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HTML 5.1 Specifications

What Next HTML? W3C coming Soon with HTML 5.1

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is a main international standards organization for the World Wide Web with a vision of Web involves participation, sharing knowledge, and thereby building trust on a global scale. In the huge World Wide Web W3C introduced with HTML as first step to style up web elements of the internet over the web to bring colorful life experience to user with WWW standards as a mission to secure anything to everything on the web with lot of protocol’s and technologies. HTML 5.1 “The HTML is the standard markup language used to craft web pages and its elements form the building blocks of all websites” We have seen a lot of updates in versions and all”. HTML is a way of inscription HTML that highlights the sense of the encoded information over its demonstration. Html is started its journey since from 1990 by Berners-Lee with a Browser and Server Software later on the versions changes very soon as with HTML 2.0 November 24, 1995 next to that HTML 3.2 January 14, 1997 and Html 4. December 18, 1997. More over with version updates in between and also It took long rush to come-up with HTML 5 as October 28, 2014. Now the next version of HTML 5.1 is getting out as an update to cover the bugs in most successful HTML 5 in order HTTP is well supported it's updates more over now with HTTPS described as Secured HyperText Transfer Protocol. HTML 5.1 Specifications The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has plans to release date of HTML5.1 in September 2016 with different html 5.1 specification followed by developer stockholders suggestions. The work is being directed by the W3C Web Podium occupied group. The long term goal is to release a steady version of HTML as a W3C Endorsement once per year. The core goals by W3C for next HTML version specifications should match better in reality to make things happen for the user’s well satisfactions and knowledge capabilities understanding and to make it possible for all investors to propose improvements, and understand what makes changes to HTML successful. To dispatch the HTML5.1 endorsement in September 2016, the group campaigns to have a aspirant recommendation by the middle of June, following a Call For Consensus based on the most recent Working Draft. To make it easier for people to review changes, an updated Working Draft will be published approximately once a month with changes noted within the specification itself. The description is on Github and anyone who can make a jerk entreaty can propose changes. The group suggest individuals that find something in the specification that generally doesn’t work in shipping browsers to file an issue or file a Pull Request to fix it. The group will generally remove things that don’t have adequate support in at least two shipping browser engines.
Are you looking for Expert Html5 Developers ? Well we are web developers since from 2005 from UK | India expanding around the world with different web development technology wings. Let's get in touch for more details
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Determine the best time for considering Website Redesigning

We are living in the age of competitive market in which business owners are always coming out with constant and updated endeavours. The website is the face of the business for the whole world. Website redesign is not a high priority always. But change is required for better representation of your brand, increased traffic, increased revenue and building corporate identity. By considering following points, you can check out about good and not so good fields or elements of your website, that need to be changed. What does website redesigning actually means? The website is majorly responsible for producing global identity for your business. It is a medium of communication to popularize your brand across the world. Website designing is not just a onetime process, rather it’s a continuous process that needs to be continued with respect to time and advances in technology and designs, so that the website can withstand the tough competition as per market trends. The website redesigning involves the enhancement and improvement in designs that can make your website easy to understand and catchy that could grab the attention of visitors and keep them engaged within the information on the website. Apart from persuasive layout design, beautiful graphics, which makes the website engaging and feels and looks awesome; functional modifications and updating the site with new SEO friendly content is also important that will lead to more visitors, leads and customers. redesign-01 When is the best time to consider website redesigning? For this, the very first thing you need to consider is that how old is your website and what was the technology used to build it. You need to ensure that your website is compatible completely with present and future technologies. In present scenario, HTML 5, CSS 3 is the latest technology being used to make attractive and search engine friendly websites. Checking your competitors’ site regularly will give you an idea on how they are positioning their products/services. You can check out for their search engine rank, where you show up and what the competitors’ page rank is after a Google search. If you are losing out to your competitors in terms of page rank then you definitely need to consider redesigning that incorporates best SEO practices, which will lead to have a SEO friendly website. How is the traffic to your website? If the traffic to your website is declining continuously, then it is surely a big sign for redesigning. If visitors are fewer, if they are coming to homepage and bouncing (leaving page immediately), these are the metrics that can be quantified and figures can inform whether redesigning is required or not. The high rate of bouncing can be due to following reasons:
  • If the call-to-action is not obvious for visitors.
  • If your website design does not match with the brand personality and does not convey the exact thing to the customers.
  • If your website does not convey the things directly like who you are, what you offer and how they can go ahead.
Mobile Responsive Website The mobile device market is exploding uncontrollably and mobile has become an integral part of daily activities of all. Consumers are on move always 1 out of 4 internet users access it on mobile device. So obviously not having a mobile responsive website means you are losing on a large number of audiences those who use mobile for everything. Mobile responsive website is the one which is compatible with all kinds of devices irrespective of its size and provides an easy and user-friendly experience to customers and visitors, whether they are browsing using desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Google also docks the search engine ranking for a website if it is not mobile friendly. You can analyse whether your website design is mobile responsive or not by using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Site. Updating Corporate Identity Your brand is more than just a logo and tagline. If you have changed the direction of the brand or you are planning to do so, then definitely you need to change and redesign your website too which is your complete brand identity. You will need more specific and functional content. When your business objectives change with time it should also reflect with your new website. Redesigning a website is not a small task at all. It needs a proper plan and functional approach. If you think over points mentioned above and you get the answer that you do need to get your website redesigned for increasing traffic and brand value then go for a professional help.
Krify is a multinational website, mobile and wearable app Development Company. We offer website redesigning services to refresh the online presence of clients with an awesome new website. Optimising your current website or simply refreshing the site will definitely result in increase in number leads. Contact us today to get the new voice for your brand through website redesigning.
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iOS 9.3 – Did You Get To Know These Exciting Features?

A new iOS update, iOS 9.3 is here! It is now available for download to update your iPhone, iPad and iPod. Apple has presented this update after thriving and testing it for seven betas. It is jam-packed with some new and exciting features. iOS 9.3 is for whom? iOS 9.3 is compatible with iPhone 4S and later, iPad 2 and later, iPad mini and later, 5th generation iPod touch and later and iPad Pro. If you don’t get the notification, you can upgrade manually through Settings>General>Software Update. Let's check out what’s new? Night Shift – May help in improving your sleep quality Night Shift is the setting that has got a bluelight filter and thus changes the colors on screen at night. This can be of real benefit for our sleeping patterns. Night Shift can be scheduled automatically (including across time zones). Intensity level and filter hews too are customisable. Its icon can be added to Control Center, which can be accessed by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. nightshiftmodecomparison-800x600 Smart education tools for teachers   iPads with iOS 9.3 can change the education environment and benefit students, teachers and school administrators as well. The teaching tools have become incredible with new extra features. The classroom app will allow teachers to deliver lesson plans and track the student’s progress. A single iPad can be shared by multiple students as it will now allow students to log in on single iPad with different accounts to personalize what they see. Apple IDs for education are also being introduced by Apple that can be created and managed by school administrators. Apple will help you discover new health apps Apple has made it simpler to find third-party apps that will help in tracking your health and wellness. Categories workouts, sleep and weight is having new slider menu that will reveal great new apps that you can add to your health dashboard. Health app will also display your exercise, stand data, goals and your move from Apple watch. Thus all your health metrics will be available in one place and can be easily shared with third-party apps. Upgraded 3D touch iOS 9.3 has expanded quick actions (i.e. pressured touches on apps) to many stock apps. It includes Compass, Weather, iTunes Store, Health App Store as well as Settings. CarPlay – Now new music will follow you everywhere In this version, CarPlay has got many useful features. New and For You present in Apple Music is having songs, albums and artists that are handpicked by Apple Music editors and curators. You can also select based on your preferences. All this right at hand on your screen. So you will always have something new to listen. Secured information through Notes Security Your important Notes App can make your notes and information more secure now. If you want to keep some data secure, it can be easily done with this new feature of iOS 9.3. You can secure it with fingerprint or password. Now you can also sort out your notes by creating and modifying dates or arranging alphabetically. notes password Other smaller features are also there that enhances the experience. Photos can be duplicated in Photos app, Siri now supports Henrew, Malay and Finish. iPhones 6S and 6S Plus has also got new 3D touch shortcuts.
Krify is a multinational mobile, web and wearable apps development company and its one of the core competencies is iOS app development. We deliver innovative and robust iPhone applications to our clients, as per their requirements. iPad app development is also our forte to serve our clients who are iPad lovers. Get your app idea converted into reality. Hire our iPhone app developers!
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Newly Released Android N Preview, Rolling Out With Update

Android N has already created quite a buzz even before the preview is released. Every techy is eagerly waiting for the next big version, Android 7. Google surprised everyone by releasing the first preview of Android N on March 9th, 2016, two months before the time it was expected. It was expected in May 2016 during annual Google I/O Developer Conference. This preview has been released with an intention to incorporate feedbacks from more developers. It is for developers only and not for consumer use. It has enhancements that leads to saving power and memory, laced with multiple new features. Let’s check out some of the highlighted features of this Android N developer preview: Night Mode The night mode feature has been introduced to let you turn the system UI dark in night time. It consists of three toggles. The first toggle is to switch the UI to darker aesthetic. The phone will switch on night mode automatically when sun sets in your current location. The data saver switch intelligently disables all background activity but allows apps running in foreground to access data connection when required. Its new quick settings allows easy customisation of your toggles. androidN 1 Powerful notifications New Android N has come with powerful notifications. Along with being aesthetic, now they are with more minimal white look. You can now reply to message right way from a notification. Multiple notifications from single app will be bundled together. Notifications can be expanded by using two fingers method or a new arrow button. Also, a half-swipe to the right allows you to access notification control. Android 2 New improved UI settings With new UI settings you can customize as per your likings, which icons to be displayed on your status bar including icons for volume, Bluetooth, cellular data, alarms, Wi-Fi, air-plane mode and many more. Also, you can add percentage to the battery Heck and seconds to the time display. The system UI tuner is the same as Marshmallow but it has just become a lot less robust (strong and rich). For example, it now allows you to calibrate display’s colour and you can also match your phone’s display with your laptop. Android UI Split-screen/ Multi-window for real multi-tasking With Android N, Google has finally succeeded in provided multi-window option. It can be activated in two ways: by holding down the Recent button or within recent view – you can drag an app to top or bottom of your screen. The interesting functionality of this feature is the option for picture-in-picture mode, for which developers need to provide separate support. This significantly allows a windowed app to float around the UI. Android 2 Improved Java 8 language support For developers, another exciting aspect of Android N is its improved Java 8 language support. Now, the Android Jack compiler can be used for features like lambdas which can reduce the amount of boilerplate code that a developer needs to write. It is available for all Android versions. But for Android N development, developers will also get an advantage to use static and default methods, streams and functional interfaces. androidN 6 The first Android N update for Nexus devices has been released by Google. It is for those who has enrolled in the Android Beta program. The new update released on 17th March 2016 has got some performance issues fixed, confirmed by one of the Android Developer Advocate. Google has confirmed that “it has plans to ‘hand off’ the final Android N release to device makers this summer, may be after Google I/O 2016.”
Krify, being a leading Android Development Company, helps businesses to understand opportunities available in mobility to create useful apps that helps target new customers and helps in retaining the existing one. Our expert Android app developers works towards developing innovative and cost-effective mobility solutions for our clients.
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Strategizing Social Media Marketing: With Powerful Hashtags

Strategizing Social Media Marketing: With Powerful Hashtags

“#” is a symbol used to represent the HASHTAG, Everyone has a question now what is a hashtag and what does it mean? Hashtag is a simple phrase of content used to label the simple group of things with a symbol “#” in front of phrase. Twitter Hashtags are more popular now a days. For an instance! If we are posting a Social Media Post as App Developers we love to organize all mobile app related content posts with one phrase #MobileApp. One of our tweet is shown as follows.   As you see in this tweet we given a phrase “#MobileApp”. Where If any one searches with word “mobileapp” obviously all the results shown first are using the #hashtag followed by “#mobileapp” as a special page of search results. How Hashtag came up? Hashtag was came under microblogging. It defined as “Medium of exchanging similar data elements or messages in order as smaller content to found easily”   Things to keep in mind to choose a hashtag? Making Hashtag was pretty simple by considering few points as follows.
  1. Brush up first before choosing a word or phrase about how accurate it is and how people used to search the word.
  2. Be generic when selecting a hash tag phrase or word.
  3. Don’t use space when dealing with different words. Either you can use Underscore “_” in between two words.
  4. Make sure you that there is no difference of using caps or small letters.
  5. When you done with word or phrase selection start typing in social medium with #FllowedByWord.
Few Hashtag words are like #Mobile_Apps #MobileAppDevelopers #MobileAppsDevelopers #iPhone #iPhoneAppDevelopers  

Benefits of Hashtags

  Acquaintance: You can robotically get attention from social media users around the world for social media searches. Marking: You may be a brand ambassador someday for a tag you followed by users to find out your content or services. Bull: Your post reach faster and many people with proper hashtag use in content postings.

