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“Red5 Pro” Top use cases for real time video streaming

The explosive growth of this interactive, live-action trivia app has given rise to a new game show where participants will directly become involved from their devices. For example the popular HQ Trivia app. You do not ought to fly all the way to a studio, instead you just log in.

Red5 Pro – Live Streaming For Any Screen:

Interactive Game Shows

For an excellent higher expertise, you’ll be able to play along with your friends random than web strangers. With apps just like the Red5 Pro primarily based Joyride, you’ll be able to play live games directly along with your friends.

Of course, with all those contestants your app must scale and maintain low latency. Nothing is worse than knowing the correct answer solely to be disqualified thanks to lag. 


There is an enormous marketplace for watching sports, and (now within the U.S.) depending on them additionally. This can be a use case where quantifiable, scalability and delivery are very vital. Simply consider the millions of countries and billions of individuals that watch the Cricket World Cup.

There square measure even the “smaller” events just like the Super Bowl wherever, unhappy for United States Americans, our soccer fans square measure greatly dwarfed by your football fans. (we’ll offer you the ratings, however we’re keeping the name)

Live Auction

Cars, collectibles, even Bos taurus, all have auction sites wherever you’ll be able to bid on-line. There are even some for things that do not begin with ‘c’.

Anyone that is detected associate degree auctioneer and also the torrent of words they turn out is aware of that latency is vital. The interval between inserting a bid and missing a chance is extremely short indeed so,  hesitation would possibly cause you some regret, however a lagging video is inexcusable.

Training apps

Online mentorship or tutoring is a valuable experience. The most effective instructors might not live by you, however a live stream will connect you from any distance. They will show correct finger placement on the associate degree instrument, or critique your drawing technique.

There are other uses beyond arts. Classroom instruction, e-sport coaching, Language instruction, fitness coaching and wherever else there is a marketplace for learning.

Body Cameras

The military have been seeing the worth of having the ability to trace and monitor the placement of a unit and also the status of people. A central command station will watch the operation live while providing feedback and direction.

Low-latency actually plays a vital role here, as each second (and partial second) counts. There’s very little tolerance for lag and rift of synchronize once collaborating on rescue missions or conducting exercises.


We all love our pets. you do not have a pet? OK… we tend to love receiving packages.

Regardless of wherever you stand on the pets vs. packages discussion, each will involve some live-streaming. Typically utilizing discipline cameras, apps that allow you monitor one thing from afar are getting additional common.

While on vacation, or even simply too lazy to travel down the steps, you’ll be able to arrival along with your beloved companion through a pet camera. you’ll be able to even have a two-way speech with the Amazon driver standing on your front threshold and tell him to deliver your package to the rear door now, thus somebody does not start with it (again).

Of course, this can be aloof from an exhaustive list. It is certain that there are lots of alternative ways in which wide climbable, low-latency, live streaming are used.

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