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Augmented Reality – Intuitive Technology for Innovative Mobile Apps

Augmented Reality (AR) is an exciting new frontier in the world of app development and mobile solutions.It has been showing lot of promise as an enabling technology in the mobility space.

AR is cutting-edge technology that allows for a digitally enhanced view of the real world . It tries to “enhance” our real world experience by making inanimate objects more interactive. It provides a live view of a physical, real-world environment whose are augmented by computer-generated input such as information, sound, video, graphics, or GPS data.

AR is a new content delivery and engagement technology which gets more and more applications every day. It basically uses digital illusions, either visual or any other form, that relate to the real world scenario.

AR system is  the combination of real scene viewed by user and virtual scene generated by computer.It provides more information about our immediate surroundings.


AR systems have the following three characteristics:

  • Combines real and virtual
  • Interactive in real time
  • Registered in 3-D

Real-World Examples:-

  • AR applications can become the backbone of the education and training  industry. They are used to visualize digital information on an element and visualize process and complex parts.
  • Medical students use AR technology to practice surgery in a controlled environment. Also Doctors or physicians could use Augmented Reality (AR) as a visualization and training aid for medical diagnosis or health education.
  • With help of AR, travelers can access real-time information of historical places just by pointing their camera view finder to subjects.
  • Military, police and firefighters use Augmented Reality  to display tactical information such as maps or thermal imaging data while viewing the scene via natural vision.
  • Using Location based AR apps users can access information about nearest places relative to current location.
  • AR is being used to develop real-time 3D Games with the help of Unity 3d Engine.
  • AR is used for Aircraft Maintenance, Training and Operations Support.
  • AR Provide instructions, specs, and training for mechanics and machine operators in industries.
  • AR can also be employed within an architect’s work space, rendering into their view animated 3D visualizations of their 2D drawings.
  • AR apps can  provide complete preview of products and customization of options in E-commerce applications.

 AR Apps:-

There are number of Augmented Reality applications available across various smart phone operating system platforms, including Android and iPhone OS. Some of them include Google Sky Map, Layar, Augment, Google Goggles, Satellite AR, Augmented Car Finder etc.

Using AR apps the future is Real + Virtual.

Sensors in Augmented Reality Apps:-

AR apps rely heavily on sensors. There are many sensors that can be used in AR applications..

  1. GPS: For Location Tracking.
  2. Magnetic Sensor (Compass): For finding Direction.
  3. Orientation Sensor : To determine how you are holding the device. It changes the position of on-screen information according to device’s orientation.
  4. Gyroscope,  Accelerameter:  To measure the speed

AR Medical

Augmented reality has the potential to affect all industries and enhances one’s perception from advertising and marketing, to gaming , medicine, Education, Travelling, Navigation etc.

In the upcoming years AR will change not only the way we use our phone, but also the way we see and interact with the world.Augmented reality apps can help to increase customer satisfaction and improve loyalty, which plays a great role in making future purchasing decisions.