Efficient way of using Hashtag to get more traffic

  Hit hashtags: Individuals may lose interest faster than we think. So keep twig to one - three hashtags significant to purpose. Damaged hashtags: Labeling #all #new #word is like #puzzling to readers. Like I given so keep hang on unique targeted words Run-on hashtags: Keep hashtags small and honeyed like no more than a combination of three words. Else, they’re confused and tough to read. #FollowToTail:  Promoting to people by follows and likes panaches your important viewers with what we want to do exactly in the opposite. So keep include them in your posts! [caption id="attachment_9535" align="aligncenter" width="1650"]hashtags "Social Media Networking sites accepting Hashtags are like Facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and many more."[/caption]   Krify has a expert digital marketing team and mobile, web, mobile apps development teams. We use technology to make things happen contact us  now !  

#role of #Hashtags in #SocialMediaMarketing for 2016...

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Opinion Sharing Apps: Storming Social Media Apps Market

Sharing an opinion has become very common as everyone has opinion these days. Everyone has an opinion. Having an opinion means you are thinking, you have a perspective and you can share that perspective with others. As everyone is having opinion everyone also deserves of being heard, agreed with, applauded, admired, appreciated and liked. Sometimes we may feel inhibitions in sharing them, but social media and other internet platforms has made it easy. Yes mobile apps are creating a special space for social recommendations. Mobile apps can lead to a better way for people to discover and share their opinions online, either with friends or strangers. One can look upon for opinion or share an opinion on any topic through networking by taking an insight into what friends, photo-takers, followers are thinking and doing. Such opinion sharing apps are creating buzz in the mobile app markets as you don’t need to go places to look out for what public (either friends or strangers) are thinking about any person, place, clothes, idea or any topic. This info is used to build interest graph or opinion graph. Why companies are running after data from sharing apps? Smaller social networks like Pinterest serves niche audiences, which integrates interest graph and social graphs and allow us to follow our interests. Mobile apps for opinion sharing leads to mind-boggling amount of data through interactions, behaviour, preferences, relationships, etc. that is created every day. Many data curing companies are eager to mine all these activities and interactions to interpret how masses are feeling about a particular brand, idea, topic, etc. Opinion sharing apps are aimed to replicate the way people emotionally react in real conditions of life and react to content. Data generated through such a way could be a potential data for companies to target demographics. Users of such apps are majorly from age group of 20s and 30s and demographics will convey the picture of opinion or reactions from young population. This could be a potential monetization strategy for companies. Why opinions need to be shared? Opinion sharing apps are not necessarily for making new friends, but for a lot of fun to join a group where like-minded people and those with similar opinion are participating and are willing to be vulnerable and genuine. The opinion sharing apps connects people based on their opinions or votes they give for a particular action, topic, product or idea. This way you get to collect opinions of people on a particular thing. It can be about clothes, about financial system, favourite actors or any topic. Through number of votes you get for your opinion shared, or through reaction from the people you will come to a conclusion about what maximum number of people have to say about the thing that you have shared. Opinion sharing apps are based on matching algorithm. Krify has competence to develop such mobile apps. Through cumulative selection and cumulative ranking people with similar opinions and answers can be identified. The algorithm for matching can be based on following criteria:
  • One to one cumulative selection based on single question asked or topic created.
  • Category based cumulative selection based on reactions or answers on particular category.
  • Keyword based cumulative selection based on people’s reaction and answers related to particular keyword.
Krify has developed some mobile apps that is based on this concept. We have developed an app “Ansabee”, that is based on sharing opinions by asking questions. Another app developed by Krify is “Votee” which is also an opinion sharing app that helps in making decisions, small or big. Thus such apps can be a fun way to decide about anything after looking for opinions from friends and also from unknown people who are like-minded and do have their opinions.
Why Choose Krify for app development? Krify, a multinational mobile app and web development company, have worked and developed mobile apps and web apps based on such concept. Our portfolio showcases various apps developed and marketed by us.  Our expert team of web designers and web developers are in alignment with the current trends in industry. Expert and professional mobile and web app development teams at Krify are dedicated towards developing Android apps, iPhone apps and web apps as per the client requirements.
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Drink/Food Pre-ordering and Pre-payment Apps are Buzzing around

In present times, pre-ordering food app can be described as “the fast lane for urban professionals”. Major brands in restaurant chains and food services, such as, Panera Bread, Starbucks, Papa John’s and Taco Bell are some leading names in the mobile restaurant consumer experience. This new step adopted by restaurants is having new level of demand from many restaurants that want to contemplate this future-proof strategy. Another mobile app system on the same line is pre-paid dining. Such type of app aims to minimize the time customers need to spend at restaurants and eateries. It can be used for activities like booking a table in the restaurant, pre-ordering the food, pre-payment, etc. This allows to avoid waiting in queue for the table, food or drinks. Mobile app engages customers to restaurants right from the Couch at their home and don’t require customer to be physically present in the restaurant. It gives to freedom to walk out of the restaurant after eating without worrying about the bill settlement or you can also walk away with your food as soon as you enter the restaurant. Apart from these benefits these pre-payment apps can also be integrated to offer point-of-sale services for businesses. Thus pre-payment, pre-ordering apps can be incorporated into a loyalty program that can be used to attract more and more new customers and to retain the existing customers. In July 2015, Starbucks announced its association with Lyft, the ride-hailing start-up, for loyalty program. Under this arrangement, customers can earn reward point every time they use Lyft services that can be used for coffee and food at Starbucks. Pairing and integrating loyalty program is the latest trend among start-ups and big businesses too. Some of the amazing features of pre-ordering apps includes:
  • Mobile Order & Pay: Customize and place your order, and pick up from a nearby store without waiting in line.
  • Store Locator: Find the stores nearest you, directions, hours and amenities.
  • Push notifications, social media sharing.
  • Pre-order and pre-pay as per the digital menu .
  • A Help Desk to assist anyone who needs assistance in locating hotels and restaurants.
Krify, a multinational mobile and web app development company, have worked and developed mobile apps and web apps based on such concept. Our portfolio showcases various apps developed and marketed by us. Checkout the app developed by us Food by Price that allows you search nearby restaurants and food items available. It is a GPS-based app. Expert and professional mobile and web app development teams at Krify are dedicated towards developing Android apps, iPhone apps and web apps as per the client requirements.
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What alternatives exist as Parse is shutting down?

Recently Parse came up with the announcement that they are shutting down their mobile backend as a service. Parse helps in simplifying the addition of rich features to your Android, iOS and HTML5 apps. It produces back-end tools for developers that helps in storing data in the cloud, manage identity log-ins, run custom code in the cloud and handle push notifications. A bad news for developers who have built an app on top of Parse. But the relief is that they are giving 12 months’ time to find new solutions. They are also providing a path to running your own ‘Parse-compatible service.’ They have also provided the migration guide about exporting Parse data. Some of the alternatives available in place of Parse is as follows: parse 3
  • Firebase
Firebase is a scalable and real time data storage and communication solution and comes as a freemium service. It is a cloud database for powering collaborative, realtime apps. Its great and flexible majorly for realtime data, but not so flexibely for things like SMS, payments, push notifications, etc. parse 4
  • AWS Mobile Hub
AWS Mobile Hub is available commercially on Amazon. It is a direct Parse replacement and allows you to add and configure features for your mobile app. Its features includes data storage, user authentication, push notifications, analytics, backend logic and content delivery. It also gives you easy access to testing on real devices. Analytics dashboards can also be used easily to track usage of app. All these features from a single integrated console. parse 6
  • Backand
Backand is another freemium service provides as a powerful backend-as-a- service for Angular JS. Its unique feature is that provides both server side back-end and the application front-end. It provides an easy solution for rapidly developing and running cross-platform cloud applications. parse 5
  • Deployd
Deployd is an open source API development tool for Mobile and Web developers. Deployd APIs are made up of plug-and-play resources like collection that can be added easily and defined through deployd dashboard. parse 8
  • RemoteStorage
RemoteStorage is a free and open protocol for per-user storage. You can own your data and everything in one single place. You can use a storage aacount with provider you trust, or you can even set up your own storage server. You can develop your web app without developing the backend for it, as your users will be able to connect to their own backend at runtime. Offline support is also built into the RemoteStorage.js by default.
Why Krify? Krify is a multinational, global technology software development and consulting company. Our core competencies include mobile app development for various platforms (Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, Cross-platform), Web app and website development. Krify’s competitive advantage is its operational efficiency – with suitable project management systems such as agile, process oriented approach to achieve effective communication and co-ordination on projects and readiness for upcoming technologies. Krify provides high quality and cost effective products to their customers by combining their strategic, creative and technology skills with their ability in innovation. At Krify, we are passionate to create value.  Let’s get in touch with your requirement to take it to the innovative level.  Navigate through our portfolio for more information on our accomplished projects.
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Fastest Processor Nyuzi Ever For Highly Parallel and GPGPU App’s

A New Processor for extremely analogous and GPGPU app’s development. It is mostly enthused by Intel’s Larrabee, but instruction set and microarchitecture are considerably different. Microarchitecture: Microarchitecture can be explained as an architecture designed for electrical circuitry motherboard of a computer or Arithmetical signal processor (Digital Signal Processor) which are adequate to run the processes of the hardware. The new processor runs with Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). It is an integrated circuit that has been designed in such a way that the designer has to configure it after it is manufactured. Hence it is known as ‘field-programmable’. [caption id="attachment_9176" align="aligncenter" width="1800"]high performance compiled-code Verilog 2001 simulator High Performance Compiled-code Verilog 2001 Simulator[/caption]   Some of the exciting features of this processor are as follows:
  • The processor runs in Verilog simulation and on FPGA
  • Fine grained hardware multi-threading
  • It has a contemporary architecture with set associative L1 and L2 caches
  • Fully pipelined SIMD floating point and integer execution units
  • It suits best for multithreading, heavy floating point math and complex data structure accesses.
  • The processor includes a C/C++ compiler based on LLVM (Low Level Virtual Machine)
  • It supports multiple cache coherent cores.
The purpose of it being highly parallel is to simulate the processes with the best GPGPU (General-purpose computing on graphics processing units) applications with use of a graphics processing unit (GPU), through central processing unit. The use of multiple graphics cards in one computer, or large numbers of graphics chips, further parallelizes the already parallel nature of graphics processing. Check out how processor works nyuzi here! Get the code from GitHUb ! Krify Developers Team Krify has a expert team of web, mobile app developers that are well acquainted with such advanced processor technologies getting introduced in global tech world. hire our app developing expert professionals for developing  creative apps. contact us here !
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How to use social media to boost lead generation?

