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10 Top web development PHP frameworks- 2018

Symfony Features

PHP is the most popular web development and server-side scripting language that holds the position for decades. There are many PHP frameworks out there and here we will go in details about top 10 Web Development PHP Frameworks you should focus in 2018.

Due to the wide adoption and popularity of PHP that has given rise to many PHP frameworks that allow web development team to develop and deploy more complex and secure web applications.

Let us have a quick glance at what is PHP framework? And why it improves a PHP developer to do more, faster, better and securely. A PHP framework is a web development architecture with methodologies, security policies and reusable codes and components for rapid development of web applications.

Using PHP framework is very useful and it provides more benefits for developers like:

  • Best practice for rapid development and adoption.
  • Provides reusable code and components to give structured and maintainable web application.
  • Web applications are developed in MVC(model view controller) design patterns thereby providing separation of presentation and logic.
  • Uses OOPS methods and tools which extends web applications capabilities.

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List of top 10 best PHP frameworks for 2018



Laravel is one of the best PHP Frameworks that came to be known by the world in 2011, it provides the PHP developer teams with the huge ecosystem which makes web applications more faster and easier. The features of Laravel make rapid development and deployment achievable. Template engine known as Blade will enable repetitive tasks like authentication, RESTful routing, queuing etc. Developers will enjoy hassle-free development through Vagrant Box.

Features of Laravel

laravel features




“Highly reliable”, “very stable”, “high performance”, “well documented”, and “modular” are the best words to describe the Symfony framework. Symfony is another most useful PHP framework that allows the Symfony development team with reusable codes and PHP components. It is mostly useful for large-scale enterprise web applications. Because of its reusable PHP libraries will assist with the completion of task like routing, object configuration, form creation, and many more.

Features of Symfony


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Phalcon framework is easy to use and well documented. Phalcon uses the MVC(Model View Controller)web architecture design pattern. It is a full stack framework which is a C- extension. It deploys on the speed of C and C++.

Features of Phalcon

Phalcon Features




FuelPHP is a full stack and flexible PHP framework. It not only uses MVC but also uses its own extended version of MVC named HMVC(hierarchical model-view-controller). FuelPHP handles security policies by introducing input and URI filtering and output encoding. It is modular and expandable and has its own authentication with rich features and well documentation.

Features of FuelPHP

FuelPHP features



Zend is the another most useful framework. It is mainly used for complex and enterprise level projects. Zend supports HTML, CSS database connection wizard, javascript, instant online debugging. It also supports unit tools and cryptographic coding tools.

Features of Zend

Zend Features



PHPixie is quite a new framework came in 2012 for read-only websites with high-performance. It implements the HMVC architecture design pattern that was built using independent components. These components are 100% unit tested that require minimum dependencies.

Features of PHPixie

PHPixie Features



CakePHP is well-known by the words – “Speed”, “Solidity”, and “protection”. It is the most modern framework mostly suited for commercial web applications. Due to its rich features like SQL injection, cross-site request forgery protection(CSRF), cross-site scripting prevention(XSS), active developer community and many more will keep this framework adopted and respected for many more years to come.

Features of CakePHP

Cake Features



Being one of the oldest frameworks it’s faster than other frameworks which use exclusively object-oriented and also uses the lazy loading technique. Yii Framework is the fastest, secure and robust framework that reduces the development time with its features such as MVC, DAO, caching, I18N/L10N scaffolding, testing, etc.

Features of  Yii

Yii Features



The Slim Framework is a micro framework with the minimalist in design. Basically, this framework is used for small web applications which do not require full-stack PHP framework. It is also used for RESTful APIs and web services with best features like session, URL routing, client-side HTTP caching, cookie encryption etc.

Features of Slim

Slim Features



CodeIgniter is one of the most powerful PHP frameworks that is lightweight and straightforward with minimal configuration. CodeIgniter framework provides a simple and elegant toolkit to the full-featured web application. The installation process is very easy. It doesn’t adherently follow MVC design pattern in that models and views are optional. It strictly follows controller classes.

Features of CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter Features




We hope you found this list of the top 10  Best PHP Frameworks to focus in 2018. If you’re looking for a PHP hosting environment to host your PHP web development project, email us at info@krify.co for assistance.