driving this growth in online shopping. But the fierce competition makes it essential for the organizations to partner with an eCommerce website development company to maintain an edge over the competition.   

E-commerce website development that Delivers the real Performance.

  • It must be known to everyone that your E-Commerce Website could lose 27% of users if your website takes an additional 1 second to load!
  • If your Ecommerce website does not have the luxury to show the right page on the request from the user due to server down by even one second, it would of customer mind.
  • The internet savvy consumers seek quick results and do not comprise on the  E-commerce website experience as they do have a lot of choices.
  • Develop a domain-specific retail architecture that merges current trends with clean coding to ensure eye-grabbing user experiences for maximizing conversions.

At Krify, we can design a domain-specific retail architecture that merges current trends with clean coding to ensure eye-grabbing user experiences for maximizing conversions. Whether you’re looking to optimize your current site or you need your website designing services to build a new one from scratch, our development team will help you move in the right direction.

Success Mantra, E-commerce Website Features

Drive Sales Across All Devices

With a desktop, tablet and mobile responsive eCommerce website, you’ll be able to increase your conversion rate and online purchases to grow your bottom line across all devices.

Fast CheckoutFrom Homepage!

Developed using modern technology and standards, you’ll have a blazing fast website that allows customers to go from browsing to checkout in seconds!

Easily Manage Your Content & Scale

Through a well-designed content management system (CMS), you can easily update pages, categories, products, articles, posts, banners and more.

A Powerful Marketing Suite

From high-level search engine optimization tools to running promotions, our sites are built to give you a suite of powerful marketing tools. Run BOGOs, create landing pages and drive revenue to your eCommerce website.

Our Feat In ECommerce Industry

We are passionate to deliver a creative and ideal E-commerce website to deliver an ultra success for the end clients. We deliver….

  • Custom eCommerce Web Development with Improved online retail architecture for today’s business requirement by customizing the business websites with the advanced framework.
  • E-commerce application development Builds mobile-centric application sustaining e-commerce model in order to render incredible facility on-the-go to the end-users.
  • eCommerce Shopping Cart Development – Delivers a brilliantly designed online cart that can work on varied platforms and features all the business-centric aspects.
  • Payment Gateway Integration – Widens customers and business liberties by integrating a brilliantly developed payment gateway system to the varied e-commerce frameworks.
  • eCommerce Website Design & Customization – Upgrades e-commerce-oriented websites and applications to match trending aspect in an attempt to deliver the out-of-box services.
  • Plug-in & Module Development – Optimizes and enhances the functionality of the e-commerce application & website through perfectly developed Plug-in and high-end module.
  • Responsive eCommerce Websites – build responsive websites that deliver unmatched user experiences irrespective of the device being used to access them.
  • Maintenance and Support – Round-the-clock actively perform technical support team stays in touch with business to ensure smooth maintenance of application and website.


  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction with our e-commerce development service.
  • We have a large team of experienced developers with required skills and knowledge.
  • Round-the-clock technological support is provided in case of any assistance.
  • Experience on working various custom web development projects under one roof.
  • We are committed to accomplishing development projects in stipulated time.
  • Afford unique and class-apart development solutions for our clients.
  • Most complexities of projects are reduced with our innovative development procedures.
  • We have a brilliant track record with numbers of successful eCommerce projects delivered till date.


Krify is a well-established and eminent eCommerce website development company in the market. Our agile and quality development service is aimed to provide you complete satisfaction as well as make your business grow. With a track report of helping many businesses to achieve their ROI, we strive to apprise us of all the latest technological enhancements to deliver up-to-date solutions.


  • Our professional techies are able to handle different databases.
  • We provide multi-platform solutions that work with varying devices without any trouble.
  • Expertise in utilizing various technologies aptly to craft the best websites.
  • Dig deep to harness the power of open source technologies for an effective outcome.
  • Execute customer-centric solutions that are tailored to match the needs of clients.
  • We offer interactive reporting and solid analytics for navigation analysis, visitor tracking etc.
  • Krify adds value to our customer support initiatives by helping online vendors manage their store data and transactions securely.



Our eCommerce consultants analyze every technical aspect to suggest perfect eCommerce web development solution suiting to your needs, help launch your online store & guide how to promote it & increase sales – everything within your defined budget.


We make checkout a Zephyr for your customers with just a 3-4 step process, easy-to-fill-out fields and removing all the unnecessary clutter.


Looks matter. If you choose our eCommerce website development services, you can either get unique & beautiful eCommerce templates specifically designed for your business or choose from premium templates as per your requirements.


With on-site optimization and SEO-friendly structure, our online stores are easy-to-be-found on search engines & organic traffic starts pouring in as soon as you go live.


If you choose to take eCommerce website designing services from us, you can manage everything on your own from images & videos to product descriptions, pricing, inventory, content, marketing & more with a user-friendly CMS that we deliver with every eCommerce store.


We know that your online store needs to sell round the clock & so being a trusted eCommerce web design company in India and worldwide; we provide technical support to all our clients even in the oddest hours.


If you choose to take eCommerce website designing services from us, you can manage everything on your own from images & videos to product descriptions, pricing, inventory, content, marketing & more with a user-friendly CMS that we deliver with every eCommerce store.


We give you a mobile-ready shop with an active UI so that you don’t lose sales from your mobile traffic.


We integrate payment gateways of all major service providers so that your online store can accept credit cards, debit cards & net banking payments without any hassle.


When compared with other reputed eCommerce web development companies over the internet, our eCommerce web design services are focused to help you sell more. You get the most powerful online selling tool fully loaded with advanced features, rich shopping cart design, awesome functionality & integrated social media signals.


To boost engagement, we ensure your customers stick around by integrating strong calls-to-action; perfect social media signals and conversion optimized storefront designs for an eCommerce website.

We’d love to clarify any questions you may have. Reach us and discuss your business objectives & we will let you know how we can help along with a Free Quote.

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Derby App Developers

Mobile & Web App Developers in Derby

Web and Mobile App Development Company in Derby

We Turn Your Mobile Experience To Mobile Enjoyment!

Krify has wings to provide virtual and off-shore app design development services. We are a Custom App Development Agency, Developing apps for our customers across the UK origin; including Derby! We have gained the innovative expertise to build outstanding Mobile App, Web Experiences for Mobily devices like Android Phone, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, whatnot, and the latest responsive web design, development services.

Krify is providing a full stack web, mobile application development service in Derby starts from the phase 1: Concept validation, market check, planning phase 2: design, development, test and re-do and phase 3: launch, marketing strategies, and digital marketing. We work with Global clients, With Physical Prices from UK – Chigwell, INDIA – Bangalore, and Kakinada.

The growing technology in Derby. Krify helping Derby Industries to make life simple by facilitating software development services. Recent studies have shown the businesses at Derby who is providing logistic services followed by on-demand requirements and daily routines who falls in the following business groups like travel & tourism, restaurant, finance, entertainment, games, banking, fashion, health care, real estate, retail, education, and more. Krify is focused to help the Derby nearby businesses to grow with the new technology competence in digital presence.

Web and App Development Services in Derby

Krify is focused to enable IT Software Service in Derby and nearby businesses that helps to grow industries in technology competence in digital presence.

Hire Us for your Web and Mobile App Development Project

Initiate to grow your business further. Krify is focused to help the Derby nearby businesses to grow with the new technology competence in digital presence.

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