Is your social media marketing effective enough to get leads in large volumes? If your answer is no then your business is surely missing out on a lucrative marketing method. Social Media for Brand Awareness or Lead Generation? Marketers often refer social media as an effective tool only for ‘brand awareness’ and not as lead generation tool. But this is completely incorrect. Social media when used correctly, can generate real leads for your business, that too in cost-effective manner which produces results. lead generation 1 Link between Social Media and Lead Generation Lead generation is nothing but attracting and engaging more number of people into the sales funnel. Lead generation also allows you to gather intelligence about your customers. You get to know what your target audience is liking and what it is not liking, which products you could sell potentially to them and how you can finally convert them into customers. Engaging content is the entrance gate for your business The very first thing is you need to strategize social media lead generation that means how you are going to promote your gated content. Instead of providing your valuable content straightaway, request the prospects to fill the information form to access your content. Such kind of social media engagement strategy contributes directly to lead generation. Once such social media generated leads starts coming in, start trackable social media ROI. Focused social ads leads to boost in number of audience Amplifying your social media audience can be linked with the increase in lead generation, directly or indirectly. To amplify the audience, start with smart social advertising strategy. Social media ad formats has also changed beyond basic engagement metrics. Facebook’s new objective-based advertising and Twitter’s lead generation cards have successfully repositioned themselves in support with revenue-based business objectives. lead generation 2 Using both these effective tools is not the only thing, but it should have an attention grabbing ad with links to a landing page with form-gated content and a clear call to action. Facebook and Twitter provide solutions for onsite conversion tracking. For marketers, Twitter makes available the conversion tracking tool that help advertisers to understand the full conversion effect of engagements and impressions using Promoted Tweets.  Optimizing social media conversion using Google Analytics Google has blessed marketers with its effective tool ‘Google Analytics’, which can be used effectively to track the social media based leads. So integrating the Google Analytics campaign and goal tracking with your social media advertising strategy is a great idea. For this set up the lead conversion path for you as a goal in Google Analytics. Once the goal is set, Google’s Campaigns URL Builder can be used to tag your promoted links properly. To create the Google Analytics Campaign, fill all three mandatory fields, which are Campaign source, Campaign medium and Campaign name. Another optional field, Campaign content is also important to optimize the cost-per-lead tracking. This will provide a newly tagged URL that will be able to track the conversions. Thus, the social media marketing can be made more measurable and can surely help in achieving your business objectives. So always ensure that your social media advertising or marketing efforts are being optimized to reach your business goals.
Share your thoughts on social media marketing with us at info@krify.co Krify is an innovative Web, Mobile, Wearable app Development & Digital Marketing Company. We are a leading technology solutions provider for designing, development and implementation of business processes. We provide complete Digital Marketing Solution for the brand development of the businesses. Our team of digital marketing specialists first work towards understanding the journey of your customers and then execute through the suitable online marketing strategy in order to develop your business’ presence in the competitive digital market. We strongly believe that the success of any of the application/product depends on its wise promotions and targeting the potential customers and audience with the data or information that they need. Contact us for the effective Digital Marketing Solution for your business!
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Essential Questions to be asked while hiring mobile app Development Company

Why does your business need a mobile app? In present scenario, consumers and maximum number of population is on move always. Mobile applications are helping them in moving even faster. Using mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices has given them access to all the information they need by just using their fingertips. And above all, in recent times, mobile apps have become most popular source of information and utility for consumers. What statistics says? Today’s smart consumers are well aware of the fact that mobile apps provides simplicity in usage and focus too. Consumers are doing App search like Google search. Now-a-days everybody is searching their need in mobile app store, it is like your website representing your business in app store. Following are some of the statistics published on Mobile Apps usage:
  •  People spending time on digital media, spend 52% of total time on mobile apps.
  • Software users spend 89% of time on mobile apps out of total time spent on mobile media.
  • 42% of mobile sales generated through leading 500 merchants, came from mobile apps.
If your business is not having a mobile app, then you can understand now from the above stats that you are definitely missing out a huge opportunity to draw a new revenue stream. To get a maximum benefit out of using the mobile app, you need to get it developed in a customised form as per your business needs. You would like to have a mobile app that allows your customers to buy your products/services through app, or just lets them to access your product info, reviews, discount coupons, informational video, etc. You may also like to use your mobile app for customer engagement and solving their queries that will lead to extreme customer satisfaction. With the presence of large number of mobile app development companies across the world, it is going to be a big question in front of you while hiring mobile app developers. But some basic research and gathering answers to following questions can definitely help you decide which app development company to choose among all. 1. What kind of mobile apps you have developed before, can I have a look at some examples? A genuine and confident mobile app development company will happily provide you with the list of mobile apps that they have developed previously. You can also ask them to provide you with some of the links to the live apps in app stores. Their previous work will give you an idea whether they have the required skills or not and do they have experience to develop the kind of mobile app you are looking for. 2. What kind of smartphones do you use? This question may sound bit silly but it is important to know. Because if you want an iOS mobile app to be developed, then they should have an iPhone so that they must be knowing enough about the platform. Same goes for any of the mobile app platform. 3. For which platforms have you developed apps and more platforms for which you can develop? The app development experience for iOS and Android is basic and necessary for any proficient mobile app development company. If you want the mobile app for other platforms too then you need to check for which other platforms the company can develop mobile apps for e.g. windows, blackberry, etc. 4. Where are you located and how will be the communication process? These days location does not matter much as it is easy to collaborate with all if they are available online for video or audio conference. You just need to check how they will be managing if the time zone has too vast difference. You can also check how frequently you can communicate with them and through what means like Skype, telephone, emails, etc. 5. Do you offer mobile app designs services too? For any successful mobile app, app designs or graphical designs play an important role in engaging and appealing users and potential customers. So you should check out whether the company has in house designers or not. This will ensure that your mobile app designs can also be designed by the same company. 6. Who will be the owner of the mobile app and final source code? Ideally the one who pays for mobile app owns the finished product. But it is good to make sure before finalising the project deal to get clear on all rights. There should be a valid legal document between both the parties for confidentiality of the project and the final rights of app designs and source code. 7. Who will be responsible for submitting the mobile app to app store and will handle the updates? After the beta testing the final step is to submit the app to an app store. It’s always good to get a developer who is already well aware of the app submission process and should be knowing already to navigate successfully. After successful deployment, app also needs maintenance. It’s a good idea to hire a developer who can handle the updates to maintain the app. 8. What are your payment terms and product delivery terms? You can always ask and clarify and get a confirmation through written document about payment and other general terms related to the mobile app development project. Get the details of payment specified in it as you need to pay the development company on hourly basis or as a one-time payment. The product delivery terms should also be clarified as per the different milestones of the project. 9. Do you work as per the timeline provided by the client? If you have any deadlines to be met then you will want to set the deadline for the completion of the project well before. So it is best to check out the availability of mobile app developers and set the defined timeline to get the app developed in time. 10. Do you provide backend services as well? If your app needs back-end development, then make sure that the app development company also deals with building web APIs. It is better to get it done from the same company so you should always ensure about availability of web services and APIs building facility. Once you get the satisfactory answer to above questions, you can be assured that this app development company will help you with mobile app development solution. We, at Krify, follow all such steps as explained in questions. We offer all our development services in a way to achieve complete customer satisfaction.
Krify, being a leading multinational mobile app development company, always takes and completes the projects with full dedication and follow every single step right from the kickstart of the project to final app deployment. We also offer free one month app maintenance services as well as app up-gradations service as per new versions available. Visit us and navigate through our portfolio. #Hire Mobile App Development Company in India #Hire Mobile App Development Company in UK
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Virtual Reality – VR, 3D, Flat Design | Website Development

Virtual Reality – VR, 3D, Flat Design | Website Development

Are you surprised by listening to the term ‘Virtual Reality Website’? Well, maintain it. Think of web browsing not with boring flat web designs, but instead with 3D designs and virtual reality feel! As per computer technology vocabulary, Virtual Reality is a computer-simulated reality around you. The whole world is aware about the amazing experience Microsoft’s Hololens provides, about the virtual reality, having the solid hardware setup among the devices on the planet. You might have come across articles on the advanced Hololens Teleportation setup which can give you the picture of the next level of technology with holograms. Starting from 2010 and throughout the next decade, researchers are smartly working on VR modules with the world’s best engineer’s team from different places to find the solutions to the questions that we may have only dreamt of. We are engineers, we are the future developers, continuously pouring our efforts to take the users to the level where they can learn or empathize, have fun, can play and interact with each other or with robots.

Tech Kingdom of dreams

We take a pride to appreciate the tech-world around the corner that is performing amazingly in domains of web development, mobile apps development and the wearable apps development in virtue of Internet of Things mission 2020. How Virtual Reality - 3D Website Development trend emerged? : The Virtual Reality Design Development is built through the modern concepts of web designing and graphic designing that is a part of UI/UX patterns that gives 3D iconic objects illustrations. Let’s check out the best of 2016 website development trends with 3-D augmented designs. # Grid Based Modular Design: The Grid based modular designs came into light with the best possible grids arrangement starting from small icons to the text of symbols. Every grid can be made in a way to give 3D effect with virtual trade of grid based design. Segmental Layouts # Long Scroll One Page Web Design: Single page websites are banging in as latest trends of web development which are helping more for the bloggers and news publishing websites. One page scroll itself represents home page without containing any other landing page where people can find everything by simply scrolling the mouse, which is the best support feature for multi touch devices. This makes websites more mobile friendly. The One page expert Web designers created websites and such designs are now the latest tending designs. # Material Design| Flat Design Web Design: Material Design is richer alternative for Flat Design but both have their own uniqueness with different look and feel of User Interactions and User Experiences (UX/UI). Material Design Material Design: The material design gives the best look with material design icons, material design colors, material design shades for material design websites and material design apps. Read more at our article on Android App Development Using Material Design #Tech 2016 ! Flat Design: In the 3-D world of designs, Flat Design websites are now highlighting over the web development process. Flat design colors and shades are one of the ultimate designs for web design and helps developers to create beautiful websites with simpler code but same effect. Flat designs 2016 are mostly trending with light color combinations with foreground text. Mobile Apps Development and Web Apps Development in Flat Designs are giving the inordinate best feel to users. Flat UI Colors # Materialize css | materialize sass:  Materialize CSS and Materialize SASS are relatively same thing that can be chosen depending upon the requirements of code platform. Materialize is modern and marvelous trend for web development that is being frequently used. Materialize templates are banging on in the field of custom website development that results in user friendly websites with best personal experience. Materialize css | materialize sass # Video Background Web Designs (360 Degree View)  Everyone who wants to showcase their business digitally or needs new websites, now a days are interested to build these with latest tools and style to entertain and engage their audience with minimum efforts of searching for something on their website. So to achieve this, to give the best and brief info to people who are there to see and feel, the new HTML5 features with auto play background videos. Background videos for websites with 360 degree view and feel, gives a personalized feel and will turn website into a very different thing than mere web pages. Day by day the number of clients making such enquiries has raised from past few months.

"Just assume a video describing your business looks in background with a 3-D motion view how it would be?"

  As described above, each and every aspect plays a significant role in the design and development of 3-D Virtual Websites. Virtual Reality web development trends are following with VR venturing with 3D Images and Videos with the iconic shades of possible Flat and Material designs. Anything to everything are now going for Mobile First Websites. Mobile websites are having much importance now with increasing number of smartphone users, to grow the businesses globally in par with digital trends. Conclusion: We can conclude with a sample picture of how the VR Web Development 2016 is possible with VR, 3D, Flat Design, Material Designs, mostly in graphical views which will attract more users to browse and visit your website again and again.

"We share the global vision of a huge inter-connected virtual world weaved together with web browsing where users can browse collaboratively and navigate the world. Something like turning the web into more interactive and 3D game like experience."

We are looking forward for our next best client to build our first Virtual Reality Website with best User Interaction and User Experience. We are a leading web, mobile apps and wearable apps Development Company and strives to develop best in class software solutions for the businesses. We help automate the business processes as well as serve to bring your brand presence on the digital platform.

