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How to choose mobile app development company India

How To Decide On Mobile App Development Company For Your Billion Dollar Idea

Times have changed and the ways to develop, market and grow the business have evolved in a huge manner. Mobile applications are taking the world by storm prominently iPhone apps and Android apps. Entrepreneurs with far-farsightedness have already envisioned the advantages that a mobile app can bring to the business, i.e. improved customer service and hence growth in returning customers, boosted brand building, powerful marketing tool, etc.
“Gartner principal research analyst Adrian Leow said enterprises find it a challenge to rapidly develop, deploy and maintain mobile apps to meet increasing demand, as it is exceedingly difficult and costly to hire developers with good mobile skills.”
This challenge can be overcome by taking a well-informed decision for choosing the best mobile app development company. Finding and hiring a correct mobile app development team can be an unnerving task. But with secure and value added mobile app development, comes the opportunity of maximizing the revenue for your app business. That why it is essential to take a little pain and find and hire a right mobile app development company to create your dream app. Sometimes it is necessary to make the choice depending on the services offered by the app development company. If you are looking for iPhone app developers, you should look for a leading iPhone app development company. If your idea needs Android app developer then you should scan among Android app development companies. There are some app development companies, which offers both iPhone development services and Android development services. Now how to do that? Where to start with? We will try to answer such questions when they peep in while choosing a right and efficient mobile app development partner. Checklist for hiring mobile app development company
Points to mark on your Checklist before Hiring any Mobile App Development Company
Start with Company's Portfolio.
You can start your background check by screening and studying the company’s portfolio. It should give you a clear idea about the work that they have done previously. The portfolio will showcase their UI/UX skills and will throw a light on which domains they have worked already. The portfolio will let you know whether the app development company has got the exposure of developing apps in your business domain or not. Even if the company has not developed any app in the domain, which you are looking for, the range of different mobile apps will give you an idea about their capability in doing app development projects in various domains, which makes them eligible to develop the mobile app in any business domain. open discussion and consultative approach to develop apps
How is Company’s Approach – Are They Open For New Ideas?
Having an app development partner who is flexible and has a positive approach in catering the needs of your vision, helps makes a collaborative effort. It is not bad to have developers who can give a different vision to see your app. It’s good to have a development team who can welcome new ideas too. Such a combination will make the development project very successful and will bring out the best possible output of your combined efforts.
Cheap Buys does not always mean to be good!
One always looks for the best price in the market when it comes to hiring somebody. But we also need to consider an important parameter – quality – which is associated with price. When you need a mobile app for your business growth, you have to remember that you want a quality app and not a cheap app. Don’t keep the price as the only deciding factor in choosing the mobile app development company. NDA, confidentiality and security
What are their Security and NDA practices?
For the security of your mobile app, it is important that the mobile app developer adopts the security policies and the end product is the secure mobile application. Even before the app development, the security is required in terms of confidentiality, at the level of disclosing idea and discussion. So it’s better to find the company who is ready to sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) at a very early stage when the app development project is at the requirement discussion stage.
How is their Project Life-Cycle and Management Process?
The very next question that you should ask is whether they will deliver in time? Yes before assigning the project to the mobile app development company, you need to ensure that they have the reputation of delivering apps on time. For this, you need to understand their project management process. It’s good if they offer you a full-time and dedicated Project Manager for your project. So that you can connect with the Project Manager and get the updates regarding the progress of the project. Also check what kind of project delivery process, they are going to follow? It’s always good to go with milestones based delivery so that you will have the track of regular development being done and the project has the further scope to add any additional functionality at the later level which is beneficial for the project. These points will help you analyze whether the working model of the company matches with your expectations. A good mobile app development company will always allow you to track the progress and results.
What is the Experience of the Company and the Developers?
The experience of designers and developers matters to the project. If the development charges offered by the company is too good to be believed then it is the indication that they are having inexperienced developers. Experienced designers and developers are required for a good level of craftsmanship, which is required to build a high-quality app with powerful functionalities and visual appeal. So check for how long the company is into the business and the experience of their developers. The time they have spent in the market and industry also speaks about their experience in handling complex projects and delivering quality products. professional customer bonding
Look for Relationship Builders!
It is always good to work with those who values relationship, this way both you and the mobile app developer will enjoy working with each other and take the project forward with mutual understanding. If both of you share a good professional bond, you can retain the same mobile app development company for all your technology needs. It will save your time to find the resources every time you need mobile app developers. Another advantage of having a strong and valuable bond between both of you is that the app development company can even refer your business to others.
App Support and Maintenance is important.
The support and maintenance from the mobile app development team are crucial because even after the mobile app is deployed on the app store successfully, there are chances of apps getting corrupt with bugs. To avoid this the app needs the support of the developers to make sure that the mobile app is well maintained. So always go with the development company that offers support and maintenance services even after the deployment of the app to the app store. Mobile app development company in India
Why Consider the Mobile App Development Company based in India?
Indian mobile app development market is addressing the huge demands of app development and is expected to cross the number of $100 billion in revenue by 2017. Indian mobile app development companies, guided and funded by powerful government bodies and best venture capitalists, boosted by a skilled workforce, has all the potential to cater the huge app development demands of global economies. It is already being proved with the amount of contribution done by the Mobile App Development companies based in India, in delivering the world-class mobile apps that had performed par excellence.
Krify Software Technologies is one such leading Web and Mobile App Development Company based in India and UK, which fits best in all the above-mentioned points and delivers world class mobile apps and web apps. Our portfolio displays the range of domains, which we have served with our website development services and mobile app development services. We are pioneer in services like iPhone app development and Android app development. Contact us today for a consultative approach towards an innovative app idea that you might be thinking to change into reality. Leave your query here and one of our Business Analyst will get in touch with you.
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Google App Maker for building custom apps

