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How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Taxi Booking App like Uber

how much does it cost to develop taxi booking app

The global taxi industry has one of the biggest market revenue of around $100 billion and ever increasing. Though the number is just an estimation as there are many more unregistered taxi operators as well. As per the serve, Japan has the biggest and the most fruitful cab business in the world in stats more than $25 billion of cab business in Tokyo itself.

6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

reason for mobile apps

Those of you who live in largely populated cities like India where the public transportation is a bit hard to bear, the people need more comfortable life during travelling and also car parking has become a mess and also the city is full of never-ending traffic will always love to use private and premium taxi services. Big thanks to companies like OLA and Uber, who started the taxi booking services through the convenience of mobile apps wherein we need not worry about the traffic and parking problems. We can sit back and relax and enjoy the experience of the personal car.

Benefits of Uber-like App

  • Saves you from the trouble of hunting a taxi
  • Reliability with GPS enabling
  • Clarity in Pricing
  • Services are available 24/7
  • Multiple payment Gateway options
  • Cost-effective
  • Most of the booking apps are free
  • Taxi are maintained clean and air-conditioned
  • Security
  • Guaranteed availability of taxi

How to make an app like uber

This post helps the entrepreneur or app developer about how to make an app like uber in both Android and iOS. Anyhow the app developer needs to develop one app for the traveller, one for driver and other is admin panel.

Top features of Taxi Booking App

The Following aspects of taxi booking app development and features of Taxi app are described hereinbelow – Which are in 3 modules

  • Passenger App
  • Driver app
  • Admin Panel

Let us discuss in detail with all the features in each App

Passenger App
  • Registration or Login: The user as usually login or register via the phone number, personal email or social network profile.
  • Home Screen: The user can book for a cab or check the distance between the destination and his current location with the estimated fare.
  • Driver Rating: User can leave reviews, feedback and rating for the individual driver.
  • Ride History: In this, it not only shows the previous history of the rides but also the re-booking to the same trip.
  • Payment: A user can pay the fare very securely saving the credit or debit card credentials, even offline.
  • Push Notifications and messages: The user can text the driver about the current status through push notifications.
  • Real-Time Map Plotting: Using this the user can see the cab arrival by that the user engagement and loyalty will increase as accordingly.
  • Schedule Ride: The user can book now or later options for the ride.
Driver App

The driver app has the same functionalities as registration, login, messaging, help and the push notification as the passenger app has, there are some different features in this app as:

  • Driver Status and profile: Which have the driver details for verification like license, taxi numbers, and other identity proofs.
  • Navigation: Helps the driver to find the shortest route for the destination.
  • Ride Alert: Drivers will get the notification alert if someone books the cab and can set the status fo their availability on or off by toggling on the screen.
  • Reports: It provides the overall invoices, total earning per day and all the rides the driver in one day or during the month.
Admin Panel

              Admin panel helps to manage overall happenings. This will offer a quick overview of app statistics, ride statistics, payroll and all of the data. This enables the whole complicated process look available and transparent. Developing an admin panel is the most difficult one in any taxi booking app development lifecycle. The owner can link the google analytics and other monitoring tools to analyse the overall visual of the app.

Highlights of Taxi Booking App for iPhone
  • This uses the core location framework
  • App uses the Mapkit for suggesting the shortest routes and directions.
  • The User uses the Ibeacon and wifi or both to increase the location tracking from GPS.
Highlights of Taxi Booking App for Android
  • Google location service API is used for tracking.
  • It can handle all types of requests from routes to directions to navigations. The user can also use OpenStreetMap API.

Now, the question is…

How much does the cost to develop taxi App like Uber?

Now their arise a lot of question like how much does it cost to build an app like Uber or Lyft? Though it is a bit critical to answer as the development depends on the number of features can increase or decrease. Still, the estimated price depends on the major features such as –  

  • The platform that the owner wants to build the app – Android, iOS followed by Web.
  • App technicalities to be developed
  • The version of the app to be developed like the beta version or a full feature packed market-ready app.
  • The developers in countries like US, UK and Australia are very expensive, While the taxi app developers in India are quite inexpensive.

Obviously, it takes around to develop a feature-rich Cab Booking Mobile App Development Solution. The time may increase or decrease depending on the number of features. The below-defined estimate for your App development for cab services.

For each module

User App
Development Modules Time Estimation Price Estimation
Users Android App Design & Development 40 Working days $1900 USD
Users iPhone App Design & Development 40 Working days $1920 USD
Users Web App Design & Development 38 Working days $1825 USD
Driver App
Development Modules Time Estimation Price Estimation
Drivers Android App Design & Development 35 Working days $1680 USD
Drivers iPhone App Design & Development</t   d> 35 Working days $1680 USD
Admin Backend Web Module, Database and Web APIS
Development Modules Time Estimation Price Estimation
Web Admin Module design & development
Database design and Web APIS development
28 Working days $1300 USD

The cost of Uber-like app development in India is around $10,000 to $15,000 USD and apps which have extensive features can go up to $30,000 to $20,000 USD.

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