Contact us now for website development and mobile apps development at | Krify

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How to Avoid Auto-Background App Installation from Unknown Sources

How to Avoid Auto-Background App Installation from Unknown Sources

Android operating system is now one of the major mobile operating systems using in more than 45% smartphones. Do you think Android will not have any consequences in using? Well, Answer is absolutely NO! But it have strange usability for user interface and user experience in using. Everyone know what are the best smartphones around the edge with latest technology of the world. But very few people are aware of why technology has driven new updates in their operating systems and apps in their own mobile, do you know why? Cool! If you ask me the same question my answer is absolutely No, but I experienced few situations and now I am scared of using the smartphone with Data flow. Let’s check what situations I faced is and how to get rid of it?? Android is having a freedom with custom featured settings in every aspect without user permissions which is the greatest irritating thing for user with a solution ;)  Confused? So let me begin with things what I faced while using Android Smartphone. Popup and Ad’s: Popup and Ad’s   Do you have any experience in “when you are in a serious discussing with someone suddenly some popup came up in a wrong moment and make you phone hang for few minutes, how you feel?” funny right but it seems for like mad and once we think like what the hell is going on my phone.   Background Processes makes your phone run slow: (RAM CONSUMPTION): Exactly! RAM is one of the main part make your smartphone work smarter in a better way with support of secondary memory. sn 2   Background running applications is something which ware run on your phone only through the usage of RAM. The more apps you run the more RAM will be consumed and make your phone run slower. Do you like to handle your phone in slow motion? If you ask me my answer is absolutely NO! I feel it like someone pulling me back from walk with pressure. We may not opened it but it runs in background, make our phone very slow if there are more than two apps run like this in background continuously, even battery dries too faster.   How about Force Stop unwanted apps: The app running is background would be stopped in Android mobile is through force stop. Even after doing it force stop if it started run with in seconds. How you feel? If you ask me I feel like my phone even won’t hear my words :P scn 3   Common here is an app on my mobile which ware running in background even after I was force stop. Do you think you are over exited to do uninstall? Oh No! Don’t get exited here situation is like it will auto install soon back even without your permissions once you connected to internet. Do you think above is screen showing an app of a Launcher so it’s not supposing to stop? Your thinking may be right! But it’s not the main reason checkout other app screen showing below doing the same thing that running even after source stop.   SCRN 5   Do you know Apps Permission panel in your mobile? Thinking a bit cleverer now? Well we know that there is parent control for everything so that we can get manage something with other. Exactly I agree with you but not in all cases! I you know I already denied all the access of that app but still in was running in background and start running automatically. SCRN 6   Ok! Now are you done with un-installations? Are you sure is your phone don’t have that app? Actually that’s not done it will install again soon on your mobile.   How about Android Device Administration? Yeah you must be secured before installing apps at the time of first installation itself because once the bug entered into your device it will not leave you alone with comfortably using your mobile. Here is a screenshot showing unknown resources are not allowing to install on mobiles. SCRN 7   How about restricting the background data?   Checkout the following screenshot process as given clearly with steps there is some bug named com.google.system.s.rr running instantly even after doing the complete restriction of background data. Do you know how? Don’t think too much it’s just a bug not have any terms and conditions applied ;) 8   Have you tried any update before? Or routed your android device? Yeah there are few updates can make you get off from the problems. It’s very useful thing to do updates. Most of the updates can clear your bugs like formatting your whole device :) last   Unknown Resource utilization's! Do you think mostly in android devices only few things happens like this? Not exactly bug is a bug at every once software but why happens to android mostly is it was less secured compared with iOS Devices.   last 1   Do you like if your notification bar filled up with things? If you ask me same, I never thought to make it happen even in dreams.  I’m a launcher lover but there are more bugs came through it but I want make to solve with even by taking a bit of time around the my device. sn last   So… Now let’s check what is the feasible solutions to the above problems are Firstly I suggest you to make sure that you android automatic updates are on or off through following steps.
  1. Just go to Google Play store.
  2. Knock on three horizontal lines on the top of left side.
  3. Choose setting from their then, knock on Auto-update apps.
  4. To disable automatic app updates, select do not or do auto-update apps.
  5. And Check other settings as per your requirement Auto-update.
Secondly I suggest you to keep update your Google play account passwords and make sure to do this from computer:
  1. Create first new password for your Google account then Log-out, log-in using first new password.
  2. Now generate new own password (with strong password)
  3. Finally Log-out of Google on your device to log-in with the new safe (strong) password.
Better you can do this with factory reset before logging in with the new safe password. Thirdly I like to suggest you for bugs you should do the hard reset by following process.
  1. Hold the Power button + Volume Up.
  2. Screen with Android system repossession menu seem.
  3. Choice wipe data / factory reset with the volume keys and tap the Power button to activate it.
  4. Finally pick yes – erase all user data with the volume buttons and tap Power.
Few of the 2016 android devices that support these settings are... Acer, alcatel, Allview, Amazon, Amoi, Archos, Asus, AT&T, Benefon, BenQ,Bird, BlackBerry, BLU, Bosch, BQ, Casio, Cat, Celkon, Chea, Coolpad, Dell, Emporia, Energizer, Ericsson, Garmin-Asus, Gigabyte, Gionee, Google, Haier, HP, HTC, Huawei, i-mate, i-mobile, Icemobile, Innostream, iNQ, Intex, Jolla, Karbonn, Kyocera, Lava, Lenovo, LG, Maxon, Meizu, Micromax, Microsoft, Mitac, Mitsubishi, Motorola, MWg, NEC, Neonode, Nvidia, OnePlus, Oppo, Orange, Panasonic, Pantech, Philips, Plum, Posh, Prestigio, QMobile, Samsung, Sendo, Sharp, Sony, Spice, T-Mobile, Toshiba, Vodafone, and XOLO  
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Play Online Xbox Games on PC, Play Station #Challenge X-Box Lovers

Play Online Xbox Games on PC, Play Station #Challenge X-Box Lovers

Gamers! Get ready to play Xbox games soon on online in contradiction of other people. Such as on Computers and Play stations soon… Announced by #Microsoft #Xbox. Existing X-box system can make you folks to play for only it’s self as a single user or as multiple users to play the best games who are connected through Xbox. The one of the first game maybe we going to play for adventure tackle is Rocket League, which can be run as cross-platform for Xbox PC gamers and play station gamers which will be able to play together via Xbox Live.

More than 1,400 autonomous studios crafting games for Windows 10 and Xbox one devices.

- Developers conference | ID@Xbox

  We can expect from Xbox to bring a enormous variety of breathtaking games to gamers on Xbox One and Windows 10 by building it as cool as possible for autonomous developers to publish games on Xbox and windows platform soon to play connected online.

“It was "up to developers" to support the feature, in a letter posted online.”

- Chris Charla – Director for Xbox

  Windows VS Xbox Gaming Functionalities:


Windows App Store game pre developed for Cross-platform support is Pinball FX. Which is now available on the Xbox One through the app store Windows 8.1, But Xbox soon bring with the title more comfort which can run easily and most marvelously with migration Windows 10 to let cross-platform play right transversely the panel. Windows 10 Pc Requirements: Processor: At least 1 GHz or SoC (system on a chip). 64-bit versions of Windows 10 require a processor that supports CMPXCHG16b, PrefetchW, and LAHF/SAHF capabilities. RAM:  2 GB for 32-bit or 4 GB for 64-bit Hard disk space: 24 GB for 32-bit or 36 GB for 64-bit Graphics:  Apps might require DirectX 11 or higher for optimal performance. Touch: A tablet or a monitor that supports multi-touch Display: Depends upon the min resolution for each application.   How about Universal Platform support of Windows Applications? Yeah Exactly, The Question is right! Every One know that Universal windows apps development states “An app running on windows platform can run on every windows platform device in-dependent of device of Windows” But As Xbox say’s “Soon every game from Xbox can support windows 10 gaming“ So… we can also look forward for Xbox games soon support for mobiles! I.e. Every device of Microsoft can run Xbox games like win 10 Mobile, Windows 10 PC, and Windows 10 Tab’s through Microsoft’s windows Universal platform.   Looking for Windows Mobile App Development?
“We are here Expert Mobile App Developers ‘Krify Innovations (UK) Ltd’ from India | UK around the world to give wings for your idea.”

Contact us for apps development now !

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Linphone: True and User friendly VOIP solution

Linphone is an excellent multi-line and multi-platform for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux – open source VOIP SIP client. It is a SIP soft-phone that is not bound to any operator. It can work with any VoIP operator using SIP. In common language, it is an internet phone or Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone, which allows easy communication among people using internet through video, voice and instant text messaging. There are various proprietary and open-source SIP soft phones around, but Linphone is based on GNU library osip and has a very amazing feature, CLI soft-phone. It allows you to test RTP traffic and make calls in SIP networks. Linphone has a separation between user interface and core engine. Thus, it allows to create different types of user interface on top of same functionalities. Liblinphone, the core engine, implements all functionalities of Linphone. It is a ‘high level library integrating all features of SIP video calls into a single and easy to use API.’ Liblinphone aims at combining media and signalling together and thus does most of the things automatically. This leads to easy implementation of video calls in any application and does not need expertise in VoIP and telecommunications. “Liblinphone is an open source library based on three software components, Mediastreamer2 for video/voice streaming, belle-sip for SIP signalling and oRTP that is a simple RTP (Real Time Protocol) library.” linphone 3 Linphone mobile appscan be developed using cross-platform SDK for SIP communication and media processing. APIs are available for iOS, Windows Phone 8, Android, Blackberry 10, Windows Desktop, Mac OSX and Linux. Krify has developed Linphone apps previously based on requirements of clients. Our expert Linphone customisation team works as per the client’s needs to develop the intuitive and functional Linphone app. Some of the common features of Linphone apps developed by us are as follows:
  • Audio and video calls
  • Audio conferencing
  • Instant messaging
  • Pictures and files sharing
  • Call transfer, pause and resume.
  • Multiple calls management
  • Call history
  • Displaying advanced call statistics
  • Address book
  • Quality of service
  • Echo cancellation
  • Bluetooth headset support
  • Account creation assistant
  • Languages: English, Japanese, French, Arabic
  • Secure communications: zRTP, SRTP, TLS
  • Dedicated tablet user interface
 Some of the advanced features of Linphone are:
  • Push notifications integration (needs compatible SIP server, Linphone.org sip service should has push enabled)
  • Video calls using codecs like H264, VP8, MPEG4
  • Audio calls using codecs like G722, G729, SPEES, SILK
  • Peer to peer video and audio calling through ICE support
linphone 4linphone-ready-screen Linphone Android The latest Linphone Android version is 2.5.1 that has following enhancements:
  • Advanced video size and framerate settings
  • Improved file transfer feature that allows multiple downloads at the same time.
Linphone iOS The latest Linphone iOS version is 2.4 that supports iOS9/XCode 7 and some more improvements as follows:
  • In chat screen: crashes with file transfer has been fixed, you can now resend text by clicking anywhere on screen.
  • In dialler screen: both ‘@’ and ‘:’ are easily available.
  • In call screen: a crash while getting a socket error during incoming call, while pausing call, hanging of video preview on some iPad while stopping/starting calls, all these errors has been fixed.
  • In this version, various bug issues, memory leaks and crashes have been corrected.
Linphone Windows: The latest stable version available for Windows is This version lacks features like video calls, video settings, image transfer through chat and support for background services.
  • Audio Codecs: Call can be made and received using codecs OPUS, Speex 16, PCMU, Speex 8, SILK 16.
  • G729 codec option is disabled.
  • Echo Canceller calibration option is available.
The latest version available on Git is version, it is an unstable version and is under development.
  • This version has added features like image transfer through chat, video settings and support for background services.
  • Calls work irrespective of state of an app either killed, minimized or device is locked.
  • Chats can be received irrespective of the state of app and images can also be sent across.
  • Audio codecs available for making and receiving call are OPUS, Speex 16, Speex 8, PCMU, and PCMA. Echo can cellar calibration option is now available. Video codecs H268, VP8 available but there are crash issues while using video call option.
Krify, being a Linphone development company, has competency in developing Linphone apps for Android, iOS and Windows platform. We have developed mobile apps with Linphone like Gost App, Sim 2 Dial App, Ring to India App, etc. Navigate through our complete portfolio. Our team is available to provide all mobile app development solutions. Contact us today with your requirements to get a free quotation. We offer true solutions for your queries related to: #Linphone Android Development #Linphone iOS Development #Linphone Windows Development  
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Google Cloud Vision API: Taking Image Analysis To Next Level

Google released a limited preview of Google Cloud Vision API in December 2015, using which developers can now develop powerful applications that will be able to see as well as understand the images. Now we can submit the image to Cloud Vision API that will understand the content from images. It will include detection of regular objects (car, dogs, cats, etc.) to reading text within the image or even recognizing the product logo. Google released its Beta of Google Cloud Vision API on February 18, 2016 that can be accessed by developers with store images' location in Google Cloud Storage, with present support of image embedding as part of the API request. This service is certainly going to help developers to build image identification and classification features into any of the applications. The Cloud Vision API has encapsulated models, which can be developed through advances in machine learning, as an easy-to-use REST API. This API rapidly classifies image into numerous categories (such as Lion, ship, Great wall of China, etc.) recognizes printed words in different languages and identifies faces with related emotions. It also allows to build moderately offensive content and develop metadata on image catalogue. Following are Google Cloud Vision API features that can be applied in any composition on an image: Optical character Recognition – retrieves text from image. Entity/Label Detection – recognises prominent entity from an image among broad set of categories of entities. Facial Detection – detects faces in the image with associated features like nose, eye and mouth positions and over 8 emotional attributes like joy and sorrow. Logo Detection – identifies product logos in an image. Safe Search Detection – detects in appropriate content powered by Google SafeSearch. Landmark Detection – identifies popular structures with associated latitude and longitude of structures. 495201-google-cloud-vision-api The Beta release is available for all developers along with access to API with location of images stored in Google Cloud Storage. Google has also come up with pricing. The amount you need to pay will depend on how you are using it. For instance, label detection feature will cost little cost of 2$ for 1000 images; for Optical Character Recognition it will cost 0.60 for 1000 images. In this beta period, Google is going to restrict users till a quota of 20 million images per month. Cloud Vision API is certainly going to empower robots, drones and apps with astounding understanding efficiency and image recognition functionality, thus revolutionising the way apps and machines are going to understand and interpret images.
Krify is a multinational and innovative web and app development company. Mobile app development and web development are few of the core competencies of Krify. Our skilled group of iOS app developer, Android app developer and Cross-platform app developer are well acquainted with all recent updates in technology and can provide customised mobile and web solutions for your queries related to mobile app development and website development.
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Artificial Intelligence – Making Smartphones Smarter