Google’s App Maker – Now Building Customised Enterprise Apps is Easier, Faster and Secure

Google recently launched a low-code app development tool called App Maker i.e. on 30th November 2016. It is a new milestone in the path of empowering developers to build powerful apps for businesses. It allows building customized mobile apps for your business in an easy and secure way using the same platform that strengthens G Suite. Although Google already has a tool for building apps on its cloud computing service for advanced developers, the new App Maker tool is for low-level developers to build simple yet powerful secure app for any business. It is not for kind of advanced code developers for software like Netflix’s video service or Uber’s ride-hailing app. App Maker has been launched with an intention to simplify the process of making a business app. This can be done using pre-built Google templates and it also synchronizes and work well with G-Suite apps like email, calendar, Google documents, etc. App Maker is another way to facilitate the transition to the next phase where there is the rise of mobile apps. Businesses are going mobile to engage and serve bigger consumer base. Internet Research suggests that 85% of consumers prefer mobile apps for services over websites or mobile sites. What Google App Maker Offers? Google App Maker provides an opportunity for enterprises to create internal apps. These internal apps will empower small and medium-sized enterprises to fulfill their tasks, maintain their internal records and offer better customer care services. The plus point is that App Maker allows development of an app at a really fast pace so that your journey from an idea to the app will be of just a few days. Another highlight of App Maker is that its simple and easy to use tool which is nothing but a drag and drop mechanic that lets you design your app really fast. It comes with the power packed features like scripting editor, customized script support and a cloud platform. Thus it provides an overall coding support to developers and helps build an app with minimal coding efforts. For whom App Maker is for? App Maker is for mobile app development for entry-level businesses. It also helps in mobile app development for small or medium sized enterprises. No matter how small or big the business is, App Maker has it all to provide necessary tools for building mobile apps for all sizes of enterprises. App Maker can be used by all those who uses G Suite, called as Google Apps for Work. These apps make it possible for its users to manage collaboration, productivity and cloud computing. App Maker is an easy to use platform that helps to create apps with a good user interface in alignment with G Suite. Apps built with App Maker will be compatible with all devices like phones, desktop and tablets. To build an app with App Maker, you need a browser and its easy drag-n-drop functionality facilitates to build a cloud-based app at a very fast pace. Also, it comes with the promise of performance, stable data integrity and scalability i.e. apps can scale easily from one to many users. Google has also launched ‘Digital Unlocked’ for helping millions of small and medium businesses in India to go online and grow their business digitally. Krify is a multinational IT solutions provider based in India and UK. Our core competency includes the mobile app, web app development and digital marketing. Contact us today to start the digital journey of your business. If you are a novice to Digital world and not sure how to make your business go online, we are here to provide you a free consultation to bring the power of the digital world to your business and expand your business’ visibility at the global level.
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Raspberry Pi 3 model B features

