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Steps to develop a successful messaging App

messaging app development

According to statistics, Messaging apps are now booming the world in all aspects. This data combined with the accelerated growth of the user base is good news for the entrepreneurs to create a messaging apps

In a modern chat app, the functionalities can be adapted by any chat solutions. An ideal chat will offer solutions for customer-focused business, enterprise level communication, personal chat, and e-commerce chat and many more.

Firstly, let us know What is a messaging app?

What is Messaging App?

Messaging Apps are the platform that is used for enabling messages, some of them are started around social networking platforms, But now these are developed into a broad platform which enables status updates, chatbots, payments, and conversational commerce via chat.

Some of the messaging Apps are listed here:

  • Whatsapp
  • Telegram
  • Viber SnapChat and many more

popular messaging apps

Some of the messaging apps mainly used by work teams like Hangouts and Some social networking services will offer messaging services such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Twitter.

Generally messaging is categorized into 2 ways

    • One-to-one messaging – Messaging can be between two individuals
    • One-to-many-to-one messaging(group chat) – Messaging within a group in which everyone can see the group peoples messages.

Over 1.3billion users of WhatsApp and facebook messenger are most widely used apps on monthly basis. Now it’s time to roll up our hands and get down the business developing the stupendous messaging app.

What is the step-by-step process to develop messaging App from scratch

      • First, we need to decide what actually you need for developing the messaging app.
      • Next Layout the features that you need for the messaging app
      • There comes the design part you need to decide.
      • Then find the app development company with developers and designers.
      • Test the app as accordingly
      • Finally, launch the App.

Features of Messaging App

The basic messaging app contains the following features like

features of messaging app

From the above all features, Lets us take into consideration,

Basic features of messaging app are

  • User Login

Messaging is not all about sending only text messages or images. Now it is more than that firstly the User can log in either by using email, facebook, twitter. Entering into the app with their credentials is most important for the authentication process. For authentication, the user needs to provide mail and mobile number to access all the resources of the app.

  • Chatbots

Chatbots are AI-based programs. It is very important to understand chatbots. Chatbots are software agents which communicate and collaborate with human users by using voice text messaging in order to simplify the task. This technology was first launched by telegram.

  • Message Broadcasting

Enables users to create a group of selected contacts and sends messages to the people selected frequently. All the people will get the message as normal non-group message. This is mainly used by news agencies.

  • Encryption

This feature is most important to be considered while developing a messaging app. Encryption is a system of communication where communicating user can read the messages. The major goal of this feature is not to get involve third parties to break or decode the data which is being communicated. Security is must have featured in all messaging apps.

  • Cloud Synchronization

This feature mainly focuses on the storage. Cloud storage is one of the best features for users who use multiple devices for one app. This will be enabled when the user enters the other device with the same email or mobile number. They can get back their images, files, videos, audios and even chat history.

  • Geolocation

There are several ways to use geolocation. By using geolocation we can share over live location along with the status change. This feature is used in many applications as the backbone for their marketing purpose. Using Geolocation many businesses can update their product launch to the public.

  • Push Notifications

Push Notification enables the users to check whether any new messages are there or not which serves as a direct mediator between app user and messenger users. You can also know online list people

The cost to develop a messaging App

The cost of creating a messaging app generally corresponds to the sum of the design, development cost. Once development was finished now it depends on infrastructure cost.

Technologies that are used to develop the messaging Apps on any devices

For developing a messaging app one should have knowledge of technologies that are used which are categorized into two. Here are list below

      • Server Side
      • Client Side
      • Server Side

Here are the server side technologies list for developing a messaging app:

      • Erlang – Robust programming language.
      • XMPP – Communication Protocol best fits Ejabberd server.
      • FreeBSD –provides Advanced networking, security, highly stable, and storage.
      • MySQL – Best reliable database Management system.
      • MQTT – reliable way to connect monitoring devices.
      • Pubnub – scalable, realtime, data stream applications with globally distribute data centers and automatic replication.

Client Side

Here are the client side technologies for developing a messaging app:

For client app, there are a bunch of languages for developing a messaging app. You may use native language for the platform. Where in the case of android you may use java or kotlin or many other cross platform development environment, so that you are done done with your app.  You can deploy it on any platform like Android, iOS or other platforms.

Here some key points to consider:

      • App – UI and UX (Android/iOS/Windows)
      • Save data to the database – SQLite/Realm
      • Messaging based events like call network exchange etc – Dependent on API
      • Connection with the server – Via Sockets, XMPP etc.
      • Push Notifications – Based on one signal, Firebase
      • Media and location – Based on Android Media Framework API and Google GPS Maps SDK

From the above all stuff it is clear about basic idea for the development of Messaging Application in any platform. To develop a user-friendly messaging app you need to have a clear vision of both server and client side.

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