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Microsoft Translator 1.2 With Additional Natural Conversation and Android Wear Support

Microsoft Translator is a multilingual cloud based translation service provided by Microsoft. The Microsoft Translator API is integrated across multiple consumer, developer and enterprise products like Microsoft Office, Bing, Microsoft Lync, SharePoint, Skype Translator, Internet Explorer, also Microsoft Translator apps for Windows, iPhone, Windows Phone, Apple Watch, Android phone and Android Wear.

The cloud API is available as free tier service supporting two million characters per month and also as paid tier service supporting billions of characters per month. As of December 2015, this service supports 52 language systems.  It also supports speech to speech conversation translation service in 7 languages in Skype Translator and the Microsoft Translator Apps for Android and iOS and Skype for Windows Desktop.

Microsoft Translator API service supports multiple languages that reach out to almost 95% of world’s gross domestic population (GDP). It provides a customizable and scalable solution for automatic translation. It offers a rich functionality set for developers and also a wide choice of interfaces like – HTTP, AJAX, OData and Translator Web Widget.

This service is being used across the globe by various organisations as part of their existing workflows. Facebook, Etsy, eBay are some of the companies that use Microsoft Translator for their consumer-facing applications and services offering translations.

Translator, that was released a few months ago, had a big advantage in its Android Wear support, but lacked some features like camera view, offline functionality and the live conversation mode. But Microsoft Translator 1.2 has overcome these hurdles and added natural conversation support in its app.

Whats new in Microsoft Translator 1.2

  • With Translator 1.2 you can have natural conversation in Chinese, French, Italian, English, Spanish and German. More languages will be added soon.
  • You can use your smart watch and phone altogether to enable conversations without huddling around a single phone.
  • Live conversations will be saved in your history and will be geo-tagged so that you can check what you were told during the chat.

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