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Know about Laravel and Symfony frameworks of PHP

PHP frameworks

A framework is a software platform which evolves software applications that includes predefined classes, functions to process input, hardware devices management and also merge with system software. Frameworks are more secure for your applications.

There are many frameworks in the market and each framework have its own features with hit and drop. From among that we consider Laravel and Symfony which are now trending and interesting frameworks for developing a web application

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It is merely confusing to choose the best framework for web application development. Be cool, and chill out I will be providing the comparison between LARAVEL and SYMFONY features, which would make your work simple and easy.

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Let us get through these frameworks and know their advantages and disadvantages.


Laravel framework is the most widely used framework. It mainly organizes files and code. This framework uses MVC(Model view controller) architecture which comprised of a huge amount of Laravel package with queue management. As there are many user-friendly videos and content designed which is very useful for beginners.

Their applications are most elegant and rapid. It was recently updated with some more features like Laravel Horizon, Laravel Dusk, and Laravel Echo.

Advantages with Laravel Framework

  • Laravel Framework will make the development process easier as it takes very less time to complete the web project.
  • This Framework will increase the online traffic for your website as it is applicable in any browser and device.
  • This Framework simplifies the website as it incorporates certain flexible features in your web application. It comprises of modular packing systems
  • This Framework provides Unique URLs you can create different routes with the similar route name.
  • As it has autoloading facility no need to include paths and maintenance.
  • Protect websites from targeted security attacks

Disadvantages with Laravel Framework

  • To modify  core behavior there will be a lack of options
  • Speed and performance will be affected.


On the other side, Symfony Framework is also the most widely used one, which is very stable, high performance, well documented and modular. It consists of the set of reusable PHP components and codes which mainly used for large-scale web applications. It can assist to overcome the tasks like templating, authentication, routing, object configuration, and much more. It allows for the development of large-scale enterprise web applications.

Advantages of Symfony Framework

  • As this framework is an open source, it allows you to develop without any constraints.
  • Symfony frame is more powerful and flexible.
  • Symfony combines preventive security measures to overcome attacks, SQL injection. It integrates these security process as built-in measures.
  • It maintains complete up-to-date documentation.
  • Component code reliability.

Disadvantages of Symfony Framework

  • In Symfony, the security mechanism is a bit hard
  • File parsing is very hard to handle.
  • Mainly used for development of large-scale web applications and not small-scale.

Ohh! Each one is having their own points to be considered. Never mind let us take a comparison of both these frameworks for a better understanding.

Major factors to Compare Laravel and Symfony

  • Laravel will provide a simple unit test.
  • It uses composer for dependent management.
  • Laravel uses its own ORM called Eloquent and template engine called Blade.
  • Laracasts Training material will be available in Laravel
  • Laravel is available with advanced options for query building.
  • Authentication processes are well simplified and refined.
  • It’s totally autoloading platform.
  • Capable of handling new applications at the object level.
  • Migration of data and application management can be done very easily.


  • Symfony is much faster than Laravel.
  • The extensions can be done with multiple options
  • It implements optimal performance and adaptability.
  • Reduce time and cost with reusable components.
  • Symfony has rich  features
  • It maintains enterprise level stability.
  • It is very flexible to use.
  • Symfony uses its own Doctrine.