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Importance of Promotional Video for your application?

An image makes memory and mind will retain it rest of the time as thoughts. But there is something more than that is picturization. Are you watching an advertisement on television? How you get closer to know about the products and keep in mind for a longer period of time?  A video is a perfect way to put your app in its best light, show users experience. Why should you use video marketing? Why promotional videos are important? A video is a perfect way to put your app in its best light, show users experience. A perfect video picturization has been using for marketing purpose in the digital market this day. There are heaps of benefits of video marketing for business.

Today people prefer to spend 2-3 minutes watching a video than spending 15-20 minutes reading some text. Moreover, videos also help businesses in communicating their important points to their target audience in very little time.

An image may less engage the target audience than video-based content. As the video is becoming increasingly vital to music campaigning in today’s online climate. With 5% of people watching online video on a day-to-day basis and spending an average of 2.6 x times on video pages. It should be known to everyone that 45% of businesses use promo explainer videos on their homepage? Furthermore, 83% of those businesses believe those videos to be effective for their marketing? 

Here are just a few of the highlights after detailed study:

  • Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day by through rate increases.
  • 82% of users watch video content on Twitter.
  • 80% of social video generate more shares than text & images combinedly.
  • The click-through rate increases by 13% if we Merely mentioning the word  ‘video’ in an email subject line
  • 75 Million People in the U.S. watch online videos every day.
  • Videos up to 2 minutes long get the most engagement.

Now get into the topic in deep:

Why are promotional videos important?

It is clear that global internet traffic is headed. So how do you differentiate yourself from the rest of the crowd and ensure that you get noticed? Here’s why promotional videos is a progressive step forwards and How to create the ultimate app promotional video in the right way.

The rise of Video Content

At present youtube is the biggest video content streaming services available to the consumers that boast a significantly larger digital audience than all of its competition. Social media services such as Facebook, Instagram and snapchat are also continually developing and focusing their platforms towards visual content. Anyone who wants to expand and nurture their online presence in this environment then we should engage with video production.

Why use promotional video?

There is a restriction for an image when it appears. An image may complete something remarkable signs but something incomplete inside it that needs more improvisation to convey the message from the owner. A video promotion will do all that you want. In order to notify your audience about your new project that is launched then 15-60 second videos are the best and excellent ways to notify your audience. A 5 minutes video may be too excessive for those who are unfamiliar with you and that could drive potential fans and supporter away. Promotional videos offer digestible, light content that informs efficiently. You can utilize this format to share demos, new hooks and announcements. It’s easier to keep the audience engaged and build anticipation just by feeding your listeners with small amounts of information at different times and on different platforms.

Different types of Promotional Videos

  • Interactive Videos
  • Corporate Videos
  • Product and Services Videos

Steps involved in the Video creation

Before going for the steps you need to think what really matters for promo videos and plan accordingly. The steps or Process associated in the Video creation are as follows

  1. Step1: Identify your goal
  2. Step 2: Choose a direction
  3. Step 3: Set the tone
  4. Step 4: Decide on Duration
  5. Step 5: Choose a video Style
  6. Step 6: Outline the idea
  7. Step 7: Write the script
  8. Step 8: Storyboard

How to create the ultimate app promotional video?

Brainstorming on the Video story: This step involves Understanding the concept of the application, Target Audience and Focus on the core message.

Pre-Production stage: Scripting and storyboarding. Defining the character flow and visualization of the entire video.

Production Stage: This process will capture all the scenes and information captured in the pre-production process. The step will begin with character and Background designs.

Post Production: This phase involves Staging, Posing, video editing, adding soundtrack, timeline corrections.

Marketing Plan: Recording a video and publishing it to YouTube isn’t enough we have to strategically promote it on respective Mediums to ensure it gets maximum coverage.

Reasons Promo Videos can be so persuasive

Technology has become a more integral part of customers lives and the promo videos become a more effective tool for businesses that want to grow. Promo videos have proven to increase clickthroughs, consumer engagement and conversion rates. Here are the five sold reasons:

  • Promo videos get personal
  • Promo Videos are great for Demos
  • Watching video is easy
  • Videos entertain and educate
  • Video serves as another touchpoint with consumers

Elements Of A Great Promotional Video

Let’s take a closer look at all the things it does right and along the way, we’ll consider how these can be transferred across to your promo video. Tips for creating great marketing videos should utilize the emotive power of video by appealing to their customer’s needs and desires.

  • Open with a personal bond: Make a personal bond with your audience from the outset, retain it and develop it from start to finish.
  • Movement: Keep things moving and keep things interesting. Never bore your audience with just one shot of a bloke telling the customers straight to buy your product.
  • Arouse Curiosity: Plant the seed. Make us care about the product. Always try to ask a question to the audience and then proceed to answer it.
  • Make an irresistible offer: Work out exactly what problem your product or service is solving, explain it succinctly in your video, and then say how you’re going to solve it.
  • The art of rhetoric: Here there are two. The first is to be bold. If your product is as good as you think then say so. The second is to try and predict any objections to your argument and dedicate a section of your script to overcome them.
  • Create a mass enemy: Try and position yourself as the paladin in shining shield that will save consumers from things they naturally mistrust or don’t like. Remember you are the answer that we’ve all been waiting for.
  • Add value: Never overlook the obvious. No matter where it is that your product add value – and that doesn’t necessarily have to be on the price – highlight it to the audience. Get a bit inventive if you have to try and unearth some deeper hook points that might otherwise be missed.
  • Call to Action: If you can use a metaphor than so much the better. But your genuine customer must really feel like they’re going to have a good time by signing up with you.
  • Close with a memorable Tag line: Come up with a memorable strapline for your product or service. Something that means what your product will do, but also how users will avail. It doesn’t have to rhyme or be as fantastic but it has to convey the brand, the product and the added value all in one

How to Market Your Mobile App with Video

Let’s take a look at how video can assist you to promote your app, how you can get started and what you can do with it.

  • It’s the valid thing next to try on your app
  • You get more qualified downloads
  • It’s good for branding
  • It’s good for SEO
  • It’s a good way to communicate with your existing audience

Different type of videos

  • 2D classic character animation
  • 2D Motion Graphics
  • 2D stop motion /cutout animation
  • 2D e-learning
  • 3D Character Animation
  • 3D Motion Graphics
  • 3D Matte painting & environment creation
  • 3D walkthrough
  • Clay & Stop motion Animation
Bottom Line

Video marketing has many benefits for business at one level in the current time. As per people need to get more specification about the product, you need to make a real audio-visual picture in different categories like animation video, human acted video or product showing video.

Krify have competency in doing high-quality promotional videos who requires a better approach to brand awareness. We aim to communicate your message or brand, clearly and artistically in short, succinct videos. Our video encapsulates business message, value proposition, branding, and an overall personality in a matter of minutes!

At Krify, we are Mobile App Promo Video Maker with an emotional element to drive brand loyalty and influence purchasing decisions. We strongly believe that Video Marketing is one of the best and cost-effective approaches to making a significant impact on the masses keeping content at the helm.

Our Promotional videos incorporate the core message and value proposition keeping branding in subtle ways which focus on presences or choices.

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