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Game Engines for Awesome Gaming apps

A game engine is a framework which facilitates the kinds of tasks that need to be done when developing a game. They are intended to make everything with regards to game development easier.

A game engine’s purpose is to make it easier for the developer to create a game, without having to install a whole bunch of libraries and writing their own wrappers to suit the game.


Game engines come in many different levels of programming expertise. To know how different they can be, lets go through few of them.

Unity 3D

Unity is a feature rich, fully integrated development engine for the creation of interactive 3D content. It provides complete, out-of-the-box functionality to assemble high-quality, high-performing content and publish to multiple platforms.

It supports the creation of almost any game imaginable, including: Browser-based MMOGs, First-person shooters, Racing games, Real-time strategy games, Third-person shooters, Roleplaying games, Side-scrollers etc.

Unity 3.5 was one of the largest releases for the Unity development platform and added new features and improvements to existing technology.

Unity 4 includes several new additions to the technology in the initial Unity 4.0 release.


1)3D Games  -Less learning time
2)Multi platform support


1)No multi-player option
2)When working on a multi-platform game, whenever you switch build targets you have to re-import everything and that takes a long time.


GameSalad is the world’s fastest game design engine. It is the simplest and easiest way to develop multi platform games.

GameSalad is a 2D object oriented tool that allows you to create completely original games Using a drag and drop interface, enabling the user to create applications for iOS, Android, HTML5, and even for the Mac Platform

It is a code-free 2D game development platform that serves as an excellent tool for both learning and teaching game design and development.


Advantages :

1) Creating 2D Games

  • Visual, Drag and Drop Interface
  • Fast – Create Games in Hours not Weeks
  • No Coding
  • Complex Behavior  Library
  • Develop on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android or your web browser.

2) Testing Games

To create a great game you need to test it and make sure it works perfectly. GameSalad offers an In-App previewer to test your behavior sets and game logic.

3) Publishing

GameSalad allows for easy and quick cross-platform publishing of your games on all supported targets including iPad, Nook, Android, iPhone, Kindle and Mac desktop.

Disadvantages :

1) No multi-player option
2) Can’t work on Windows

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