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Cost to Maintain & Support an App and Types of Tasks to handle

An app owner doesn’t become successful just by developing an app and making it live. The real success comes when the app is performing outstandingly in the store. Which is totally depends on who the app owner accepting the app real-time challenges and planning to resolve them.

From the developer point of view, The job of App developer isn’t completed on publishing the app to live store. Here comes into the scene, i.e the maintenance and support of the app which obviously plays a vital role. And of course, this will be priced a little to go, yet it is so important that it can’t be ignored in this ambitious Apps ecosystem. Even though if you run the app on a low budget, you shouldn’t skip the app maintenance. It’s very important to maintain the app as it is helpful for your business growth and also it keeps your app running smoothly in the future even if there are some overnight changes in the technology. So, before outsourcing your mobile app maintenance, it’s a must thing to be aware of how much does it cost to maintain an app and also we suggest to know the free maintenance and support service period provided by app development company at the pre-stage of development.

It’s a very crucial thing to know that mobile and web apps maintenance is an iterative process of updating the app version in order with its underlying operating system version, third-party libraries and also adds bug fixing, security flow hunting, and other tasks. Maintaining an app is equally important as it ensures that your app will extend top work fine even when you’re sleeping and not updating its code every day. When an app is a kernel of your business and you want to get more daily active users and retain the existing ones, it is must to hire an app development company to do regular maintenance of your app along with backend support and therefore you are in a state to ask them how much does it cost to maintain an app along with a question of how much does it cost to create an app. In general, the maintenance cost of an app varies between 15 to 20% of the total cost of an app development annually, though you can pay the same on monthly basis.

There are more chances that you wouldn’t be doing the app maintenance yourself if you’re not a developer and even if you might not be knowing all the technologies that you needed to support and maintain the app regularly and therefore you’d end up hiring either an in-house team or a competent app development company doing the same. Most of such App development companies including Krify would provide some free support and maintenance period for the development of the app. A simple way to calculate the app maintenance cost is to estimate the number of hours needed per month for maintaining a task, and then multiply those by the hourly rate. Now to estimate the real cost of app maintenance and knowing how much does it cost to maintain  an app, let’s discuss quickly some major tasks that are usually covered in app maintenance deal as follows:

Type of  Tasks or Bugs


    • Version Upgrades as mobile OS upgrades:

Both Android and iOS usually get the regular updates, it is always recommended you to check the app compatibility with the latest version while securing the backward compatibility. Every new update will come with some backward version compatibility. The upgrading not only make the app compatible with the latest version, but it also allows you to offer the latest OS features in your app for the end users.

    • Code Optimization:

It is not that always need to consider, but should be a part of the maintenance and support of app. As there is always a space to improve and optimize the code of your app and the backend. You must ask the app developers to figure out the areas where the code need to be optimized and propose the right way to fix the same and then get the job done.

    • Troubleshooting and Bug Fixing:

No live app can allow having broken functionality, not at all your live users are reporting that and therefore you need a competent technical team on standby to handle all such user or tester stated issues on top priority and with quick turn around. No matter how good testing you do before going live, there are chances of something not working perfectly when it comes to reality with huge when huge people are using, It might the breaking of any third party services being used in the app. This is the most major factor in determining how much does it cost to maintain the app.

    • Data Backup:

Data Backup is another important thing to consider. No matter how you do the data backup it is actually costlier, you should be doing a regular data backup and restore your app, augmenting the security at AWS and app side so that such hackings never happens again. This data backup allows us a lot of advantages at the most crucial time.

    • Analytics:

Most of the app publishers aren’t aware of all the key metrics to track the performance of their app, nor all the app analytical tools offer everything in the right manner. In that case, an app development company will do the perform manual analytic actions on your behalf and share the report, which is less daunting and easy to understand.

    • Research on new technology alternatives:

It is important and beneficial to allow your app developers to on new technology and tools to replace some existing and under-performing tools and technologies with the latest ones. You may ask the app development company to include this research and consulting work as a part of the app maintenance deal.

