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Hardware Tech Edge behind Microsoft’s HoloLens “Teleportation”

Hardware Tech Edge behind Microsoft’s HoloLens “Teleportation”

Incredible Microsoft’s HoloLens meets the real world, by making holographic things look like a real world existing things. The whole setup of Hololens was designed and developed by the software giant, Microsoft, which houses the supreme quality and cutting-edge hardware lab on the globe. Officially Microsoft had given the name “Building 87” for Hololens project, while building up for hardware test setup to play.

The most obvious goal behind the design and development of HoloLens portation project is to get closer to the people and give them the best feel of personal presence of people located thousands of miles away from them. The product has come out as the best equivalent to standards of all other popular products of Microsoft.

The workspace of Hololens project are divided in three different technologically advanced equipments and labs, as follows.

  1. Edison Lab (The Lab of the Future),
  2. Human Factors Group (The Department of Human Data), and
  3. Microsoft’s Audio Lab (The World’s Quietest Room)

The Edison Lab (The Lab of the Future) is designed and dedicated towards crafting Microsoft products such as Surface, its Touch Cover, the Microsoft Touch Mouse and so on.  All their innovative products have been designed and engineered in this lab. The Edison Lab has paved the major design of virtual teleportation that will give the personalized experience while interacting.

What is virtual teleportation?

We know Virtual is a thing which is not exists physically but can be seem like it exits. as teliportation is a imaginary transfer of substance or energy from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them. Here the instance looks obviously same with dimensions and space just like in reality.

HoloLens Teleportation is now giving a power to go in to past by replaying previous interactions of your mind and imaginary feature as your mind think with the help of holograms. HoloLens also provide a awesome feature like Live call from anywhere to anywhere can transform your or their reality  in to with virtuality in your presence as live.”


The Human Factors Group (The Department of Human Data) is open accurate thing to deal with similar artificial design of substances like the Surface, Microsoft Band, HoloLens and Xbox. The first great thing in this part is to provide comfort to the product user instead of annoying them with arrangement. Human Factors Group is home to a human-sized light box where they conduct tests on how humans distinguish and respond to enticements.

Microsoft’s Audio Lab (The World’s Quietest Room) is the first step for conducting tentative experiments on physical sciences where engineers has put their effort in development of products like Surface speakers, Surface microphone and Cortana. In the Building 87, this wing is very special part to deal, with three anechoic sound hollows, the prime of which is entirely distinct arrangement of the foundation of Building 87, and relaxations atop of special springs to absorb sound.

What is Holoportation?

To know about holoportation lets get an idea about what is holography? (Our previous article explains detailed aspects about holography!)

Holography is a virtual object with holographic rays that looks like a real world object to the human eye even if it is not a real, but it won’t give any sense of touch.

Holoportation presents the objects to you in 3D view, those objects and people that are away from you. Holograms presents you all those things as real objects and person as you see them in real world.

As we already described Hololens earlier, they are just limited to supporting display of 3-D things and can’t produce live streaming of holoportation. Here now hololens, that comes with holo-teleportation, which brings lots of exportations from the real world.


Don’t you think it’s crazily superb?

Yes! Combination of latest technologies like Interactive 3D technologies can make you go crazy with latest hologram’s stunning performance. Let’s check out here, how Holo live teleportation in 3D will happens, with a demo…


Thinking about Holoportation hardware?

Yeah, it looks exactly the same like hololens with some changes in the set.

Holograms is the next big future in computing.Hololens can read the mind and can create illusion in mind. The mind, hardware, software, and design has been brought together to build the first fully autonomous holographic computer.

Power and refinement of new Hololens is now surprising with features like more computing power than the typical laptop. Microsoft HoloLens gets reflexively cooled without using fans. With no wires, external cameras, or phone or PC connection required, you can move freely and untethered, while using Hololens.


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