Microsoft has released its open source Computational Network Toolkit (CNTK) on GitHub. Now the tools which are used by Microsoft researchers to accelerate approach and work in artificial intelligence, will be available for broad group developers through an open-source license. Xuedong Huang, the chief speech scientist from Microsoft, mentioned that it could be useful to everyone right from deep learning startups to well established companies that are into processing of lot of data in real time. Microsoft described CNTK as “a unified deep-learning toolkit that describes neural networks as a series of computational steps via a directed graph.” It has been claimed as an alternative for some of the established deep learning frameworks, toolkits and libraries like Theano, Torch, TensorFlow and many more. Researchers said that this new toolkit is faster in image and speech recognition than four of the other computational toolkits. Microsoft had explored deep neural networks like systems that replicate the biological processing of human brain. Computers with Graphics processing units (GPU) can run CNTK because it has best tools for processing complicated algorithms that improves artificial intelligence. They have claimed that CNTK is an insanely more efficient toolkit that any other toolkits. The size of the company does not matter for using CNTK. Any deep-learning startup, medium-sized or bigger company processing a lot of data can use CNTK. Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Devices Artificial intelligence is creating a big storm in the field of technology. As smartphone has become a part of daily routine, we need more and  more clever phone devices. Researchers are readily applying traditional Artificial Intelligence techniques in the mobile environment. Such techniques like machine learning, speech recognition, natural language processing and classification creates powerful applications like Kinect from Microsoft and SIRI from iOS. The trend in technology is continuously making computer technology devices smaller and personal. The next hot trend is wearable computer technology that would be carried like clothes, head mounted display technologies. These creates novel ways of augmenting User’s reality.  The vision of this new computerized infrastructure will be having applications, for instance, people may get reminded to buy milk when they come in front of diary shelf in supermarket. It will happen due to receiving message from wearable computer of refrigerator that has got to monitor the content into the refrigerator. Artificial-Intelligence-for-Apps-and-Websites AI methods seem to be very much promising tool for building situation and location aware mobile systems that will help users to work and behave in an unobtrusive manner. APIs for natural language understanding and machine learning are within closer reach than before. Consumers are looking forward for apps that can be used in an assisting and unobtrusive way. More and more killer apps will be seen at consumer as well as enterprise levels. The main reason behind that we don’t see neural networks in mobiles is the power. MIT has come up with a solution on this by revealing Eyeriss, a chip that can have neural networks in low-power devices. If power usage can be reduced many folds, then deep learning tasks won’t kill the battery of your iPhone. Although this kind of technology is not available in something that you can buy, but sooner you can have your smartphone that will handle AI-based processing locally. This technology can become a practical reality in near future. Krify Krify has been working on machine learning technology, as artificial intelligence is the future of technology. We specialize in enterprise solutions and mobile apps and websites development for start-ups as well as for established companies. Contact us today to get free consultation from our Technical Director.  
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enterprise mobility is everything

Enterprise Mobility – Strategizing mobile solutions for businesses

What is enterprise mobile application? Enterprise mobile application can be stated as a mobile application which is used in the commercial world to resolve the glitches of an enterprise. Mostly, an enterprise app is very large and complex developed through a unique software platform. #2016 trends of enterprise applications: Now a days Enterprise mobile apps have become a growing demand to enhance productivity of a workforce. Smartphone apps are increasingly improving enterprise process and production by adding benefits such as driving employee productivity, operational excellence, and revenue growth compared to the traditional method. Read our previous article Need of Mobile Apps Development for Businesses #2016 for more info. Why business needs enterprise apps? With the rapid growth in number of mobile users and business growth rate of Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS phones, majority of entrepreneurs and employees are creating close relations with smartphones. Also the smartphones are getting upgraded regularly with new and special features that are very much similar to needs of businesses. You can handle all your business requirements remotely anytime, anywhere. Finally business mind-sets are getting polished and are ready to utilize the digital technology completely to fulfil their own business needs. This need and demand resulted in development of “Enterprise mobile apps” which can connect everyone in organisation in easy and smart way just with use of their fingertips. Read our full article describing about: Developing Enterprise Applications for Improved Productivity and App Security Reasons behind Enterprise apps development: Everything has a reason to come up in 20th century as everything is crucial for entrepreneurs to develop their businesses. Our expert team has faced it and tried to answer this through same question, why enterprise apps? We found few of the major challenges in execution of entrepreneurship that we have discussed in our earlier post f “Challenges faced by Enterprises/Organisations”. Read our full article at: Enterprise Mobile Application – Transforming Enterprising Enterprise mobile apps

Some of the most essential features that should be included as feature of any enterprise mobile app:

 Deliver an Experience Users Love

A successful enterprise app can be defined as the one that identifies and incorporates the needs of users. The mobile application for any enterprise should be sleek, quick and immediate. The touch of the screen should be fantastic so that user will not face problems while using the mobile app. The friendlier the interface is, the easier it is for use.

Seamless Interoperability & Connectivity

Seamless interoperability and connectivity is very important for Enterprise apps in real time, that allow smooth, centralized workflow that all employees can access the information at anytime from anywhere at workforce .

App should be able to work offline

The User or employee should be able to work offline as well. It is very important for employees so that they can access their data from anywhere in real time.

Battery Life

It is most important thing to have more battery life for the mobile app which is the main factor in the App’s life cycle.


Security is another important factor. No business can afford any kind of data leaks or breaches.

App must meet all future needs

Mobile App should be architected and developed in such a way that it should easily adapt the changes and future developments. This way the app will achieve the constant improvement.

At Krify, we provide end-to-end enterprise mobility solutions ranging from simple to complex applications. Our proven methodologies and with the help of our deep knowledge of enterprise mobility, we design, develop and deploy strategies and solutions at fast pace to drive enterprise and customer value in a line.

We successfully delivered enterprise mobile apps to our lovely clients in past decade with latest features. Here are few enterprise apps developed by our expert enterprise mobile app developers about for android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, and even we developed hybrid enterprise mobile apps also. Contact us…. for your enterprise apps development ! The exceptional group of designers and developers in Krify are available to develop your enterprise mobile app for your business in alignment with your business goals. These customized enterprise mobile app development leads to increased employee engagement and improved productivity. Contact us to get your enterprise mobile app solutions designed from our talented designers and developers. Hire our developer to embrace enterprise mobility today. Few of our Enterprise Mobile Apps are Crises Control, FMCO, . . . Visit our Portfolio for more Apps !
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Improved X-code, for better app building and much better UI & UX

X-code is an integrated development environment (IDE) developed and endorsed by Apple Inc. It contains a suite of software development tools for developing software for iOS,OS X, watchOS and tvOS. Xcode supports C, C++, Java, Python, AppleScript, Objective-C, Objective C++, Ruby, Rez and Swift source code. It supports these programming languages with a variety of programming models. It was first released as X-code version 1.0 in fall of 2003. Over the years the latest major update in X-code versions was announced at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference in June 2015 as version 7 of X-code. Xcode 7 and Swift 2.0 are big upgrades. X-code 7 was introduced with support of Swift 2 and Metal for OS X. It also adds support for deployment on iOS devices without an Apple Development license. X-code 7 came up with some features that enables developers to develop creative apps for iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and Mac. Swift updates has made it faster that lets you to write and read code easily. The new User interface testing feature can also record the app in action and can generate tests for you. Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 5.42.26 PM Some of the interesting features of X Code 7 are as follows:
  • Improved Playgrounds for developing attractive documentation, interactive educational content and easy to follow experiments.
  • Better Testing with user interface testing and code coverage. The Test Navigator makes it simple to navigate, edit and run your tests. Testing assistants keep the tests and app code in line in paired editors that allows to work on them together.
  • Interface Builder empowers developers by giving control over latest features in OS X, iOS and watchOS. Stack views naturally group collections of views that results in their consistent behaviour together and then that reacts as group to the surrounding UI.  For creating complex, immersive interfaces, it also supports for storyboard references.
  • Code coverage displays icons beside the code to indicate which test is being tested and which code is not.
  • Powerful design tools for iOS and Mac game developers. New level editor for SceneKit allows rich scene editing with great control over an immersive 3D world.
  • And many more awesome features..
X-code 7.2 release and features The latest stable version of X-code is 7.2 (download here) that includes support for iOS 9.2, tvOS 9.1, OS X 10.11.2 and watchOS 2.1. It comes with some additional and amazing new features as follows:

Swift: The Swift compiler is now stricter on non-modular header files. The compiler will run into issues if the same header file is accessible both through Header Search Paths and Framework Search Paths, even if there are symbolic links involved. In these cases, you should prefer using Framework Search Paths alone.

Linker: The new Linker supports order file when bitcode is enabled. Also, it supports unexported symbols when bitcode is enabled. Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 5.43.07 PM Xcode 7.3 beta 2 version releases The latest update on Xcode version is release of Xcode 7.3 beta 2. It includes Xcode IDE, Instruments, Simulator, Swift 2 compiler and latest beta SDks for OS X, iOS, watch OS and tvOS. This Xcode beta allows better code completion and support for alternative Swift toolchains. Apple claims that it has been designed in a way such that code completion will be done in fewer keystrokes. The X-code beta includes SDKs for iOS 9.3, OS X version 10.11.4, watchOS 2.2 and tvOS 9.2.
Krify’s hold over iOS Domain iOS app development is one of the key expertise area of Krify. Our expert team of iOS developers are well equipped to create apps with customized functionalities with all iOS generations. Our iPhone and iPad app developers are well versed to develop apps with latest versions of Swift, X-code and other tools. Hire our iPhone and iPad developers to create standard and high quality iOS apps and products that complements your requirements.
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Apple Apps Development Promotes Your Business towards Biggest Success

Apple Apps Development Promotes Your Business towards Biggest Success

Everyone know that Apple.Inc hosts one of the biggest online app store, with growing base of over one billion active device and app users.

Do you know why Apple is so different? Apple is leading the technology world with novelty devices like iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac and Apple Watch. Apple bring life to these devices with four software platforms - iOS, OS X, tvOS and watchOS. Apple also releases latest updates from time to time for supporting users and making them more intuitive and making them more trendy over the time.Apple bring life Across the globe, Apple devices are empowering the people with new inventions and services they provide through App Store, Apple Pay, Apple Music and iCloud. As apple is growing faster with different technologies, more number of people are falling in affection with Apple products every day. What made Apple so popular? Do you think Apple employees alone supported it for making Apple so famous? NO! Why, because, when every time Apple lunches a new device or platform or platform update, initial kick-start is always given to plenty of Apple freaks who love to live and die with Apple devices, simply called as developers. Strange but true: “Apple is a Passion for life” to many people by standing as a brand as “APPLE” device user. Due to such an immense popularity, business people are finding an opportunity to increase their businesses by engaging with huge Apple product users using  marketing strategies with trending technology concepts.  Why Businesses prefer Apple Apps Development? Businesses can find more than a billion active devices at one place with one platform all over the world. Moreover, there are nearly 300,000,000/- app store visits in every week, which shows how people are crazy about Apple apps in 2016. Businesses prefer Apple Apps Development Which app store is best to promote your business? The first step towards promoting any business always confuse one about how to choose a suitable platform that can bring more business for them competitively! (Ask Us Now) There is a list provided here, with specified type of apps development with platforms. iOS Apps Development, OS X Apps Development, tvOS Apps Development  and watchOS Apps Development. Whatever you choose it will require native apps development on every platform so that the app can run on every device, which runs on different operating systems. Now start choosing as follows…
  1. “iPhone and iPad” apps for every Mobile, Tablet with “iOS”
  2. “Apple Watch" apps with “watchOS”
  3. “Apple TV” Apps with “tvOS”
  4. “Mac” PC apps with “OS X”
Which Apple app stores are available for apps display? There are five different stores available for the business owners to get their apps live, as follows… iTunes Store: Usually iTunes is used for Music, TV Shows, Movies, Podcasts and things like this for iOS Devices and Mac devices along with Apple Tv. App Store: App store is a famous store for Mobile users like iPhone and iPad users, to download their apps from the Apple's App Store where some apps are available for free and some are paid and some are freemium apps. Mac App Store: Mac Store is more famous for Apple PC users (Mac PC users) like applications usually like gaming applications, browsing applications and others, are available at Mac Store. iBooks Store: iBook store is the only place, where you can find a lot of books, e-book applications, capable of displaying e-books that incorporate multimedia with many more functionalities. Apple TV Store: Apple TV Store brings apps and games to your Apple TV via the App Store. And tvOS lets developers play about developing apps for Apple TV. Apple App Stores Is this stat not enough to build Apple App for your business? Think twice, we know that there are 78% of people in the world spending their time with mobile data than desktop internet, shown as per statistics of CISCO. Are you looking for the Best Apple App Developers? Here you are at the right place ! Krify is a leading multinational company that ventured into mobile apps development past 10+ years. We have developed 200+ apps that have been successfully accepted by Apple’s App Store. We are a leading iOS app development company and our in-house expert team of iOS app developers are well acquainted with recent trends in iOS technology. We deliver intuitive and innovative iPhone and iPad apps that are scalable and robust. Contact us today for innovative and robust iOS apps. Check-out our portfolio page for our previous work done for our valuable clients !
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Panama Papers Breach: Are your website’s WordPress and Drupal versions secure? 

