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Leap Motion Technology

The magic of Leap motion is now at developers “Fingertips” using motion technology.Leap Motion is a small rectangular computer hardware sensor device that allows you to control applications on your computer screen using hand and finger motions as input.

It is a brand new and highly promising device, the remarkable, accurate and incredibly natural way to interact with your computer. You can handle a computer in three dimensions with your natural hand .

Leap Motion

It is a breakthrough in computer interaction,using a patented mathematical approach to 3D, touch free motion sensing and motion control software that’s alike anything that currently exist on the market.

It is more accurate than a mouse, as reliable as a keyboard and more sensitive than a touchscreen.

This technology allows people to play, create, explore and learn with their computers through movement of fingers.

Some of the special features of Leap Motion are:

  • Most easiest method of computer interaction.
  • Having greater accuracy and responsiveness.
  • More flexible,uses array of sensors for easy accessing.
  • High portability
  • More Affordable
  • In future it is also used in robotics and business field also.

Leap Motion

Applications include:

  • Education
  • For making musical groves
  • For gaming
  • Internet browsing
  • Medicine
  • Household
  • Entertainment
  • 3D Modelling and Graphics
  • Manufacturing