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Reasons Why the Travel and Tourism Industry Needs a Mobile Apps

how mobile apps improved travel industry

Certainly, the travel industry has grown over years. There were days when people should depend on travel agents while planning trips for making arrangements. Many applications developed so people need not require travel agents anymore, as with the changing technology every travel company has developed its own travel app, where they give attractive discounts on occasions. 85% of people now use travel apps with digital tools in hands, people prefer to make their own arrangements using mobile apps rather than relying on travel agents.

Also through these travel apps, the travel-based companies can enhance there visibility and presence in the industry. Using social media for promoting their company through these mobile apps is one of the best ways to connect with the users. Through mobile apps, they can reach to millions of users and they can also have direct communications with the users and can take required feedback and improve their app.

Coming to the business point of view using mobile apps is beneficial to both the company and the users. What the travel agents require is to hit more profits in simple maintenance and the users need an easy and comfortable way to make a trip. Mobile apps provide the features which satisfy both the travel agent’s and user’s needs.

Mobile apps have improved the travel experience as the relationship between technology and travel industry is growing there are many benefits technology is providing both users and the travel-based companies. Here are some of the reasons why mobile apps regarding travelling have become popular.

Reasons to have Mobile App for Travel and Tourism Industry

Improves User’s Experience

Travel apps increase the user’s experience as they provide us with the reviews who already visited the place, so we can know more about it and plan accordingly. We can also post our experience by commenting and sending a review through the app. We can also make the arrangements with the details provided by the travel companies via travel apps. We can use the app for online ticket booking, destination details, knowing hotels nearby, locating the local attractions, searching the transportation etc. The apps even provide the GPS locations for the place to make the users feel more comfortable using the app.

Direct Channel of Communication

As we know mobile apps are the direct means of communication between the user and the company. By the usage of the user search history, the company can understand the user better, analyze users interest and send the notifications accordingly. Apps also help the company to stay connected with the user, after the trip by sending notifications. Frequently sending the notifications can help the user to know about the different places and if he is interested he can use the app to travel to the place. The company can also take suggestions from the user to maintain friendly contact with them for knowing the drawbacks and work more on the features which would help them meet the user’s requirements.

Reduce Paper-Work

reduces the paper work

Using mobile apps we can reduce the paperwork as the app already provides the required details of the place, its list of landmark places and also the travel brochures. Having the soft copy of tickets and hotel booking receipt can be more convenient than to carry the papers related to the journey and getting clumsy. There are fewer chances of losing when it is stored in the mobile, You don’t need to carry your original documents while travelling. With the introduction of mobile apps, the process regarding travelling has been reduced. Travel apps make our journey easy as you can enjoy your trip with fewer things to carry. You can also do payment in the app for the trip without carrying cash.


How cool it is to carry the whole trip plan in a small handy device. Travel apps contain the large data about every detail of your trip from start to the end. You don’t need to carry guidebooks or maps anymore as the app helps you to connect to the GPS to let you know the directions you feel safe that you didn’t miss the way. Apart from the location tracking, we can also store a lot of details in the app like our plans on the trip or some important dates to visit certain places etc. Travel apps provide the list of discounts and offer near you based on your location.

Real Pictures

real picture share

We can view the real images and videos of the location with the help of the user-centred apps. As everyone will be curious to know about the place before visiting it so they can plan their trip according to the climate or the locations at that place. They help to improve the user’s satisfaction. Knowing about the place in before helps to plan the trip better.

Popular Marketing Tools

real marketing tools

The internet promoting has become one of the most primary tools for marketing the app in a way that it reaches maximum users. The app should be designed in a user-friendly way to the users are attracted and will start using it. Also by connecting with the users, we can make changes in the app by adding, removing or changing some particular features according to the user needs.

Final Thoughts

Mobile apps have a huge impact on many industries especially the travel industry is no exception any doubt these Mobile apps have bought many noticeable changes within the Travel industry within a short period of time. With the changing technology, the travel apps should be updated. so that they won’t be left back in this competitive race.

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