The Panama Papers breach is the biggest high-profile information leak of the history ever. The corporate service providing firm, Mossack Fonseca has faced this controversy recently when all the secured information from their database, of their high-profile clients, was leaked to journalists. WHAT IS THE PANAMA PAPERS? The Panama Papers are leaked set of 11.5 million highly confidential documents that has detailed information regarding 214000 offshore companies listed by a corporate service provider, Mossack Fonseca, head-quartered in Panama. These documents also enlist the identities of directors and shareholders of the company. These documents also show how wealthy individuals including government leaders and public officials hid and manage their wealth and assets from public scrutiny. Apparently it is one of the biggest leak of documents ever. As reported by Forbes, the documents are as big as it takes 2.6 terabytes of space in computer storage. The data was provided to a renowned German-newspaper ‘Suddeutsche Zeitung’ by anonymous source. The data consisted of photos, emails and other documents that was taken from the internal database of Mossack Fonseca. During the investigation by journalists, it was found some shell companies may have been used for illegal tasks that includes drug trafficking, fraud and tax evasion. First leak we heard was Wiki leak. Another big leak was information shared by Edward Snowden. Now, the Panama paper breaching, is the biggest leak in the history. On this leak, some cyber security firms are blaming the outdated WordPress website of the firm Mossack Fonseca. With no doubt, WordPress is the best platform available for small to medium business websites. Yes WordPress is the best for business website construction, but maintaining the website with regular plugin updates is the important feature to be understood. So are you and your WordPress website is also at the risk of data breach? No, not every website is at risk unless you guard your websites by updating it regularly with available secure functionalities. HOW THIS MASSIVE LEAK HAPPENED? As per the analysis from WordFence, the majority of documents and data was acquired by exploiting the weak features of outdated WordPress website of Mossack Fonseca. Their site was having a plugin called Revolution Slider, which is a popular and powerful design tool for WordPress. But this functionality also added some vulnerability to the site. Unfortunately, the website was not updated with the plugin update released as a later version. This allowed hackers to exploit this old plugin and once the hackers are in it is impossible to save anything. According to WordFence, the Mossack Fonseca’s customer portal, where loads of customer data was stored and got leaked, was still working on a long outdated Drupal version. This version was reported to has atleast 25 vulnerabilities. Every plugin comes with vulnerability. A perfect plugin cannot be coded at once, so developers release regular software updates for plugins that removes the risk website vulnerability. HOW SHOULD I SAVE MY WORDPRESS WEBSITE FROM HACKING? Cyber criminals are omnipresent and keep looking for opportunities to hack the websites. So once the website is created, one also needs to pay attention to the website and one needs to update it with plugins on regular basis. Thus developers also need to respond fast as criminals and hackers move quickly. And it is our responsibility to look after the maintenance of our own website. If an update has been released by developer, with security features, it implies that someone has figured out the way to breach in. so it is important to update the website regularly to avoid such leakage and breaching of data in future. Krify suggests that reconstructing/redesigning the website or maintaining the website with regular updates is essential for data security.
Krify is a multinational mobile app, website and wearable app development company. We focus on delivering robust and secure mobile app and website development solutions. We are a leading mobile and web app developers and also serves to the clients with website redesigning and maintenance services. Contact us now for secure software and IT solutions for your business.
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Hardware Tech Edge behind Microsoft’s HoloLens “Teleportation”

Hardware Tech Edge behind Microsoft’s HoloLens “Teleportation”

Incredible Microsoft’s HoloLens meets the real world, by making holographic things look like a real world existing things. The whole setup of Hololens was designed and developed by the software giant, Microsoft, which houses the supreme quality and cutting-edge hardware lab on the globe. Officially Microsoft had given the name “Building 87” for Hololens project, while building up for hardware test setup to play. The most obvious goal behind the design and development of HoloLens portation project is to get closer to the people and give them the best feel of personal presence of people located thousands of miles away from them. The product has come out as the best equivalent to standards of all other popular products of Microsoft. The workspace of Hololens project are divided in three different technologically advanced equipments and labs, as follows.
  1. Edison Lab (The Lab of the Future),
  2. Human Factors Group (The Department of Human Data), and
  3. Microsoft’s Audio Lab (The World’s Quietest Room)
The Edison Lab (The Lab of the Future) is designed and dedicated towards crafting Microsoft products such as Surface, its Touch Cover, the Microsoft Touch Mouse and so on.  All their innovative products have been designed and engineered in this lab. The Edison Lab has paved the major design of virtual teleportation that will give the personalized experience while interacting. What is virtual teleportation? We know Virtual is a thing which is not exists physically but can be seem like it exits. as teliportation is a imaginary transfer of substance or energy from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them. Here the instance looks obviously same with dimensions and space just like in reality. "HoloLens Teleportation is now giving a power to go in to past by replaying previous interactions of your mind and imaginary feature as your mind think with the help of holograms. HoloLens also provide a awesome feature like Live call from anywhere to anywhere can transform your or their reality  in to with virtuality in your presence as live."   The Human Factors Group (The Department of Human Data) is open accurate thing to deal with similar artificial design of substances like the Surface, Microsoft Band, HoloLens and Xbox. The first great thing in this part is to provide comfort to the product user instead of annoying them with arrangement. Human Factors Group is home to a human-sized light box where they conduct tests on how humans distinguish and respond to enticements. Microsoft’s Audio Lab (The World’s Quietest Room) is the first step for conducting tentative experiments on physical sciences where engineers has put their effort in development of products like Surface speakers, Surface microphone and Cortana. In the Building 87, this wing is very special part to deal, with three anechoic sound hollows, the prime of which is entirely distinct arrangement of the foundation of Building 87, and relaxations atop of special springs to absorb sound.

What is Holoportation?

To know about holoportation lets get an idea about what is holography? (Our previous article explains detailed aspects about holography!) Holography is a virtual object with holographic rays that looks like a real world object to the human eye even if it is not a real, but it won’t give any sense of touch. Holoportation presents the objects to you in 3D view, those objects and people that are away from you. Holograms presents you all those things as real objects and person as you see them in real world. As we already described Hololens earlier, they are just limited to supporting display of 3-D things and can’t produce live streaming of holoportation. Here now hololens, that comes with holo-teleportation, which brings lots of exportations from the real world.  

Don’t you think it’s crazily superb?

Yes! Combination of latest technologies like Interactive 3D technologies can make you go crazy with latest hologram’s stunning performance. Let’s check out here, how Holo live teleportation in 3D will happens, with a demo…  

Thinking about Holoportation hardware?

Yeah, it looks exactly the same like hololens with some changes in the set.

Holograms is the next big future in computing.Hololens can read the mind and can create illusion in mind. The mind, hardware, software, and design has been brought together to build the first fully autonomous holographic computer. Power and refinement of new Hololens is now surprising with features like more computing power than the typical laptop. Microsoft HoloLens gets reflexively cooled without using fans. With no wires, external cameras, or phone or PC connection required, you can move freely and untethered, while using Hololens.  
We are one of the leading  Software Development and Information Technology Company. We develop out standing mobile apps, web apps and wearable apps for clients based in INDIA| UK | USA. We are expanding our work for clients based across the world with best in class software products using advanced technology. Contact us now for any cutting edge software solution !
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Is It Really Important To Consider Usability Testing For Your Software?

Usability testing for software is done to determine whether the system is easy to use for end users or not. It is important for any software to undergo usability testing that verifies the practical use of the software. It is very important that end users should be capable of using the software in easy way. Primary purpose of performing usability testing Usability testing is primarily done to test the human made product and its capability to meet its intended purpose. In case of usability testing for software, testing is done on products like websites, web apps, mobile apps, computer interfaces, etc. In regard of usability testing for websites, web apps and mobile apps, it is performed to check whether the user interface is easy to understand and use, or not. The International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) is a software testing certification organisation that operates on international level. As per ISTQB’s definition, usability testing is defined as follow: “The usability testing is done to determine the extent to which the software product is understood, easy to learn, easy to operate and attractive to the users under specified conditions.” What Usability Testing Is Not Usability testing is not simply gathering information or opinion about the product. This can be called as market research but not usability testing. It is not performed by just showing the rough draft of product and asking to users, “Do you understand this?” Rather usability testing usually involves systematic observation under controlled conditions to find out how well people can use and perceive the product. Methodologies for Usability testing Following are some of the methods that can be adopted to perform usability testing:
  • Hiring a set of real time users that can work on website or app and report the results.
  • Using a tool, which can provide statistics depending on the input of designs and wireframes.
  • Hiring a third-party testing team specialized in usability testing.
  • Submitting the designs and wirframes to external evaluator and getting the results, etc.
Who performs usability testing? Usability test can be performed as an internal process in which developers and designers can sit down with user and analyse how user is interacting with the system. Thus, results can be obtained and the system can be modified based on results. For advanced approach on usability testing, one can hire real time users and distribute particular tasks to them. The facilitator or observer can report these tasks performed and their results which can be used to improve systems. What parameters are included in Usability Testing? Usability testing is performed keeping following criteria in mind: Accessibility:
  • Testing the load time of website, realistic or not.
  • Testing for adequate Text-To-Background Contrast is present.
  • Testing the font size and spacing between texts, whether readable or not.
  • Testing whether website has any customised page designed for ‘Not Found’ page.
  • Testing whether proper ALT tags have been added to images or not.
  • Testing whether user can recognize the website navigation easily or not.
  • Testing for navigation options are short and understandable or not.
  • Testing for reasonable number of buttons and links.
  • Testing for company logo’s linkage to home –page.
  • Testing for consistency of style of links on all pages.
  • Testing for presence of site search option and easy accessibility of site.
  • Testing whether URLs are user-friendly and meaningful.
  • Testing for HTML page titles that should be explanatory.
  • Testing for above the fold presence of critical content.
  • Testing for sparing use of emphasis like bold, etc.
  • Testing for concise and explanatory nature of main copy.
  • Testing for more clear and descriptive major headings.
  • Testing for consistency in use of styles and colors.
Advantages of Usability Testing
  • Usability testing can find potential bugs and loopholes in the system that is generally not noticed by developers and can even escape other types of testing.
  • If it performed using proper resources, it can help to fix all issues that user may face while using the application, even before its release.
  • Usability testing can be modified to integrate with other types of testing like system integration testing, unit testing, functional testing, etc.
  • Well planned usability testing can be economical and thus can be beneficial and highly effective.
Using usability testing  is extremely beneficial before the product launch, as it leads to:
  • Easy to use and better quality software.
  • Product which is more readily accepted by users &
  • Product that shortens the learning curve for new users.
However there are some limitations associated with usability testing like for large data collection, the process can be time consuming. Long-term experiences cannot be tested and also users may react differently when they know that they are being observed. Despite of few limitations, it is recommended to test your product through usability testing method. It is advisable to conduct it at various stages of iterative design process to ensure that all essential requirements have been met by the final product. So go ahead. Happy Testing!
Krify, a multinational company, provides its software services that includes website, web apps, mobile apps and wearable apps development. We also provide quality testing services to our esteemed clients to shape their product in a best possible way before its release. Reach us today, to get the free quotation on our website and app development and testing services.
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For Easy And Secure Linphone Windows Mobile App Solutions – Get started with ‘Krify’