Raspberry Pi 3 – Now More Powerful And Still Affordable

Raspberry Pi is a tiny and inexpensive computer that can perform many light and medium duty tasks. It was developed by the ‘Raspberry Pi Foundation’ in the United Kingdom as a series of single board computers. The first generation Raspberry Pi i.e Raspberry Pi 1 Model B was released in February 2012.

Raspberry Pi 3

Raspberry Pi 3 is the latest version of the circuit board sized Pi computer. Experts are quoting this as the most powerful and at the same time most affordable version of the Pi. The new and improved version, Raspberry Pi 3, is more powerful now due to the added advantage of having both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi without any raise in the price. It can now be termed as a versatile and all-in-one board. It is now more useful as a retro games machine and also as a media streamer too.Before going into the details of Raspberry Pi 3,

Before going into the details of Raspberry Pi 3, lets check out what is Raspberry Pi and how it helps through the following video shared by Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Comparing Raspberry Pi 3 and Pi 2:

Physically, Raspberry Pi 3 and Pi 2 both look very identical. Pi 3 has the same port selection, the same board layout, the same GPIO pin layout, etc. like that of a year old Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. Raspberry Pi 3 is being claimed as having the potential to be used as a proper PC. Compared to Pi 2, the additional specifications it has:

  • 11n Wireless LAN
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • 2 GHz 64-bit quad-core ARMv8 CPU
  • Bluetooth 4.1

The specifications common in both Pi 2 and Pi 3:

  • 1 GB RAM
  • 40 GPIO pins
  • 4 USB ports
  • Ethernet port
  • Full HDMI port
  • Camera interface (CSI)
  • 5mm audio jack and composite video
  • Micro SD card slot
  • Display Interface (DSI)
  • Videocore IV 3D graphics core

Raspberry Pi 3 is completely compatible with Raspberry Pi 1 and Pi 2. The creators of Raspberry Pi 3 Model B claims it to be very useful in schools or any general usage of computing. If you would like to embed Pi in any of your project, then Pi zero or Model A+ are preferable for projects which needs low power and are embedded projects.

Features of Raspberry Pi 3

Although the upgradation to version Pi 3 may not look much significant on paper, but the additions have given a serious usability boost. The special mention can be given to its on-board wireless capabilities, which works awesome with the default Raspbian operating system. The Raspberry Pi specific OS, Raspbian, makes Pi 3 easy to use when compared to standard Linux installations.

Inclusion of Wi-Fi itself is another huge step that makes Pi 3 stand out from previous Raspberry Pi models. Because now you don’t have to buy a separate Wi-Fi adapter or hardwire the board through Ethernet connection.

Raspberry Pi 3 has moved a step further from its previous versions in terms of USB inputs, as Pi 3 now has native Bluetooth compatibility which allows connection of wireless peripherals or gadgets for advanced maker projects.

Raspberry Pi Foundation founder Eben Upton said “This 50–60 percent [performance improvement] has moved us over some sort of line, where it becomes a much more credible PC replacement,” which does not seem false at any point. This statement makes it clearer that Raspberry Pi 3 can definitely manage basic web browsing and productivity tasks.

