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Graphic Design Trends 2019 Selected Web UI/UX with Huge Expectations

10 Graphic web design trends of 2019

The year 2018 has been a powerful year recorded with many wonderful graphic, web, print, editorial, package, and other kinds of designs. In general, the design helps us to get our world and trends place us in time. Just like in every other part of life, we resemble to be in opposition with ourselves. This year is all about the contradictions. Design trends from contrasting eras and opposing ends of the visual spectrum are all striving for attention. Whether you’re a designer or are working with one, you require to stay on top of the latest graphic design trends. No matter the medium, understand how styles are changing and growing keeps your work fresh and resonate with clients.

In the last Quarter of the financial year 2018, We all know the new year lights start blinking with new hopes and new expectations over the coming year of 2019. Most of all the graphical designers are already wondering about what graphic design trends 2019 would be more tending to watch out. We are utterly thrilled to find out if we’ll be witnessing a total apocalypse in the world of graphic design or everything will just sojourn the same old. We are surely seeing designers taking several directions. And of course, the best of Graphic Design Agencies keep their eyes on old and trends to flush with new design trends and boost the business revenue for touching the peak accomplishment in the last quote of the year.

In this article, we speak to artists and designers at driving studios to find out their hopes, dreams and fervent wishes for the industry in the year ahead. Take a look at your top picks for this year and start assuming how these trends can help inform your style.

10 graphic web design trends that will be huge in 2019:

  • 3D design and typography

3D Topography

It resembles that 3D works are everywhere right now. 3D typography particularly feels just about ready to pop. The best part about it is there’s no accurate type that works best for this trend: bold, skinny, sans-serif, script, any font can be done in 3D. When it comes to varieties of 3D typography, there really aren’t a lot of customs to follow. Lettering can be of almost any style or typeface and feature a more straight-on and readable design or feature stacks and combinations of letters that are much more artistic than informational.

  • Asymmetrical layouts

We’re starting to see the origin of a move away from the rigid grid-based designs that have been standard for the past few years. The dominance of Squarespace and canvas and other template-based design sites provided beginners with beautiful websites and graphics products, even if they had no idea what a grid was. Now designers are looking to develop products that feel more bespoke and alive.


Now entered the asymmetrical design trend. Because these layouts break from the rigid and predictable grid, they deliver more kinetic energy and movement. Asymmetry can be one of the most impactful thoughts in your design toolkit. It is an attention-grabbing method that is interesting and thought-provoking. Practising asymmetry is something every designer can do; it just takes planning. An asymmetrical layout, whether on a design layout, in an app or on a site, demands attention. The user feels an inherent curiosity about where the information and graphics might go next, creating a feeling of wonder and interest as they scroll or peruse a design.

  • Modern Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern is prominently growing trend in graphics work. It’s especially striking in the illustration styles that harken back to the iconic advertising illustrations of the post-war era. And like in that era, small companies and start-ups are recognizing the power of custom illustration work. We’re seeing a lot of brands launching with gorgeous websites, full of these mid-century influenced illustrations, often rendered in a clearly modern style but retaining dreamy vintage colour palettes.  In 2019 we expect to see these continue to dominate web and app works as well.

Modern Mid-Century Modern 1

Mid-century modern graphic design is known for its ability to take complex concepts and distil them into simple visual forms. It pares down design to its most essential elements and in this way promotes clear visual communication. For this reason, it remains a favourite of many graphic designers because it is the epitome of graphics with its bold and reductive visual style.

  • Custom illustrations lighten up

Illustration lighten up

After years of bold, thick lines in design, there’s been a recent rise in more delicate, elegant illustration. Heavily influenced by botanical and natural elements, these trends are more feminine and appeals to a more innocent. Where tricky designs are rendered beautifully against a textured paper background. With the addition of premium material like foil and embossing, these designs strike a balance between maximalism and simplicity.

  • Isometric design

Isometric design

While open compositions leave some things out, isometric designs, but it’s simply a method of drawing a 3D object in two dimensions. The design is simple and clean but has a depth that flat design can’t compete with. The arena where this trend is head ting up the most is with icons. Isometric icons have a lot more tactility and warmness than flat design, drawing users in. Plus they are saved to a smaller file size than 3D, so you get all of the bangs with none of the lag!

