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Successful Startup Businesses, Amazing On Demand Apps to Clone

Successful Startup Businesses, Amazing On Demand Apps to Clone

In this present era, people are facing many problems to align professional life with personal life. This makes a sense of business often left us with no time to carry out our daily to-dos. so in order to resolve this issue, there comes the origin of the on-demand application idea that actually redeeming, that unseals an efficient way of managing and meet our regular desires. This broad idea finds application in numerous industries in slightly varied forms.

              The on-demand economy has drastically affected the people. In general scenario, people have no time to even stop cabs, craigslist and this was done using yellow pages are the only options to find the professional services and also no restaurants are at the doorstep to provide the meals. What actually happens with the on-demand economy  – Search, Discover, Book/Schedule, Consume, Pay and review – as per the customer’s requirements; that makes it a more efficient way of consuming services.

               When we come to profit generation point and market share, the on-demand economy has grown from $22 billion to $34billion till last year. This was predicted to reach up to $57 billion by the end of the year. Still, you are in doubt to be part of digital on-demand for some x business, Let us make more clear about it.

               The on-demand market serves more than 7% of the total economy. The annual on-demand transaction value will reach up to $57 billion by the end of this year. 3 years ago, Only 76 on-demand businesses provide services across 6 industries, but now it was raised to 280 on-demand businesses across 16 industries.

               In this article, let me introduce the topmost potential and dynamic on-demand apps that can be adapted to kick-start the on-demand business.

Let’s take the top 10 categories that majorly use On-Demand apps for their business growth. The list is as follows:

  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Beauty
  • Home services
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics
  • Fuel
  • Grocery
  • Labour
  • Fitness

Let’s go into detail about each category and what are the apps comes under that category


             The food industry is an evergreen industry which makes the people feel more relaxed instead of struggling with cooking. so the Doorstep food delivery has become more popular. Mainly there are steps to tackle food delivery as a business – Searching – User generally searches for food as per his/her wish based on the menu, then comes to ordering – ordering will now be done either from one place or multiple places and then delivering – will be based on tracking the food where actually the food  arrives at the destination. The traditional models are hooked down by the On-Demand Economy completely.

Here is the list of On-Demand apps for Food

  • Birryani
  • Crafttapp


           The transportation sector is growing very much and it is now leading the world in every aspect of our life using mobile devices and applications. It will reach up to $290.3 billion by 2025 according to Grand View Research, Inc. There is a lot of rising in the adoption of on-demand transportation apps globally. It provides services like e-hailing, car sharing, car rental, station-based mobility and many more which thrive transportation sector to peak.

Here are some of the transportation apps

  • Myvayk
  • Airbnb
  • Uber


               On-demand beauty apps have been all around the world, but they have not boomed the world. And while these services are available at most popular cities like New York and LA. But now they are available at most of the cities around the world. The services they offered are expanded and going beyond just to the blowout that includes the services from manis to massages. The prices will also be typically pretty comparable with what you spend in a salon or spa. There’s no reason to jump aboard this beauty bandwagon especially during holidays and party season when the time is of the essence.

Here is the list of apps:

  • Glamsquad
  • BeautyLynk
  • Stylisted
  • Soothe

Home services

                Home services are also now becoming the leading online on-demand service that came into the world. Due to the busy lifestyle of the consumers, these services also came under the on-demand sector that resulted in surge in the market’s growth. The success of this market resulted in the growth and accessibility of smartphone market through which the customer will get the information and book the service. The on-demand home services bridge the gap between the real world services and the online services that provide the efficient services. The on-demand home services can be handyman, cleaning, home maintenance.  However, the service providers have to maintain the good quality services.

Here is the list of Home service app:

  • Handy
  • Takl
  • Helpling


                   Healthcare industry is one of the major sectors in the on-demand sector and is a global trillion dollar industry, Which became the most favourite point for entrepreneurs who want to become the king in on-demand space? In earlier the patients have to visit the doctor whenever they are ill and queue up for a chance to see the doctor. But now on-demand apps in this sector made it possible for them even to order the medicines at their doorstep.

Some of the healthcare apps are listed here:

  • Healthtap
  • Babylon


               Due to the competency in the business environment, the correct product is getting to the correct place at right time with most cost-effective manner is the major fact for the business to get success. On-demand apps in this sector helped companies to track the inventory and shipments. Due to this apps, the traditional logbook is replaced to make the job easier.

Here is the list of logistics apps that rule the world in this sector:

  • TruckBuddy
  • Shadowfax
  • Jugnoo


                 The on-demand fuel app is based on a simple concept that lets the user refuel their vehicles through this apps, no necessity to visit the fuel stations. The user can request for the fuel just by using the app. The fuel can be of any type i.e even it can be gas.

List of Fuel Apps are as follows:

  • WeFuel
  • Filld
  • Booster


                        On-demand Grocery delivery apps are one of the top leading apps in today’s world. In tradition food industry has gone through many transformations, mainstream retailers were forced to offer online store and mobile apps that swept the market by storm. Grocery apps made people relax through which the people can have the groceries at their doorstep. A typical grocery app will provide all that is available in an offline store. Using this app everything will be at your doorstep.

Some of the grocery apps are a list here:

  • Instacart
  • Zopnow
  • Grofers


                        On-demand labour services that are used to hire temporary workers for a single shift. Job seekers will create online profiles and search via available shifts at companies based on the filters and qualification. Once they apply for a shift, employers can deny or approve the shift. Using these apps, companies can hire the labour very easily according to their requirement. These labour apps are commonly used by hospitality businesses and also used by entry-level office works and general labour tasks.

List of Labour apps are:

  • Wonolo
  • Labour choice
  • Labor Go


                  Due to the busy life, most of the people have no time to spend time at the gym or some fitness centres. But these became very easy with the on-demand fitness apps. So that you can exercise wherever and whenever you want.

Look at some of the apps:

  • Freeletics Bodyweight
  • Aaptiv
  • Daily Burn

Krify has come up with many of the apps related to this categories. If you are a startup who want assistance to build your own app, just send us your quick inquiry and our on-demand app development expert team will be more happy to help you.