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Digital Marketing

The Fate of Startups Depends on their Digital Marketing Activities

Are you excited to start a business? You should be already aware of the different challenges you will face during the initial stages of the startup. But the primary problem you will be facing is poor marketing techniques. To have good marketing for your business first, you need to have an online presence. Online presence plays a vital role in marketing your business as 90 per cent of the customers search for services online and prefer surfing various shops available. Placing a mark online will help you in attracting more audience and visitors.

Challenges Faced by Startups

Many startups are born every month. In case you need to stand out of the competition you need to show that you are different from others which is not an easy task. Here are some common challenges you will need to overcome for making your business successful.


The brand is the first essential factor customers are looking to build . Every startup should have its own brand in order to develop fast in the market. Increase in brand includes Logo creation, brand name and tagline and many more.  Even though the process consumes time and requires patience at the end of the day everything will be worth it.

Poor Marketing

In the initial stages, companies spend mostly on product development and the next thing they pay is on marketing. It is a fact the startups should be active in marketing campaigns to get more popularity in less time. The way they market their product or services at the starting pays them off during the development of the company.


 The biggest challenge any startup will ever face is Competition. It has to compete with different kinds of competitors in the market and prove that it is unique. The competitors can be ahead of you concerning the technology they use, capital, leads, brand etc. It is hard to gain the trust of customers as they prefer to go for the experienced business services.


There are significant ways in which startups can earn initial capital through banks, loan, etc. But there can occur many circumstances where startups will have to handle extra expenditure than expected. Startups generally grow at a slow pace and it takes a long time to settle.

These are the common challenges faced by many startups. Now let us look at how digital marketing can help meet these challenges

Benefits of Digital Marketing For Startups


Pay Per Click

PPC is the technique used in digital marketing to show the ads of their services in a completely different way, by displaying them of various browsers and social platforms. If an individual click on the ad then the merchandiser will have to pay money per click. Google always follow particular rules concerning their PPC campaigns. Any time a user clicks on the ads, the merchandise should per according to the bidding set to the ads.  The paid ads are promoted on various social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin etc.

These ads require keywords The ads are displayed with the description, link and a headline include a lot of keywords in it.  Google or publicist do not set any price of a click. It completely depends on the usage of keywords. You would generally bid higher as there is huge competition.

Social media marketing

Startups mainly use social media for marketing their services or products. They create their company pages in various platform s like facebook Instagram, LinkedIn etc. There are billions of business pages on Facebook. Social media is no longer for only making friends and posting images. It has become a platform for businesses too.  Social media allows startups to gain more visibility and get come clients in the initial stages. Social media provides comforts to users where they can see reviews of the services and products given by the other users.  The best of Social media marketing is that they are less costly and it can customise the reach of the ad targetting to a particular audience.


Content is the king, Content is the main source for expansion of the business. It acts as the main pillar for search engine optimization, without content, there is no possibility that Google crawls your page. Your content should be in a way that offers excellent information to the visitors by mainly focusing on the keywords and the value content. Every startup should have a transparent content strategy in order to be top on the web.

Content should be targetting all kinds of the audience instead of targetting only the potential customers. It should catch the user’s attention and consumers should be able to understand as much information as possible from your content.

Display Ads

With the help of Artificial intelligence and big data, companies can display videos and images ad of their business for people who are searching for similar kind of services or products. For example, if someone types web development company keyword you can show your companies ad, this is also known as personalization.

How Startups Can Benefit from Digital Marketing


Customer Engagement

Digital marketing enhances customer engagement through email marketing and social media marketing. By increasing customer engagement, there are chances that you can increase the performance of the startups.

Cost Effective

By conducting a digital marketing campaign, you can reach as many people possible. It allows you to interact with the customers and target the audience in the cheapest way possible and bring you higher results.

Brand Awareness

Building Brand is the first important thing any startup should concentrate and it is possible through digital marketing. You may not generate leads or revenue form the campaign but you can surely increase the awareness among people about your services and products.

Online Visibility

What are you planning to do without online visibility? It is the foremost thing you can do in order to improve branding. Through traditional marketing, you can get local leads, in case you want to target different countries and make your business more popular it is compulsory to have digital marketing for your company.


These are some of the ways how digital marketing helps startups. As per the business requirement, startups can choose the platform rather than trying all kinds of marketing. It is a fact the Best Digital Marketing Brings better sales and startups should keep this in mind and plan their Digital Marketing activities accordingly.

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Good Firm Reveals that Krify is the Top Custom Software Development Company UK

GoodFirms is a Washington, D.C. based renowned B2B research firm that helps in boosting various companies’ online reputation and reliability score through analytical research. It follows a thorough research and review process to analyze the company’s performance based on various parameters like Industry experience, Type of projects, Client satisfaction ratio, skilled workforce etc.

As per the WASHINGTON, Oct, 10, 2018/PRNewswire — GoodFirms latest Report has spotted the emerging Designing, Development and marketing companies in Uk. From that list of companies, KRIFY has earned a premium position in the listing for leveraging latest technologies, providing outstanding services and offering out-of-box solutions that enhanced client’s business.

Here you can have the screenshot of Good Firms about Krify is the top Custom Software Development Company in the UK.

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We really thank GoodFirm for certifying Krify as one of the top Custom Software Development Company in the UK. This recognition definitely works as the best reputation for us to strive for excellence and deliver superior custom Software applications in the coming years. Our ultimate goal is to help the businesses to overcome the present market trends in software applications.

We at Krify are so proud to have a skilled team of tech experts. We offer a plethora of services like Mobile app development, Web development services, Designing Services, Quality testing, Maintenance & Support and other digital marketing solutions. Our strategies are highly focused, result-oriented and adaptive. This is why Krify has earned a global reputation as the Top Custom Software Development Company in the UK.

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Every business application success depends on choosing the right development company.  So choosing the right development company will be done is the most important role for business people. Krify is one among them. Do contact us.

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