  •  Vivid colours & Dreamy colour combos

Vivid colour combinations, as well as dreamy colour transactions and gradients, will continue being trendy in 2019, only even vivid. As they bring a futuristic feeling to the overall design, these colour schemes will make you feel like you are in an alternative universe. Using futuristic colours to create mesmerizing out-of-this-world designs really taps into the designer’s imagination and provides a lot of room for improvisation. Many graphic designers combine 3d visual technique with trendy vivid colour transitions to mark graphic design trends 2019 with even more powerful looks.

 Vivid colours & Dreamy colour combos2

The 3D technique plus vivid colour transitions certainly make million-dollar combination even when translated into a typography design. Well, typography is a huge part of graphic design, so multi-colour typography designs will certainly be common. We are clearly including this combo in graphic design trends 2019 predictions

  • 3D: Depth of a new generation

3D can possibly not make it into graphic design trends 2019. 3D has confirmed itself as a quite stable and persistent trend for the last few years, so we are surely going to see a lot of it in 2019. Luckily for all of us, technologies are resulting quite quickly allowing graphic designers to create unusual 3D masterpieces which make the viewer the almost immerse into the design.

3D Depth of a new generation

The 3D trend is definitely running to be a huge part of web design in 2019, more often presented as open structures taken up the roles of windows to another world. Designers will recreate pieces that recall of the real world and ones that take us to alternative universes or even into the future. The chances that this trend holds are really infinite, so in 2019, we certainly suspect that this trend would flourish.

Typography will be definitely not avoided by any of the graphic trends 2019 including 3D. Often built as the main visual element of the design, 3D typography gives designers freedom to ad-lib. Even by using 3D typography alone, graphic designers in 2019 will be able to make us engage in a whole new world.

  • Metallic effect: Shine, baby, shine!

Gold never runs out of style but in graphic design trends 2019, we will be seeing a lot of other metal elements, combined into the designs, as well. Particularly when it comes to 3D designs, golden and other metallic elements take the whole composition to the next level, making it look pricey and exclusive.

Metallic effect2

Displaying various metals with an opalescent colour effect is a quite trendy look, as well. Such designs look enchanting and mesmerizing as they show a beautiful palette of glossy colours when the light hits their surface.

Metallic effect 1

Metallic elements, especially golden and pearly, will often appear on package design in 2019, giving it a sense of richness and exclusivity. The traditional combination remains metallic on black and white but in 2019 we will be seeing a lot of golden on colourful package designs, as well.

  • Maxi typography = Maxi impact

Typography as an indivisible part of graphic design definitely follows certain trends – some of that stay for years, and others that disappear away pretty fast. Typography can be taken in many shapes and forms. It could be smooth or arrive in a 3D shape and can be liquefied or made with a metallic effect. One thing is for sure – typography in graphic design trends 2019 will surely be maxi.

Maxi Typography

Moreover, typography will be actively included in the design. In hunt of more impactful graphic designs, we expect from designers to surprise us with inventive pieces in which typography is an active part of the design communicating with real-life objects and people. Blend of different font weights and density values, combinations between vertical, diagonal, and horizontal orientation, and even messy typography appearances will be the norm in 2019.

  • Alternative art: Strokes, stains, spots & doodles

Not that classic designs are ever going out of style but somehow consolidating alternative art into the graphic design that makes the piece stand out. And that’s the detail of graphic design, isn’t it?

In 2019, we believe there will be a lot of lick in this field. Freestyle illustrations and doodles are definitely pleasant to look at. Add turbulent strokes and stains of colour and there you have an artsy looking idiosyncratic design that certainly makes an impression.

Alternative art

The trend is previously entered the package design field, often in blending with other trends such as the metallic effect. The careful pick of colours and the unique shapes and positions in which strokes and stains are presented will certainly take package design out of the boring zone.

We are used to seeing perfect doodles in the form of black-on-white simple concept illustrations. In 2019, we foresee a more modern translation of the look like white on a dark background, merged with other design trends such as golden but still keeping the plainness of the illustration style. Doodle illustrations often give the impact of infinity, so we expect to see them as a part of open layout designs.

Graphic design trends 2019: Conclusion

Just to sum up everything we’ve covered here, in 2019 we’ll be seeing a lot of open layout designs that tap into the viewer’s vision. 3D designs will be quite mass but certainly not boring – their reality will almost make the viewer immerse into the composition. Vivid colour schemes, as well as metallic elements, will make the designs look pretty and fanciful. Typography will be huge! And pretty often – outline. We’ll be seeing art in its most unique forms and shapes, and of course, a combination of all of these trends and maybe some that haven’t thought of yet will please the eyes in 2019.

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