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Reasons to Download iOS 10 Update Now!

iOS 10 is now available for iPhone users as it was released publicly on September 13, 2016. Experts have concluded that iOS 7 was a redesign, iOS 8 was a re-architecture and iOS 9 was a rewiring. Arrival of iOS 10 has pushed all the previous updates and features a way forward that will bring a bolder, bigger and much more brilliant makeover.
The first beta release was made available only to the registered developers and the first public-beta was released on July 7, 2016. Now it is available publicly that makes your iPhone “MORE PERSONAL, MORE POWERFUL, MORE PLAYFUL.”

Apple is claiming iOS 10 as their biggest release yet and indeed it is. It has got many new upgradations like bolder ways in messages, photos like never before to relive the memories, reaching destinations even faster using proactive suggestions from maps.

Apple has come up with so much to say about iOS 10, some of the outshining features have been listed here.

iMessages got the biggest update making it more beautiful

iMessages, Apple’s messaging app, has got lot many new and exciting updates.

  • Have you thought of sending a self-written message to someone? Yes it is possible now to send a message in your own handwriting. Your friend or receiver can see it animate just like the ink flows on the paper.
  • Now say your words with animations for instance, you can say happy birthday with particular animation that take over the complete screen.
  • You can also change the way you say by changing the look of your message bubbles. You can say it louder or whisper it, by choosing the appearance of message bubbles.
  • You can now use invisible ink that keeps your photo and message hidden, when swiped it get revealed.
  • Tapback allows to send one of six quick responses that let people know what is on your mind.
  • Reasons to use more stickers is here. Stickers are available in App Store for iMessage and you can use them on top of bubbles or dress up a photo.


Use more of emojis than text:

Now chat more expressively with interactive emoji characters in your iMessages. You type the message and then tap the emoji icon, all the words that can be replaced by an emoji will highlighted. As you tap again the word will be replaced by a picture. Isn’t it amazing?

Now search more smartly!

iOS 10 comes with an intelligent picture processing feature that enables Photos app to find readily whatever to search for either date, person or a place. Now the photos app is smart enough to make highlight reels of the pictures and videos based around particular dates and times.

Choose the best route before you enroute!

New iOS 10 mapping tool gives you updates regarding live traffic during your journey. You can use the updates to check out where there are long queues. If you tap the route summary panel at its bottom on the screen, you can also search for nearby gas stations, food stops on the way. Once you start on the chosen route, Apple Maps will return to your original journey.

What about dealing with notifications on the lock screen?

Notifications will work differently with iOS 10 providing even more inline functionality that wont compel you to open the app in question. For example, full conversation threads will be visible in messages. If you hard-press an alert (for 3D devices) or swipe left and tap view (for non-3D Touch devices) you can see the available options depending on the app.

Siri + Third party apps:

SiriKit helps iOS 10 apps to work with Siri which helps users to get their things done only by using their voice. SiriKit also extends the support for new services like ride booking and personal payments. There are apps got incorporated the Siri integrations within the app include Lyft, Slack and LinkedIn. In the near future, there will be many third party apps available with Siri integrations that would help from accessing fitness stats to finding photos using only voice.

Express more with new emojis:

iOS 10 has come with 100 new emojis added to it so that you should not miss any icon to represent your mood or feeling. Many of the icons are now available as male or female versions of existing emoji as well as there is an addition of more emojis like single parent family. Many of the existing emojis have also got redesigned now.

Home App – Apple’s IoT platform is ready!

The Home app from Apple is now ready, as Apple’s IoT platform, for mainstream in iOS 10 and it allows to control all devices that are compatible with HomeKit. Home App can connect to any HomeKit compatible devices, it could be a light, thermostat, garage door, window blinds, etc. The app allows you to make group settings in particular scenes, so that your things know what to do when you are around or when you are sleeping and so on.


For whom iOS 10 is for?

iOS 10 has been designed for iPhone 5 and later, for iPad 4th generation and later, for iPad Pro range, for iPad mini 2 and later and the 6th generation iPod touch and later.
iOS 10 is unfortunately not available for older iPhones, iPod touch and iPads. Most of the users are prompted automatically to upgrade, if not users can do it manually through Settings > General > Software Update. As iOS 10 is a major update release, its size is in between 600MB and 1.2GB and depends significantly on the device.
Although it is a major iOS release, some isolated reports of issues are always there but not have come as a blockage for iOS 10. As Apple being safe and secure, sharing sensitive data for services like Maps and Siri, are also encrypted and safe.

Build more powerful apps with iOS 10 SDK:

Now developers can jump on building powerful and intelligent apps using the all new iOS 10 SDK that includes new services and APIs that enables new categories of apps and features. This would enable iOS developers for innovative and powerful iphone apps development and iPad apps development.   Now developers can extend their apps to iMessages, Siri, iMaps and Phone apps to provide more engaging functionalities and experiences like never before.

iOS 10 SDK also empowers with APIs and services that has capabilities with Live Photos, HomeKit, CloudKit, CarPlay Siri Support, and many more.

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