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Why Does Your App Need Real-time Features?

real-time features for app

Remember the days of SMS based communication? A single text and hours of waiting for the reply. There are no typing indicators, read or delivered status. All we need to do is send a text and wait until they reply without knowing if they have seen the text. This led to a lot of inconveniences during some critical talks and quite romantic communication. But the applications like Whatsapp, Facebook etc offered real-time solutions through mobile and exchanging of data has become more popular and fast. Also, there are many real-time web solutions which are already in use. With the increase in real-time business solutions, there is also growth in Real-time software development in India. Let us understand the uses of real-time features for web and mobile.

How your Business Benefit from Real-time Functionality?

The real-time functionality got into the picture when the stock market traders have remarked that it is taking too long to update the charts. The real-time feed was generated to update the changed information or added data as soon as the change is done.   there are many other sectors that started implementing real-time technology. Almost all the applications which are recent in the market have real-time features. Here are some of the features.

Real-time messaging functionality

Obviously, people fancy the application which has instant messaging availability. Messengers which provides proper support for media sharing, group chats, voice calls etc are the good replacement for the primary SMS messaging which takes a long time and is inconvenient. According to the study, the number of messaging apps users are increasing day by day and are predicted to reach 3 billion by 2025. By real-time messaging, you can enable conforming communication among the users. As instant messaging is the core feature for any of the messaging apps like Facebook, Instagram, Viber.

The real-time messaging feature helps to keep the user in regular contact which improves their communication with each other and helps them understand better-providing more convenience. Instant messaging has been integrated not only in messaging apps but also in different apps like uber, Zomato and other business apps. Furthermore, it also helps to advance the communication between the customer and the business as it encourages the business to provide a quick response to the customers and urgent help if needed. As the customers prefer to live chat over customer support to get their queries clarified. Previously customers have to email the support team for any enquires and had to wait for more than half an hour to get the response but with the real-time messaging the customers no longer have to waste their time waiting for the response.


Push notifications are no longer a fashion it is a must. They have become necessary for modern apps and websites as they keep the user updated with all kinds of information about the company and helps to keep the users engaged. It also attracts the customers back to have your services. Many users leave the app once they are done with the use. Push notifications help you to get back the users to your application by reminding about its presence. It helps the user to be updated with all the new traits or discounts of your business and can also push some notification with information that can create curiosity by which user gets back to you. But you need to choose the right frequency of notifications so that the user will not be annoyed with your app. For example, Uber sends notifications to the user saying the cab is arriving or cab will be delayed etc so that the user can be updated with the live information. Facebook sends the notifications saying your friend has posted for the first time in a while so you come back and use the app again. The same goes for Tinder, Instagram and other apps.

Order status updates

This is an important feature to build trust between the company and the customers mainly for an on-demand delivery and shipping companies. Users would want to know about the live status of their order through location tracking and push notifications. This feature helps to keep the customer relationship transparent. Many customers have told that it is really necessary to keep them informed of the order status. The user can also communicate with the delivery person to know about the stock in order to implement this you need to know how to add real-time chat feature.

IoT devices

The Internet of things is another example of real-time functionality where the information is  Is transferred instantly to the end user. The working of the IoT is as follows.

  • The IoT sensors and devices collect the data about the surrounding and the nearby environment.
  • The collected data is sent to the cloud through Bluetooth, WI-FI or other networks.
  • Then it is analyzed by the software that controls the IoT device
  • The information is then sent to the end user and in case of any error, the user will be informed through push notifications or via email.

Real-time feeds

For all the social networking apps an in-app feed that updates the user immediately after posting the content is a must as a real-time feed makes your app sticky as the users will get the latest and most relevant information without having to update it every now and then. Keeping the users updated with the latest feed is useful to both the users and the business.

How Real-time Live Streaming Helps Businesses?


News apps actively use live streaming to keep the users updated with the latest and important news.  The users can actually see live streams and recently finished events if necessary.


Transportation is the main domain which uses the benefits of live streaming through GPS tracking solutions. The user can be able to see the present location of the cabs and each detail update for every second. If a truck breaks down, the diver can update their geolocation t the dispatcher so they could find the nearest service center. Location tracking is the main thing in case the driver needs to track your address while using the online cab booking app.

There are many more advantages of real-time solutions for your business as many companies have shifted from traditional boring ways to the modern exciting methods. Being updated with technology is required.

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