Linphone has reached a very useful level of functionality. It is a convenient and useful softphone. It is one of the most popular methods for accessing Voice over Internet Protocol and is a great and cost-effective way of communications. Linphone was the first open source software that used the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) with VoIP. This open source software has voice, video and messaging features that can be used with any SIP VoIP operator and can be distributed free. VoIP phones essentially transforms the telephone data that can be transmitted over the internet. Our previous blog post about Linphone explains about the advanced features of Linphone for various development platforms. Linphone for Windows Industry experts are killing the rumours that Microsoft is about to kill Windows phone. Contrary to the popular opinion, Windows phone is out in the battle. In various parts of the world, sales of Windows phone are rocketing past the iPhone. Using Linphone on Android can be seen in common. But switching to Windows phone has got one more reason too, that Windows phone supports for a VoIP SIP client. Linphone for Windows 8.0 and 8.1 Phones appears a step in right direction. Downloading and installing Linphone for Windows phone is easy. It is easy to get Linphone and to register with voip.ms directly. But you will be able to receive incoming calls only when you use an account at Linphone.org.
Krify, being a professional mobile app development company, has developed Linphone apps for different platforms of mobile OS. Building a Linphone for Windows Phones is also one of the competency that our expert team of Linphone app developers has.
Our Linphone expert team have developed a Linphone sample application for Windows, titled as ‘LinTest’ that is successfully compiled and deployed on Windows App Store. The previously released stable version available for Linphone development for Windows was This version lacked features like video calls, video settings, image transfer through chat and support for background services. Following are the features associated with this version:
  • Audio Codecs: Calls could be made and received using codecs OPUS, Speex 16, PCMU, Speex 8, SILK 16.
  • G729 codec option was disabled.
  • Echo Canceller calibration option was available.
The latest version available on Git and the officially released version is, released in February 2016. It is an unstable version and is available for developers for improvement of functionalities. The main features of this version, as of date, are as follows:
  • Audio Calls
  • Instant Messaging
  • Image Sharing
  • Address Book
  • Call History
  • Display of advanced call statistics
  • Various Audio Codecs like OPUS, Speex 16, Speex 8, PCMU, PCMA, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, G722, G729, ILBC, GSM, ISAC are supported to make and receive calls.
  • This version has added features like image transfer through chat, video settings and support for background services.
  • Calls work irrespective of state of an app either killed, minimized or device is locked.
  • Chats can be received irrespective of the state of app and images can also be sent across.
  • Audio codecs available for making and receiving call are OPUS, Speex 16, Speex 8, PCMU, and PCMA. Echo Canceller Calibration option is now available. Video codecs H268, VP8 are available for video call option.
  • Transport Modes – TLS, UDP, TCP – can provide mode of connectivity that can be used to establish the connection, either connection oriented or connectionless.
  • Media Encryption – SRTP – can be used for secure and confidential communication between two devices through pin sharing.
wp_ss_20150114_0001 wp_ss_20150114_0002 The settings and functionalities can be customised as per the app requirement. This test application has been tested and is stable with sip.linphone.org domain and under testing phase for other sip domains. Therefore further scope for integrating and enhancing the features like that of contacts, where there is no option to add/create a new contact. It only lists the contacts from the address book whichever are visible. Also, it is difficult to integrate call functionality with audio codes like AMR-NB, AMR-WB, G722, ILBC, ISAC, SILK 16. Audio conference feature is also not supported by this version. The expert team of developers at Krify are dedicated towards developing creative and absolute solutions for your mobile app development needs. Our portfolio showcases the versatility of our work in development of attractive and useful mobile and web apps. Linphone app development is one such competency of Krify. Reach us today with your requirements to get a free quotation.
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Li-Fi Technology: Beating Wi-Fi Speed with visible light

“Li-Fi, wireless technology promising 100 times faster internet access than Wi-Fi”, “Lightning fast alternative to Wi-Fi”, “Li-Fi, internet by light promises to leave Wi-Fi eating dust”, these are the phrases that are commonly going around about the new wireless technology Li-Fi. It indicates that it is some fast, very fast technology that is going to revolutionize the speed of internet access. So let’s check out what Li-Fi is and how it works. What is Li-Fi? The inventor of Li-Fi, Professor Harald Hass, Co-founder of pureLiFi and Chair of Mobile Communications at UK’s University of Edinburgh, refers Li-Fi as light based communications technology. It is a high speed, bidirectional networked wireless communication technology similar to Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is an established form of wireless communication that uses traditional radio frequency signals to transmit data. Whereas Li-Fi uses visible light portion of electromagnetic spectrum to transmit information at high speeds. The Li-Fi technology uses flickering of the light from a special LED to transmit data. Data is transmitted through LEDs by modulating the intensity of light. This light is then received by a photo-sensitive detector and the light signal is demodulated into electronic signal. These modulations are so fast that it cannot be perceived by human eye. Li-Fi can be categorised under Optical Wireless Communications (OWC), which includes ultra-violet, infra-red communications and visible light. This visible light energy is used for illumination as well as for communication. How Li-Fi technology operates? An LED bulb emits constant stream of photons when a constant current is applied to it. This stream of photons is nothing but visible light. If the current is not kept constant and varied slowly, the output intensity of light will dim up and down. LED bulbs, being semi-conducting devices, the current and hence the intensity of output light can be modulated at very high speed. These modulations are of such a high speed that it is imperceptible to human eye. It can be detected by photo-detector device that can convert it into electric current. Thus information can be transmitted using LED bulb at very high speed. How_VLC_works Some of the highlighted features of Li-Fi:
  • Bandwidth: The visible light spectrum is available in abundance (10000 times more than RF spectrum), unlicensed and is free to use.
  • High speed: High device bandwidth, low interference and high intensity optical output results in very high data rates.
  • Low cost: It is a cost-effective technology as it needs very few components as compared to radio technology.
  • Non-hazardous: As all the life forms are exposed to visible light and no health hazards related to visible light are known, it is a safe technology that avoids use of radio frequencies.
  • Security: It is a secure wireless communications as it is constrained by walls and eliminates the risk of signal leakage.
 Quick comparison of Li-Fi with Wi-Fi: LiFi_vs_WiFi Applications With accelerated growth of LEDs in almost all the environments, Li-Fi technology can be used in various environments for internet content consumption like live streaming, audio-video downloads, etc. Any public or private lighting with LEDs can be used as hotspots for Li-Fi and a single communication and sensor infrastructure can be used to control lighting and data.
  • Li-Fi also makes it possible for short-range communications underwater.
  • All mobile devices will be able to interconnect directly through Li-Fi.
  • As Li-Fi does not involve any electromagnetic interference, it is safe to be used in hospitals and healthcare centres where it will not interfere with medical instruments or MRI scanners.
Are there any inconveniences associated with Li-Fi Li-FI technology uses visible light that cannot pass through wall, hence there has to be Li-Fi bulb in every room and all bulbs has to be on all the time. Advancement in technology will surely find out solutions for problems like Li-Fi does not work in outdoors like public Wi-Fi. Importance of Li-Fi in IoT: Li-Fi technology will make IoT interactions more seamless and effective. LED used in IoT products can enable synchronisation with mobile devices simultaneously. Choose Krify Krify is a multinational software solutions company and excels in developing solutions such as mobile apps, web apps and wearable apps. For IoT solutions reach out to us to get the impeccable solutions to all your queries related to IoT system development.  
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For a Successful E-commerce Business : Innovative E-commerce Solutions

U.S. Census data implies that the e-commerce sales are growing at a faster rate. Businesses those understand this growth rateec_current are considering e-commerce as a crucial business opportunity. Online retail sales figures are increasing every year, so its the best time to start your own eCommerce website. Business either existing or startup can achieve the next level of growth only if it has online presence. So having an elegant and intuitive e-commerce website is very important to increase your web presence. But if you are looking forward for the boost in the sales, then only a good looking website will not help. Having an e-commerce website that allows to select products for purchase and process the checkout smoothly will appeal customers the most. Easy to start with e-commerce web development: Getting an e-commerce website built is not a costly affair. The biggest portion of the capital is required for stocking the products. Otherwise an online business can be built upon a trivial cost. Responsive web design: Responsive web design supports sales of products on any size and type of device. Shopping sites optimized for mobiles, tablets and PCs has the major benefit of better SEO performance. Also, responsive sites requires only a single site maintenance. Thus it will allow you to focus more on new strategies to achieve best sales result. e-commerce 2 What customers look up-to in an e-commerce site: From a customer’s point of view lets check out what are important things to be focused upon. Design: Being a customer where would you like to shop a neatly organised store or in a dirty, disorganised store. Off-course every customer will like the organised way of presentation of products for sale. Same goes right with e-commerce site too. Here comes the design of website into the picture. A well designed e-commerce site will definitely attract and engage more customers. The best user experience and user interface will bring customers back to the website. Fast load time: Its not very difficult to make out the difference between a speedy website and the website that is loading slowly. The site feels better to navigate if pages are loading in just 1 or 2 seconds and information is being delivered soon. Many surveys suggests that speed of the website affects the rate of conversion of leads into sales. Some Shopping behaviour stats are as follows:
  • 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less.
  • 40% visitors abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.
  • 79% of shoppers who are dissatisfied with website performance are less likely to buy from the same site again.
The speedy website improves the chances of increased sales and business. Product display pages It is almost unpredictable, what the next customer will look for. But it is not possible to display all the products on homepage. To make the attention grabbing home page, you have to display the most interesting and eye-catching offers to it. For example, displaying the branded goods on upfront is the great attention-grabber for first time visitors. Also the product page should be engaging and should provide all the information on the same page. A good product page will showcase all product info along with images and videos. Capture Easy Checkouts A cumbersome checkout process will ruin the customer’s experience with that online store. A pleasant shopping experience will definitely bring the customer back to the site for shopping. The payment and checkout process should be kept secure, simple and fast. Providing the best e-commerce experience to your customers is important and can be achieved by choosing right developer to develop your user-friendly e-commerce website. Social Media Links In present scenario, people prefer to go to social media websites like Twitter and Facebook to get the source info about everything. Public opinion matters most to the buyers. Also it’s a great and huge platform to do self-promotions. Having social media links will give your e-commerce business a great boost. After transaction  emails Once the transaction is done, User should receive the online payment acknowledgement and order details through email. The online receipt should contain details like order number, customer details, amount paid, contents of the order, contact e-mail and phone number. It should also have the link back to the website that is what most of the e-commerce business does not have. Online chats and phone numbers for help to customers Availability of live chats and helpline phone numbers are of great help to customers. When customers faces any difficulty they prefer to have somebody to whom they can share their query to. e-commerce 4 How-to Guides Having How-to guides at your site adds as a bonus to the user experience of the website. These guides answers common or frequently asked questions that would solve the common technical and other problems of the customer. Final tips: Finally some of the tips that can be kept in mind to create a great online store are as follows:
  • Great product display with catchy images and info
  • Excellent User Experience
  • Simple Navigation
  • Easy Checkout process
Why choose Krify for developing an e-commerce website? Krify has competency in building an e-commerce website that would help you boost sales figures for your business. Being an e-commerce web development company, our expert team of web designers and web developers are in alignment with the current trends in industry. Our competent designers and developers thrive to render a complete e-commerce website solution to effectively bring success to your online business.
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Mobility Taking Parent-School Communication To Another Level

