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Face Recognition – Overview, Usage in mobile apps

The number of electronic transactions or digital transactions is growing day by day, as people started reducing pen and paper incrementally. As the digital transactions are growing more, there is a constant demand for fast and accurate user identification & authentication. Face recognition is emerging as a greatest solution to bridge this gap in recent days.

Face recognition technology is the least intrusive and quickest biometric technology. It works with the foremost obvious individual identifier – the human face.

You open your laptop lid and instantaneously the software system recognizes you and logs you in. Or, even as you enter your workplace, the camera over the door takes a look at you and opens the door after seeing you as an employee .

How does a system perform these tasks?
General face recognition software conduct a comparison of parameters like distances between eyes, nose, mouth, and jaw edge to the image in its database. Depending upon the matches found, it determines the result. This technique is known as feature based matching and it is the most basic method of facial recognition.

Simply- capturing, extracting, comparing, and matching.


Smart Phones with Face Recognition:-
Face recognition technology is becoming increasingly popular in consumer electronics and could soon be featured on many mobile devices.

Smartphone uses face recognition for providing the security for people’s devices. Apple has been given a patent for a system that would use facial detection and or other devices. Google also decided allowing a face recognition app for Google Glass.

The real world is about to become a much more connected place, utilizing some of the most accurate facial recognition software in the world.

Some of the best face recognition based apps are – Recognize Me, FaceLock, FaceVault and for facebook there is an app called Klik to identify faces on Facebook.

Face recognition scenarios:-

  • Travel
  • Customer Banking
  • Retail Industry
  • Astrology
  • Time and Attendance system


  • Image quality
  • Image size
  • Face angle
  • Processing and storage

Face Recognition is an Upcoming trend and it is being estimated that this technology will be the backbone of all major security.

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