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Classkit framework bringing classroom to Mac

Apple bringing classroom to Mac

Classkit is a framework like Sirikit and homekit where the IOS developers can use this to integrate to the existing learning apps. Adopting Classkit framework will work with Schoolwork which is a powerful iPad app for both students and teachers to help keep track of assignments and progress of the students. By integrating this framework the developers are allowed to add new education like features to their existing applications. There are many learning apps available in the Mac store. Some of them are an integral part of teaching and learning experience in school.


Know all about Classkit framework

Apple released a classkit documentation for the registered developers. The documentation provides the developers

Enabling classkit in your app 
Prepare your app and development environment to adapt and integrate the classkit. This app will communicate to many devices using icloud and thus allows the app to participate in the virtual environment. This is the starting step.

Testing your app during development 
Use development mode to test your app without a managed apple ID. Test your Classkit adoption on real devices where the Schoolwork app is installed.

About classkit and user rules 
Classkit works with different kinds of users. Understand these users. Classkit is integrated into an educational ecosystem which involves teachers and students where teachers create assignments and students report those. Different rules are defined for different users.

Incorporating classkit into an educational app 
Classkit is incorporated into the Schoolwork application which is easily given as a kit eliminating the situation of developing the functionalities manually.

Functionalities of Classkit framework

  • Teachers are allowed to track the progress of students and assign activities through the developer’s app.
  • Teachers will add courses and personalize their teaching instructions.
  • Students are taken to the right activity with a single tap in the Schoolwork app.
  • The app will report the time spent on that activity by each student, the percentage of completion of the activity, etc.

That’s pretty well! What about the privacy requirements for apps using Classkit?

Apple says that it gives utmost privacy for Schoolwork and Classkit. Developers should pay attention to the following aspects
  • Do not include behavioral advertising: This app is mainly to provide quality education for the children at ease of flexibility. There should not be and ads popping up in this app which may distract the involvement of the children.
  • Create a Privacy policy: There must be a privacy policy. Add the link to the privacy policy by entering the URL on your product page in App Store Connect. In order to ensure that your app agrees with the privacy requirements, the schools will need to review it.

Works done by Krify

Krify developed extraordinary school apps namely

  • Cimplified
  • School Online
  • Efiko

To know the features of the apps mentioned and other details contact our developers. If you want to develop a school app or want to integrate Classkit with the school app, we are here to execute your idea and provide the best IOS application with an amazing user interface.

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