Among all the parents, the one string that is common irrespective of different cultures, languages, nationalities and continents is their concern for their children. The advanced technology tools and power of internet can actually provide the solution for this common query of parents across the globe. Cloud based mobile Platform, barrier less communication platform , Eductaion domain .Also We havent mention anywhere about Driver App which works on GPS The digital technology solution for this is parent teacher communication apps. These apps allows parents to monitor their children’s location, digital activities and academic schedule. These apps certainly helps in reducing the rising concern of parents over their children’s physical safety and academic achievements. Such tools and apps helps parents, teachers and children too to stay on top of what matters most with automatic reminders, alerts and more. Such apps helps to track the position of the school bus and can be used to send notifications in real time if any situation of crises happens. Also, it is recognised worldwide that when parents are involved in pupil’s studies, they perform better. Many research papers have also been published that the child’s academic achievements are influenced by the extent to which parents are involved in their school life and education.   parent-school 13 Establishing partnership between schools and parents: For establishing effective partnership between schools and parents and pupils, three important points can play a major role in it:
  • Providing information to parents.
  • Giving voice to parents.
  • Encouraging parental partnership with schools.
However it cannot be achieved by just sending out leaflets about school initiatives and events. Parents should be made aware of specific details about their children’s performances and achievements. Benefits of parental involvement: An open communication channel between parents and schools to pass on news related to homework, performances, achievements, rewards, which helps in generating positive relationships between schools and home. Any such open communication channel will help parents to notice true strengths and weaknesses of their children and to understand if children are facing difficulties in any aspects. parent-school 4 Role of technology in establishing open communication: In recent times, technology has played an important role in bridging the communication gap between teachers and parents. One of the effective technology that can come up as a best solution in establishing effective communication is mobile apps. Mobile apps allows parents and schools to communicate in real time without involving the stress of doing physical meetings. Mobile notifications and updates from school leads to increased involvement of parents with school and their children’s school activities. Overall, mobile technology makes an excellent way of parent-school communication. For easy and delightful parent-school interaction, mobile apps for Android, iOS and other platforms are popular and are proving to be effective. Let us check out how these mobile apps helps through an example. Example: At Krify, we have developed one such innovative IT system, named as CimplifyED, for communication between parents and school. The cloud-based mobile platform, mobile app and web app was developed in a way to provide solution to parent’s concern over physical safety and academic achievements of child. cimplified It is a cloud based mobile platform for barrier less communication in the education domain. Some of the key features of the app are as follows:
  • Real time notifications from school
  • Online school fee payment
  • Updates on Examination schedule
  • Updates on Exam Results
  • Event updates
  • Live attendance
  • School diary with homework updates
  • Driver App, works on GPS. When driver does login into the app, parent  can track the school bus live using parent's app.
  • And many more..
Why choose Krify for your innovative app development? Krify is a multinational web and mobile app development company, that is specialized in providing latest Mobile Apps, Software Applications, Web Applications and also in extending services like Digital Marketing, Quality Testing, Content Development, SEO and many more. Team Krify believes in delivering the best and hence work towards bringing out 360 degree real-time solutions. Hire our developers to develop the software system that addresses all of its client's concerns and challenges. Get in touch to let us understand your queries and challenges.    
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Tech Trend 2016: Advanced wearable technology defining the future

There is a new trend alert in technology market. The trend of wearable devices! Many big names in technology like Google, Apple are bringing a boom in the market of wearable technology. The wearable tech products that are already making hush-hush in the market and will continue to grow as future of wearables, are smartwatches, activity trackers, smartglasses and clothings with embedded sensors. The combination of IoT and wearables will revolutionize the consumer and enterprise markets with unprecedented growth. At the Consumer Electronics Show 2016, wearable devices took off the show and dominated the scene with fitness trackers, smartwatches, virtual reality and augmented reality headsets (also known as smartglasses) and sensors. Wearable Technology Market Analysis As per the report issued by firm ‘Research and Markets’, the Global Wearable Technology Market is assured to grow in next 5 years with CAGR of around 18.2% to attain approximately $33.4 billion by 2020. Wearable-Tech-2 As per the market forecast from IDTechEx, “the market for wearable technology will reach $70 billion by 2025.” The wearable electronics business has already geared up to grow, the dominating sector will continue to remain the healthcare sector. It has most of the big names like Apple, Adidas, Accenture, Samsung, Roche, Fujitsu, Reebok, Nike are gearing up for most promising developments in wearable electronics. Activity Trackers and growing Competition heat for Fitbit Activity trackers has already taken the market on storm. Fitbit is the leading name in the activity tracker brand. Fitbit Flex is its wrist band that tracks how many steps user takes, or how much distance is travelled, how many calories are burned, measures sleep cycles, etc. and transfers this info on user’s smartphone. Many of fitness wearables, activity trackers and medical wearables work on the similar technology but each may serve a different purpose. Wearable-Tech-3 For e.g. medical wearables can be used to monitor patients post-hospitalization, tracking the movements of elders remotely, allowing patients to send alarms and info wirelessly to doctors/caregivers that may include ECG readings, glucose levels, blood pressure, etc. As per the present market scenario for activity trackers and fitness wearables, many companies are already giving a tough competition. The big names include Xiaomi, Garmin that are selling fairly in some countries. Share of Smartwatches Smartwatches are getting adequate attention in the present market. The success of Apple watches can be attributed to its innovative design, effective branding and tight product integration with its best-selling product – iPhone. Similarly, Samsung also got a good start with its own smart watches. The market for Android wear smartwatches, promoted by Google, looks bit fragmented as Samsung and LG is focusing on developing their own operating systems for smartwatch, which will have a direct competition with Android smartwatch. Explore our earlier post on wearable smart watch apps. Wearables beyond watches and bands: Is wearable clothing an answer? It is being anticipated by experts that probably wrist cannot be the best place for placing sensors as activity tracking may not be done at its best by all those sensors. To make wearables truly wearable we need to start looking forward for other wearable options that would allow full efficient tracking by sensors. Wearable-Tech-4 Already the idea of smart clothing is floating around since a year and big names like Samsung, Google, Hexo Skin and Under Armour have started exploring possibilities to make your clothes as smart as your phone. Imagine that your pants, shirts, shoes or socks do all this tracking for you excluding the need to wear accessories that you don’t wear normally. As you will use clothings all the time, it will be easier to keep tabs on overall wellness. Some examples of Wearables other than watches and glasses:
  • Sri Lanka’s MAS worked on OMSignal sports bra which debuted as world’s first smart bra. It works same as OMSignal shirts that detects range of biometrics that would improve wearer’s fitness performance.
  • Other notable wearable is running shoes by Under Armour, which tracks the performance without using a phone. There are also smart socks introduced by Sensoria Fitness and a fitness-tracking neckpiece/necklace developed by Swarovski.
The major challenge here is to convince consumers to adopt wearable tech-devices which can be overcome soon, when motivation will be there. The best motivation will come ahead when change happens in your own life it becomes addictive. Need of more sophisticated wearable apps With improved ideas and designs of wearables, app development for these devices will also become little more sophisticated and advanced. According to Weston Henderek, Director of Connected Intelligence at The NDP Group, “Apps will take advantage of the sensors in activity trackers and give people a cloud-based repository of their info, along with more recommendations for how to improve their health.”
Why Choose Krify as your wearable app development partner At Krify, we have enthusiastic and experienced team of app developers that specifically focus on building apps for wearable devices. Our finest designers and developers have been groomed for wearable application development. We continue to pioneer in best in class mobile app development. We believe in serving entrepreneurs with world-class app building experiences for wearable devices and mobiles, whether it’s a large enterprise or start-up. Contact us to hire our professional app builders for your need of customized mobile application or wearable device application.
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All About Graphic Design

All About Best Graphic Design| Trends | Software 2016

What is Graphic Design? Graphic Design is a visual communication language which can be a combination of words or symbols or images representing ideas and messages visually. The subcategory of Graphic Design falls as visual communication and communication designs. Graphic Design Who will Design Graphics? Usually the people who are professional in designing and art, who have creativity, conceptual and designing mindset, can design graphics and are called as Graphic Designers. A graphic designer should possess the skills to gather images, typography and/or motion graphics to create a piece of design. Graphic Designers Where do we use Graphic Designs? The existence and journey of Graphic Designs started with road signs initially, then it slowly started growing in communications field through electric devices. The development in graphic design domain has enhanced the way of communication through effective designs that is now able to replace texts and give more engaging experience. The knowledge and visual messages are increasingly spread among masses through graphic designs that has enhanced the power of visual messages. The effective visual communication are being used for sharing product information, elements of company identity like logos, colors, packaging and text. Over a period of time, graphic designing has emerged as a branch for advertising. Graphic designers constitute a form of team that works on branding and identity projects. Other team members may include communications consultant, marketing professionals and commercial writers. Graphic Design What are the Top 5 software's for graphic designers? Adobe Photoshop: Recent Adobe Photoshop is having an exciting feature with New Inventive Cloud Libraries capabilities. It also comes with Design Space improvements about previews. The stunning latest user experience on screen allows you to use multi touch supported with device functionalities that is having an added creative options of SVG import boosted export experience. Adobe Illustrator: Adobe Illustrator comes with some very advanced and awesome features that user can use to create attractive vector arts with standard of trades using vector graphics like logos, icons, sketches, typography and complex illustrations for print, web, interactive, video and mobile icons shades and many other things. CorelDRAW: Recent Version of CorelDraw Graphics suite X7 with new workspace reflects our usual workflow that can be used to drag when you need it. This complete suite of graphic design software allows you to design in your own way. Whether you want to edit photos, design websites or creating graphics and layouts, CorelDRAW will help you in all ways. Adobe InDesign: InDesign CC is available with new features such as capability to entrench the links in a website, share it directly through Twitter and email and also getting analytic's about document views. It can also be used to edit documents and republish it to the same URL. Adobe Flash: Adobe flash is another great software that makes designer’s life easy and trendy with visual effects having close and attractive looks. One of the major amazing feature of flash is that it allows browsers to play the videos and install some plugins to strengthen animated and visual effects for desired look. Thus, using Adobe Flash lets you to deploy designs, web content, animations and application #user interfaces immediately across all browsers and platforms. This results in a rich #web experience that attracts and engages users. Best Graphic Design Softwares What are other Best software's available? Above mentioned software's are popular and very useful one for graphic designers. Apart from these software's, some other useful software's are Corel PaintShop, Photo Pro X3, Art Rage 3.5, Adobe Premiere, Wacom Tablets, Corel Paint, etc. Contribution thanks to designschool.canva and creativebloq Top Graphic Design Trends 2016: Let’s check out some Graphic Design trends to watch in 2016: Fresh “Old-fashioned Style” After using modern designs solely, closely generations are moving back and making designs inspired by the 1920’s style. The modern-retro combination is going great among all generations. So similar trends are becoming popular in graphic design   Old Style Graphic Design Material Design: Material Design is stated by Google Developers as “A new design language based on paper and ink”. #Material Designs is big chunks of colors, where every element can be assigned a single unique code for access. The awesome feature allowed in Material Design is that “we can access any color by referring a color code for our requirements”, which facilitates a developer to design more effectively and make a boost to application pleasures.

Check our article… Android App Development Using Material Design #Tech 2016

Material Design Bright & Bold Color designs: The new design trends go for bold color choices, edge-to-edge imagery, large-scale typography and intentional white space that gives a bold graphic look. The vibrant colors inspired by 1960's favors neons, pastels and richer saturated colors. Mobile Apps Design Geometric Shapes: Geometric patterns and shapes can be applied in many ways such as backgrounds, individual graphic elements or as an illustrative technique. The new emerging style is “Low Poly” that started as a 3D modelling technique for games. This style will continue to show up outside the gaming world in print and web projects. Geometric Shapes Segmental Layouts: Segmented or modular layouts are being adopted by many big brands for their mobile apps as well as for websites. For this the designs are organized according to grid. The self-contained cards or modules can be used as primary organizational principle that has created the new trend in designing. Segmental Layouts Spectacular Typography: The new trend in typography is that it is not only for reading but also for becoming the center of attraction that can attract readers through bold colors, big textures or arrangements. The loud and lively typography creates an eye-catching and engaging content. Improved Illustrations: The graphics are mostly being replaced by customized illustrations and imagery. Generic look is considered as outdated by designers as well as business owners. Brands and other businesses are emphasizing on design-centric approaches. This has led to more personalization of imageries and illustrations. Improved Illustrations Intellectual Styles: The styling trends are growing more towards minimalism and distorted or deconstructed recognizable forms. The styling may involve vibrant colors but the text is kept minimum and primary visuals are made by mixing vague organic shapes and abstract. Intellectual Styles

Krify designers:

At Krify our exclusive team of Graphic designers brings the idea to reality by shaping it with their designing skills. Designing an app or website needs some creative bent of mind. Our designers converts their creativity into reality by using latest tools and trends of graphic designing. Contact us to hire our designers to get your website or apps designed for engaging user experience.
We have a complete team of designers to developers that will bring your idea of app development or website development to life. Hire our mobile app developers and website developers to get the innovative, creative and responsive mobile apps developed today.

"We Specially thank to Boss of Graphic Design Family Adobe"

Adobe is the #world leader in the field of graphic designing. Adobe Systems empowers graphic designers by allowing to have every asset at fingertips. Great new features of graphic designing tools like Photoshop, Illustrator and many other powerful creative cloud apps enables you to take graphic designing to another level. Blog Contribution by : Expert User Interface / User Experience Specialist cum Graphic Designer's "team krify" Hire our expert UX/UI developers and experienced graphic designers for your apps and website development at hire a developer page !
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