    • Promotional Features:

There is some situation where you need to push your sales and promote your product, then you may need the maintenance of app who quickly write some magical lines of codes and push it to users without actually updating the app by rolling out a new version in the app store. Let’s go for some examples – keeping the sales on hold on an e-commerce app before the sales starts, or putting a banner of sales before the customer enters the app etc the main idea is to grab the user’s attention.

All these are the major tasks that come under the app maintenance.

How much does it cost to maintain an app?

We at krify, offer a month free support and maintenance service along with any new app development project and after that, we charge as per the dependence of the project or the maintenance requirement. Krify will provide maintenance and support in three different models:

  • Dedicated model – In which the developer completely works on the project to maintain. The cost for maintaining the app will be charged on an hourly basis where based on the seniority level of the developer working on the price will be varied from $5 to $50 USD.
  • Shared model – In the shared model, the developer will work for a fixed time in a month. Whereas the rest of the month they will be working on other projects. However, the cost is given for the time proposed with a turn around time of 12-24 hours to attend the job. For instance, it will cost around $3 to $25 based on the seniority level of the developer.
  • Type of bugs to fix – This could be a different scenario, the time and cost will not be estimated in prior as it completely depends on the type and the complexity of bugs to fix in the app.

You can contact us to do the estimation of hours needed to maintain your app on monthly basis. We would be doing it free for you even before you offer us any hiring confinement, we shall also calculate and let you know how much does it cost to maintain your app, so drop us a note at  vc-sales@krify.co.in whenever you need to.

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Budget Friendly Mobile Apps

What are the key factors that influence to develop a budget friendly Mobile application?

How much money do we need to spend? How much time the project takes to finish? What’s next? These are the common questions that invariably come to our mind when we start thinking about developing a Mobile application for business.

The key factors that influence Time and cost are

  • The Complexity of the functionalities -Initially we certainly think about dozens of features that our application should have. First, we need to list down the functionalities and start with a MVP (Minimum Viable application) with minimum set of features.

  • The choice of technology stack – The more technical the app, the more will be its development cost and time. Technologies such as Mongo DB, AI integration, Data analytics etc would automatically increase the development cost and time.
  • UX /UI designs and animations – The first look of any application can either be a maker or a deal-breaker. The style of design you choose such as Simple, Polished, Aesthetically brilliant, Innovative etc also plays an important role in cost and time estimations.

  • The type of application – Choosing the type of application such as Native or Hybrid or Web also plays an important role in time and cost estimations.

  • External APIS and Integrations – Third party integrations which will take data from other Websites and mobile apps is another point that affects the time and cost.
  • The Choice of Platform – Mobile platform such as Android, IOS, Windows etc and devices supported such as Samsung Galaxy, iPhone X, iPad etc will directly affects the cost and time of building an application.

  • The testing environment – Thorough testing is critical to the quality of a product. An in-depth testing stage ensures app users face minimal issues such as glitches, bugs or lags. In-depth testing such as Cloud testing, Penetration, Security etc will affect the time and cost.

Do you know, your choice of development partner will also impact your mobile application development costs?

Outsourcing your app development is a very important decision to get customized, Quality and Polished application that reach your end customers expectations and competitive in the market. Not all the Mobile app development companies are adequately equipped in planning Mobile app budgeting. As a result of the knowledge gap they underestimate/overestimate the time, resources, and Budget required to develop the  mobile application.

Apart from time and cost, it is also important that the mobile app is professional as well as functional effectively. So, it is also very crucial to partner with right mobile app development company to transform your vision into reality.

In Krify, we have been building Mobile applications for 15 years and our extensive experience equips us to calculate the costs/budgets accurately before starting the project. If you have a clear idea on the type of the app you wish to develop then we will provide you with accurate estimations. Incase if you are not sure of what you want, we are very much interested to brainstorm together to find suitable option that fit your budget.

Contact us today to put your app idea in motion.

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