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Readymade school management solutions | Mobile and Web Applications to purchase

school management solutions

Mobile apps today, becomes the essential part of our life. Can you really remember the time when you started using the mobile apps and when did they sneakily make you addicted to them? It’s like today no one can imagine handling the proceedings of his or her every day without mobile apps, which we specifically have for every given thing. They are controlling our lives and we have no hang-ups in saying so. Here we discuss the schooling apps.

Schools, from primary to university, are getting started on the app trends, providing students, teachers, parents and administrators with an easier way to stay in touch. There is a say “The Next Generation” of communication between the parents, schools and students.

“Bridging the Gap between Teacher <> School <> Parent <> Student = School Management Web and App Solution”

Want to develop school management solutions? You are at the right spot

Schooling apps have become the profitable online business as people are engaged on the internet to care for their child! As everyone is on the internet at an unexpected rate and this made people connect at one place.

We the KRIFY is here to develop and deploy ready-made solutions for educational apps through online. Our principal goal is to make sure the parent or teacher can take care of each student and also provide user-friendly and viable solutions.

Krify has fabulous competency in parenting applications development for a long time. Just check out our portfolio. We parse the customer requirements highlight the features and select the best-fitted technology stack to develop the layout of the site as per the requirements.

Here we go in detail of Schooling app

What is the need for school management solutions?

With the port of school website, emergency notifications, emails and other means of conveying information, one may really wonder what is the need to have a school management app. For your information, a school management solution is not just the trending shiny and classy object which has been introduced just to please the parents. On the contrast, it actually works for your educational institute. The actual intention of the mobile app may vary from school to school, but the ultimate goal remains to have access to the information of the educational institute and engage one-to-one. For instance, it makes certain things easier like:

  • Management of the academic year.
  • Attendance Capturing and Reporting
  • Online Fee Payments
  • School calendar will be checked and synced with your personal calendar
  • Everyday driver contact updates

skooling app

Features of School management solutions

As a school contemplates developing a mobile app, the first thing to consider is to cover every question that comes to the parent mind and an educational institute need to answer. For example, if you are a school owner then you must be familiar with the incoming calls to your administration on the days when there is a heavy rain or in the case when the children have not timely reached home. Now this will be handled easier with the app, without getting into the tedious communication system. So it will really help a lot

Here we will discuss various features of a School management App:
  • School Admin
  • Teacher
  • Parent
  • Driver

3 apps of schooling app

School Admin

In the Admin Panel, the administrator will be login with the credentials provided. He then can access all the data of the school, teacher, and driver panels. The admin panel has the following features:

  • Maintenance of academic year.
  • Class and section.
  • Managing Students details.
  • Managing Teachers details.
  • Managing Non Teaching staff.
  • Managing Subjects.
  • Managing Exams
  • Bus Route History.
  • License management
  • Fee payments / updates
Teacher Panel

Here in the Teacher app, the teacher receives their credentials to their Email from school management along with the link to download the app. After the successful login, the teacher can see the dashboard of the students with the following features:

  • Dashboard
  • Student Leave Management
  • Attendance Capturing and Reporting
  • Assigning Works to students
  • General comments to Students
  • Can notify (message) to parents
  • Managing Exams
  • Dairy
  • Settings
Parent Panel

In the parent app, the parent gets the License key to their Email or Message box from school along with the link to download the parent app. Then the parent needs to enter the app with the license key to “ADD CHILD”. Later the parent can go for the profile settings. If the parent wants to add another child then the school provides the license of that second child. Here the license key plays a vital role in the parent App. Once the login was successful the parent sees the list of the child’s that he/she added to his/her account. He/she can see the selected child information just by tapping on the child profile picture which allows you to see all the details. Below are the features available to the parent of a particular child:

  • Can Manage more than 1 student
  • Attendance Details track
  • Receiving Notices
  • Apply to Leave through App
  • Dairy – Student Works
  • View feedback/comments on children
  • Exam Notifications
  • Live Bus Track and Drive contact.
  • Notice boards
  • Report Cards
  • Online Fee Payments and reminders and more.
Driver Panel

In the driver app, the driver will be provided with credentials from school management along with the downloadable link. Once the driver installs the app, then need to log in with the credentials provided by the school management. Once the driver login successfully, the driver can see the following features:

  • Bus position
  • Everyday driver contact updates
  • Notify on trip start
  • Track the bus position
  • View list of students in the bus with stops
  • Call parents and contacts
  • End trip history
  • Location Change notify
  • Alerts

The cost to Develop Mobile Apps for Schools Management

The cost to develop the school management solution basically depends on its size and complexity which includes the features. Other than the physical location of the developer and the number of hours spent in the development plays a pivotal role in the cost. Based on various factors here we have drafted the cost to develop a featured school management apps.

Time Estimation: It takes 2 weeks to complete a reasonable app with customizing all the modules and 1week for testing with your branding ( Logo, Color theme and branding). There will be no change or amendments in the functionality.

Price Estimation: $4500 USD

Time Estimation: It takes 3 weeks to completely customize all the modules with language integration and 1 week for testing with your branding ( Logo, Color theme and branding). There will be no change or amendments in the functionality.

Price Estimation: $6000 USD

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