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Do you agree Android P is out to steal the iPhone’s high-end crown?

Only 1.1 percent of Android users are using Oreo  but the company is already working on Android P, which is a new report from Bloomberg.

Google’s next major version of Android could be called Pi (or perhaps Pie). According to Bloomberg, Android p is ‘Pistachio Ice Cream’, but this is unlikely to be the official name. Google has named every version of its mobile operating system after candies or desserts.

Improving the UX/UI (look) of the software” to better appeal to existing iPhone users is the one of the key goals of Android P.

Google has also updated the updated operating system to better integrate camera notches, such as the ones found on the Essential Phone and iPhone X, as more and more hardware manufacturers embrace redu-bezel designs.

Some other rumored features of Android P

  • Material Design to completely revamp the look and feel.
  • More powerful Google assistant
  • Multiple Screens and Foldable Displays
  • Features such as native call recording support
  • Enhancements on battery life and performance

It’s evident that Google wants Android and Chrome OS to better communicate with one another. We really hope Google will overcome all the issues with Android P.

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