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How to build live video streaming application

live video streaming application development

Audiences are becoming clever these days and hence clever advertising has become an important part of the strategy you make to grow or expand your business. Live streaming mobile apps and on-demand video streaming apps are recently on rising and are one of the most popular categories of mobile apps. One of the popular mobile apps in this category is Periscope, which can be used on your Smartphone to stream live videos to your friends or anyone across the world.

Businesses around the world are leveraging the power of live streaming and video streaming applications to attract more audiences and grow their businesses. Like any new social network, early adopters will have a massive strategic advantage. Here are the key points to consider for adopting live streaming mobile app or on-demand video streaming mobile app for your business.

How to choose, which kind of streaming application is suitable for your needs?

If you navigate through any of the popular mobile app stores, you will find various video streaming apps and basically, we can divide it into two groups:
• Video streaming apps
• Live broadcasting apps

Video streaming apps:

Video streaming apps are video playback. In these apps, users/admin can upload the videos anytime. These videos can be stored on the server for any amount of time. Users can use video streaming apps and watch these videos saved on the server anytime from anywhere. The videos will stay there until it is removed by the administrator.

Live video streaming apps:

Live video streaming apps differ from video streaming apps. In this article, we will discuss in detail regarding live streaming mobile apps. The user can stream a video live, which gets broadcasted to the other users or subscribers in real time. For such applications, the video is stored on the server but for a limited period of time. In some cases, it is available to view only live, it is not stored at all on the server.

Why are live streaming mobile apps becoming popular?

Live streaming for capturing attention

Digital content has given us access to things whenever we want them. But live streaming videos are more momentary as compared to other forms of digital or online content. When you are broadcasting live, many viewers will join your stream midway through, so the traditional story-centric approach to video will not be as effective. Instead, treat live streaming as a venue for spontaneous conversation. Be prepared to respond (verbally) to viewers’ comments in the moment. The live video offers an opportunity to create an instant buzz around whatever it is you are promoting.

Making compelling live content and interacting with audience

Live streaming provides more intimacy within the content. Audiences want to see more rather than told and thus they feel involved with your business or brand. If you can combine the voice with a compelling scene–be it a product launch or a visit to the factory where your first products are coming off the conveyer belt – you are going to win your audience.

How live video streaming technology works?

First of all, why people started preferring live streaming of videos. Because most of the videos are been made for interaction and to catch audiences, so that are made as high-quality videos. This makes viewers download big files, which are really big and takes a lot of time, very high-speed internet and still, the user has to struggle so much to watch a small video clip. So real-time video streaming has an advantage over streaming of stored videos. Live video streaming is a core video format for moving data with time-based dimension in a continuous stream. Once the files are delivered, it is being played in a particular order and the video gets streamed. Yes, it sounds very simple but the technical mechanics is more complicated.

Usage of mobile live streaming applications

Live streaming apps and live broadcasting apps are used widely in the marketing domain. Sometimes for one-to-one communication with customers, for video marketing, etc. The worldwide revenues from live streaming apps are expected to reach $9.5 billion in 2017. So it can be readily assumed that live streaming is the most powerful online video broadcasting system.

Live streaming mobile applications involves a constant workflow, from capturing audio and video, encoding, transcoding, packaging, delivery, and playback.

Before going for live streaming mobile app development… consider these points

When you decide to go for building a live streaming mobile app, first of all, choose the platform wisely. The streaming application can be native or hybrid. If you have the target audience in mind then you can target and build the native live streaming mobile app using specific programming language for a specific platform. Developing Android streaming application or iPhone video streaming application can be chosen in case of native mobile application development. A hybrid live streaming mobile app is supported on multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, etc.

Main features of a live streaming mobile app consist of user registration, creating user’s personal profile, implementation of online video streaming, leaving comments to broadcasting, search, etc. These are basic features to have in a high-quality streaming application, which is good enough to start the first going. As soon as the first version of the app is developed, it thorough testing and bug fixing is crucial. After fixing all errors, the app is all ready to be uploaded to the app store of a chosen platform. Once the app is live its marketing and promotions are important. Rather the marketing and promotions can be started even before the app is live.

Once the first version of the app is out, it does not mean that one can just relax in anticipation of getting good feedbacks. For having a successful streaming app, it is important to work towards developing new features and filling up gaps with respect to the situation in the market.

Important to note: Always think about the scalability of the project, it is very important during the development process. So plan wisely how many users you want to serve at every stage of the project. Planning in time always helps in avoiding many problems in the project further.

Some of the important functions that can be included in version 1 of the live streaming app:

Live video streaming:

In the first version of the live streaming app, we can develop the functionality of streaming online without saving it to watch later. Here, the server will only convert the broadcast and transmit to the stream of viewers and video will not be stored on the server. In the next stage of development, the functionality of watching broadcasts later can be included. In this case, we will need more storage space on the server and using a cloud server for this can be a feasible option.

Commenting on the video:

In the first version, commenting on the video can be done. Broadcasters can use it for collecting feedbacks and audience can use it for asking questions and getting answers. The functionality of liking videos can also be added to this app.

Search option for users:

In the advanced features of the app, user and broadcasts search tool can be added. Different search filters like filter by the age, by interest, by broadcasts topic, by the language of broadcasts, by popularity, etc.


Integrating geolocation can be considered for advanced versions of video streaming apps. With this functionality, users can find the broadcasts by their location. Thus, the user will be able to choose on the world map, from the marks of broadcasts that are being made at a particular moment.

How to bring your live video streaming app idea into reality?

The above-mentioned points and functionalities are for just creating the picture of how actually a live streaming app will look and function. If you have your own idea and looking forward to developing it into a video streaming app, contact us to bring it into reality. Even if you have just an initial idea, we can discuss and shape up the idea further into an innovative mobile app.

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