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custom database development


A database is a crucial element for any application. It is the place where the critical data is stored and maintained to perform data manipulated operations. At Krify, we provide customized database development services best favored to the client requirements. We have database experts who can guide you streamline and manage your business processes with dynamic database solutions. We can afford state of the database services for those entrepreneurs in worldwide whose requirement is to efficiently manage and secure their essential business data.

To identify what data requires to be stored. Every High-level software application requires the database expert followed by a domain expert as the database is unaccustomed to think in terms of discrete data elements which must be stored.

In the field of the relational database design, a concept called normalization is a systematic way to ensure that the database structure is well suitable for the purpose of querying and managing undesirable characteristics like insertion, update, and deletion rules that may lead to loss of the data integrity.

Why to have a Good database setup for your Business?

One of the great tools available to manage are the Spreadsheets for number crunching. But when it reaches to huge data the spreadsheet is going to be a tough task, for example on staff, customers, or your regular inventory updates, you may with getting benefited with a custom software from a more efficient database management tools. Here is why you must consider the replace of spreadsheets with the enhanced databases to help to grow your business…


database components

  • A database which carefully holds your data in a secure and safe environment and can be optionally integrated with other data to avoid manual input.
  • A web application that enables you to use the data in a fast and comfortable manner(with basic Create, Read, Update and Delete operations, as well as with rich search, filter, and reporting functionality).
  • A mobile application that allows you to access the database and leverage its features wherever you are reflecting the demands of today’s on the go life.

Types of Database software to deliver for the businesses

Database software development will be provided for a wide range of business

Customer Database softwareCustomer Database software

Outstanding service and maintain a strong connection with your customers through the fast and easy management of customer profiles, contact and related documents.

Marketing Database Software   Marketing Database Software

 Backup your marketing plans with the deepest customer insights.

Membership Database software   Membership Database software

   Keep a focus on tracking of the members, manage fee and events, hire and organise volunteers with ease.

Inventory Database Software  Inventory Database Software

  Which handle the most accurate records of the inventory, by that the inventory management decisions will be done in an easy manner

Equipment Database Software  Equipment Database Software

  Which helps to track the performance of your equipment to subdue and reduce downtimes, optimize the capability with the power utilization of equipment and stay proactive with timely scheduled maintenance operations.

Recruitment Database Software Recruitment Database Software

  Boost the onboarding process and hire the perfect candidate for the post in need.

Real Estate Database Software  Real Estate Database Software

  Helps to find the best match for any request with the convenient management of property profiles and clients.

Employee Database Software  Employee Database Software

  Helps to handle confidential information of an employee at one place. It takes very less time to learn how and when you can reach them. It also monitors time off and payments.

Image Database Software  Image Database Software

  Stores the image content in multiple file formats, leverage the convenient organization and fast retrieval with image indexing.

Patient Database Software  Patient Database Software

  Using this you can manage medical data of the patients without the concerns about its security and privacy due to full compliance with all the domain related protocols and regulations.


How does the database development works

The actual development cycle starts with a thorough analysis of the business and develops all the way to final user training and after release support. Depending on the specific needs of the business, one can select the most relevant approach from the below mentioned options.

Development from scratchDevelopment from scratch: In case of traditional linear approach initially, the demanded specifications are created. In the case of Agile development, continuously adapt to change the requirements.

Requirement Specification developmentRequirement Specification development: The future solutions will be done as accordingly with the precise requirements.


Ultimate guidelines to be followed in order to build the database development software for the business


  • Full data consistency and Safety – Building stable foundations for clean and secure data storage already at the database level, which is the most reliable approach.
  • Swift Response Time – Accurately optimize the future database for your most frequent requests(whether they are writes or reads).
  • Sleek UX – Keep the application inherent and logical to ensure quick and easy user adoption.
  • Spotless Integration – Seamlessly blending your database with other information sources.
  • Profound Support –  Assure Profound technical help to the end-users and the quickest response to any problem with your software.

At Krify, we leverage our DB expertise so that our clients can concentrate on their core tasks without having to worry about the management of their business critical data. We Choose only credible and trusted technologies to ensure the most professional storage of your data.

Database: Mysqli, MongoDB, Firebase, Redis, Amazon AWS

Backend: Php, NodeJS

Front-end: Laravel, Symfony, Cake Php, Codeigniter

Platform: iOS, Android and windows

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