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Main Features of a Fashion E-commerce app development

fashion app development

Fashion is amazing and exciting as well. It easily attracts many people with new trends and models. But why do people need to wait in the store and feel bored In case they need to buy fashion items? Its time to change and bring zing to fashion purchases. You can provide the customers with more comfort buy building a fashion app. You can help customers browse the new arrivals and existing products at their fingertips which makes them want to search for more products and purchase. It also increases the sales of your business. Here are some important features to be considered for a Fashion eCommerce App Development if you want to build a fashion app.

Customer Panel for Fashion App



This is the first step the user needs to do after installing the application. The user needs to get registered in the app to view the products of the app and purchase them. It would be helpful if the registration process is easy so the user will be engaged with the app if it is interactive and easy to use.


The user must be able to view various products of different categories available. They should be aligned properly accordingly so it would be easy for the user to browse and select the product.


An easy way to search for a particular product should be enabled with a search button. So the users need not go searching for a single product throughout the website. Features like sorting, filters, and grouping make search simple and fast.


Online payment is common these days and not having an inbuilt payment option is definitely a great loss to your business Also Customers should be able to pay in the mode they choose, with a wide variety of options available.

Scheduled Delivery

Customers should have the freedom to choose delivery times based on their ease. There is no need to wait until the order comes keeping their works aside.


Cancellation option should be provided as the customers can change their mind regarding the product and might want to cancel the purchase.


From the history of the customer orders, it should be easy for the customer to reorder any product which they canceled.


The user should be able to track the product before the delivery and see the real-time status of the delivery date. Being updated about the product is important for the user.

Offers and discounts

Customers should get to know about the sales or discounts on the brands available in your app. This can help them purchase according to their preferred budget.

Rating and feedback

The rating and feedback should be taken from the customers for better improvement of your business. The customers will share there experience with the app and the delivery of the products in the feedback sections which helps another user to check the reviews before ordering the product.

Admin panel for Fashion App


Managing Stores

In case you have multiple stores at different places you no longer need to worry about the maintenance you can manage all from the single place using a mobile app. It would be tough to manage different stores at different locations in a traditional way without using a mobile app.

Assign Managers

You can easily manage the managers and control the working of the store from the app. You need not waste time visiting the place frequently to check its working etc.


The admin can manage and control every single step from the dashboard. He can modify can feature if needed and also add or delete some stuff from the app


The admin should be able to send the push notifications of the updates made in the app so the user will be able to see the new offers or sale. Also but constantly reminding the user about the app helps you increase sales as the user automatically remembers your app when he wants to purchase any product. This helps you reduce the gap between customer expectations and your actual output.

Store Locator

Use a map to let the people know the location of your store which is nearest to theirs. This would make it easy for them to reach you faster.  The easy the process the more customers are attracted to use your app.

Store pickup

You can combine both online and offline feature by allowing them to order online and pick up offline in case they don’t want to send on delivery charges. This can allow them to manage their time accordingly.


Feedback is important also to the admin as he can make the required modification in the app according to the customer needs and demands which helps in improving the business and sales.

Advanced Features to be considered for Fashion App


Help and support

This is something the customer expects when they use the app for the first time. It is important to keep the customer clear about the app so that he can use it without much difficulty and helps you Unite with customer support to sort out any doubts immediately and keep customers happy.

Live tracking path

You can use google maps or GPS to track the vehicle route and live location. It is also possible to Track the speed of the vehicle and if send notifications to the driver based on his speed and driving which allows the driver to be safe and alert while driving.

Order Notification in Real Time

You can stay updated with the real-time order from the notifications. Receive full information on all new orders in real-time and stay on top of the thing and Know specifically where each order stands whether it’s new, in progress or finished.

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