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Estimated cost of social news app development

Estimated cost of social news app development

The Internet has the way that we read and view the news. As we have tons of social news websites/apps out there that deliver the news and keep track of them all can be hard to do.

So, are you looking to build a social news App? Of course, such a stunning success and ever-growing demand for interesting products have made entrepreneurs think of how to develop a social news app of their own. As things have gone easier today than what it had been at the time of the legendary entrepreneur. Here is the cost analysis based on the features to help you understand how much you need to invest in your news business venture.

Fact that an average weekday newspaper print is on steady decline day by day or to be more precise. People no longer purchase a newspaper or magazine to get the news. They merely go online. Social news websites/apps have procured much higher ranking in search engines.

Social news apps are like the windows into the statistics behind a story. It is the strength to searches, smooth picturing or something else completely. But no matter what method they take into consideration, it should be in a state to prompt the readers to interrelate with information in a context that is useful to the readers or users.

According to the Knight Foundation survey, about 9000 iPhone users mostly use mobile news apps here are some curious stats. Most of the people spend two hours of their time reading the news via apps. Here is a graph that shows us how much time one user spends within a dedicated social Magazine App  per session vs mobile social news website:

With an eye towards the future

New aggressive startups spring up like mushrooms overnight and work hard to get their place in the sun and elbow out the current leaders. Who knows, maybe you will be the one person to change the whole concept of social news networking and its perception. One thing is sure: your idea should be unique and offer potential users value which they have never received before via usual social news channels. In case you were just thinking about creating a revolutionary social news app or a web portal development with full stack developers team, Let’s discuss what it requires to develop social Magazine App, both from financial and effortful perspective.

When you hear the word “social news app”, Google News probably comes to your mind first. In fact, all of the applications that enable social news belong to this category. Such services let users create their profile, share the news and express their preferences by liking, disliking, commenting. Whatever you would like to concentrate on and aim for with your social news application, it needs to have some core features that will remain the same in any case.

The Main features to include in your Newspaper/Magazine App

Mobile apps typically provide a more interactive experience compared to websites. You can create a magazine app to engage your audience and boost the engagement stats.

Let’s have a closer look at the must-have functionality you need to implement when building a social news application. Here are some features that must be included in the development of social news app for web/mobile.

  • Registration
  • User Profile
  • News Post
  • Like, dislike
  • Comment
  • Share
  • Search
  • Notifications

These are the features the first version of your product should have. Let’s discuss How to make the social Magazine App  with MVP functionality

For the MVP social news apps product, the social network is the least time-consuming option. Another question is whether you would like to include the third party social network??? Perhaps it’s a good idea to develop a Facebook login for a niche application.

Get start with registration. A user should be able to create a new account or sign in into the existing one via email, phone number or social networks.

The most basic things of the profile for social news MVP product app consist add, edit and remove personal data like profile image, manage personal information and preferences.

Posting media content is one of the main features of an MVP social news app product.

Feed is that what the user can see when they open the app or in simple words, it’s the news that appears when the user opens the app. Here in this, the user can comment and like/dislike the news of others. Social Newspaper app Developers and social news app designers have to make sure the news feed looks good and well-aligned on every device no matter what news is uploaded. In social Newspaper app, you can upload anything related to the interesting news that happened around you. The main idea here is to set a look that will differentiate your app among the competitors and will be well received by the customers.

Craft your own Feed – Now everything is getting personalized. People have no time to read all the news out there and want to have instant access to the most subjects for them. You can offer your users to create the custom article collections, follow individual writers/topics, save content for later to read offline or even can go as far as offering users to collect their own dedicated story feed based on a number of criteria.

For example, The New York Times, for instance, offers users to receive today’s paper – same layout, same stories, delivered straight to their gadgets – mobile-optimized version of the news.

Search section should give the users a chance to look up other people by name, location. Here the app builder for social news will need to work on numerous filters. In the first version of the MVP app of a social news product, the search mechanics can be simple, but you can facilitate it later to be able to satisfy the demands of the most sophisticated customers.

Efficient Navigation Experience: Users want immediate value when consuming content from mobile. As the people are in a hurry and want to look at the hook point. Hence, consider re-organization your content into new categories. For instance,

  • Live/Breaking News
  • Most Popular Today
  • Saved Topics
  • Favorite Categories
  • All News Feed Categories
  • Quick search by keyword, author, headline.

Audio Stories/Podcats: Sometimes you just want to listen to the story instead of reading. You can even set up a custom database software for audio stories.

Go Graphics! It will be more impact if you use the graphics, interactive elements, animations, audio clips and attractive illustrations.

These are only a few ideas of how to make a magazine app that pays out from the crowd.

What to choose Native or Hybrid App?

You’ve heard that hybrid app development for social news can be rather affordable and allows you to develop cross-platform social Newspaper app simultaneously. While there are a few other important things to know about hybrid apps.

    1. In a general scenario, Hybrid apps look bit different. The design doesn’t get adapted specifically for all mobile gadgets. Why this matters? Slugging, wired-looking apps make the people to get diverted to other. Whether you run the paid subscription or sell the digital advertising, that stands for fewer revenues.
    2. Hybrid apps are more apt to online security hazards, which actually hands up for SQL injections, personal account hacks and other troubles, which make your publishing brand look less dependable.

Learn more about the pros and cons of hiring a dedicated vs fixed cost project model from our previous post.

Which platform to choose for Social news Channel apps: Android vs iOS app

You can absolutely develop both, which means that you’ll immediately provide to a larger audience segment. Yet that also attains for doubled app development costs.

If you are not ready for that, then you can choose the most popular platform in your region.

Priority platform by country

Hello business people, to be frank, either the Android app development or iOS app development usually turns out to be bit costly and time-consuming here’s why:

  1. Large device variety. Today there are over 12,000 Android devices with huge variations in screen resolutions and tech specs.
  2. Because of these bulk varieties of devices, we required more testing and QA required for news apps.

Pursue the platform, which is more popular among your city or region. You can develop a newspaper app  for the iOS platform that cost less and then port the app to the Android platform and vice versa

What’s the cost of developing a social news mobile app in India /Uk

It’s very critical for anyone to give the exact cost of developing the mobile application as each of the clients has different requirement and the cost varies according to their needs.

Usually, the price is determined on the basis of per hour development cost or App development company offers the total cost of creating your newspaper app.

However, the hourly price gets changed depending on the country. For suppose, in the UK the price is around $28, while in India it stands at $20. On an average, if you go with Indian developers the cost of developing a newspaper app would range from $5000 – $ 6000


It is very important that this era belongs to the age of social news apps. Having a social news platform would offer all-around advantages to stimulate your business prospects.

Never forget people like to use social news platforms and if you afford them with that extra benefits, you can become the leader of the race. For the starters, you can begin with a simple and refined approach, as time progresses you can boost more into your app.

If you are looking forward to developing a social news app, feel free to get in touch with us!

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