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benefits to develop a mobile app for small business

Is Mobile App a Good idea for Small Business?

In a marketplace, every business needs a unique way to show the difference in market and small business is no different. In today’s epoch, mobile apps have become an obligatory part of every young working house, and if it is the small business then there must be an app for the business. As per the research report by App Annie, during this quarter year, there was a lot of mobile app downloads for both iOS and Android platforms which was increased to almost 15% year-over-year.

There are copious advantages of a mobile app i.e from directly connecting to the target audience to communicate on the go, a mobile app can do anything that actually works for the success of the business. In general perspective, most of the people spend their maximum time(75%) in checking their mobile once in an hour. With the inception of mobile phone transmutation to smartphones, the very phase of reaching out to customers have changed. Engaging customers was never so easy with the likes of push notifications and geolocation technology and all these reasons are very much required to small business

Let’s dive deep into the concept…

How the small business can benefit from mobile apps

If you’re not persuaded that an app is worth the money that you spent and also the efforts you kept, then here are the most notable benefits your app could deliver.

  • Update Customers about new developments – The app may be of any type, you apparently want to integrate new developments and those must be notified to current customers as quickly as possible.
  • Easy Promotion of Product – Business with mobile apps makes a better impact than those without. A mobile app will make your business to be in the top and updating frequently will help you to build interest in your products which reduces the money and effort in other promotional techniques, such as advertisements in newspapers and billboards.
  • Engage, Contact with Customers – There is say  “A Good Business Never end buyer-seller relationships immediately after purchase;” for a business to go well. Mobile Apps will help the customers to socialise in real time, either it may be for offering the promotion or just for the opinion poll i.e they ‘re going to pay for the products.
  • Increase ROI – Once you’re done with the mobile app and is available on different app stores and have advertised it online, chances are a lot more than your regular customer will find out about your product which eventually increases for your sales. Mobile Apps can also be integrated with social media; which actually permits the users to share the app in their respective medium that leads to increasing the audience.
  • Gain Customer Insights – Mobile app has the ability to receive a great volume of data about your customers using the analytics. You can evaluate that data to get valuable insights that can lead to smarter investments to increase the ROI. In fact, a 2017-2018 poll revealed that 83% of organisations believe analytics make existing services and products more profitable

Cost of app development for a small business

While it would be very nice if there was a simple number, the truth is it depends on the number of factors: the type of platform you choose (Android, iOS & Web), Hire the mobile app developer, the technologies that are used to develop the app, and the business model you ’re ultimately trying to serve. Here in this article, we will discuss some of the common cost factors that help to build an app

While estimating the cost of the app, we need to consider many factors such as

  • Business Model
  • Type of platform for app
    • Web app
    • Native App
    • Hybrid app
    • Cross-platform
  • Functionalities
  • Design and development
  • Hire a business developer
  • Quality and Testing

Put all these together. The cheapest, quickest option on the market today is probably an app builder site like Krify. If all you need is a simple layout with minimum functionality, app makers can be very economical with tiered subscription plan ranges from $10 – $150 per month.

Want to get the mobile app for your small business with the all the requirement that is necessary. Krify is here to guide you in all aspects. Still in confusion for developing the mobile app for your small business. Please do contact for more details.

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