[caption id="attachment_11509" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Raspberry Pi programming with Raspbian Raspberry Pi Programming[/caption]
Raspberry Pi Programming

Programming for Raspberry Pi is possible with some free and easy software tools. Raspberry Pi projects are being developed for enterprise projects, IoT education or product prototyping. Raspberry Pi programming requires understanding the IDEs (Integrated Development Environment).

To do Raspberry Pi application development, first you need to write, test and run the code. Pi offers wide choices of languages to write the code. Some of the IDE’s are as follows:


BlueJ is an IDE used for programming in Java. It runs with the help of the JDK (Java Development Kit version 3.14) and useful for small scale development. JDK allows development as well as the execution of programs on the Pi. BlueJ allows complete access to any hardware when attached through an open source Pi4J library from Java SE language.

Algo IDE

Algo IDE supports Syntax highlighting, execution modes, break points and debugger, auto completion, real-time explorer, syntax error management, optimization for small screens and with support for C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, Smalltalk, Objective-C, Lua and Actionscript.

Ninja IDE

Ninja is a cross-platform IDE designed to build Python applications. It is a light-weight IDE and has common functions like file handling, go to line, find in files code locator, automatic indentation, tabs, editor zoom, etc. Ninja IDE also provides Syntax highlighting for different languages, static and PEP 8 error highlighting, code migration embedded console, project management modules, code auto-completion, code location, a plugin system and session handling. Previously, Ninja IDE was designed for Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and now it has been documented to how to install Ninja IDE on Raspberry Pi.

Greenfoot IDE

It is an IDE designed primarily for Java programming and is used for educational purposes at schools and colleges. It is designed in a way to allow easy development so that beginners can also start programming. Greenfoot has auto-completion, project management, syntax highlighting and other tools in IDEs.

Raspberry Pi OS

Raspbian is a free Debian-based OS optimized for Raspberry Pi hardware. Raspbian has all basic programs and utilities like that of other general-purpose OS. It is officially supported by Raspbian foundation and its highlighting feature is its more than 35000 packages and fast performance. Its latest version Jessie can be installed on a 8 GB SD card.

Ubuntu MATE

Ubuntu MATE is a stable and simple OS, which is good for devices with less hardware specs. This makes it perfect for Raspberry Pi devices. Ubuntu MATE is an original Ubuntu with an APT package manager and Ubuntu’s Software Center. For loading its latest version, Ubuntu MATE 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) for Raspberry Pi, 4GB or more high-speed SD card is required.


Linutop can be quickly set up on Raspberry Pi, which uses Raspbian base with lightweight and classic XFCE graphical environment. It boots as quickly as in 30 seconds and can be configured quickly for all purposes. Its security features include a ‘read-only mode’ to save from viruses and hack attempts. All the alterations will not be saved unless you input the password.

Programming tools bundled with Raspbian:
Node-RED for IoT applications

Node-RED is an open source and free tool for wiring hardware devices, online services, APIs together in an interesting manner. It is developed by IBM Emerging Technologies and runs on every major OS. It provides browser-based flow editor. It is built on Node.js which makes it ideal to run at the edge of the network on low-cost hardware like Raspberry Pi. Also, an online flow library allows you to share your best flows with others.

Python – a modern language for RPi

IDLE (Integrated Development and Learning Environment) is an IDE for Python bundled with the default implementation of the language. Python for RPi is cross-platform, it avoids feature clutter. It's highlighting features are multi-window text editor with syntax highlighting, autocompletion, persistent breakpoints, Python shell with syntax highlighting and call stack visibility. Raspbian comes with both Python version 3 and 4 Installed.

Sonic Pi – a Domain Specific Tool

When compared to all the tools bundled with Raspbian, Sonic Pi is the most domain specific tool. It is an open source, free and live coding music synthesizer released under MIT license. As its name suggests, yes it runs on  Raspberry Pi and it also runs on Linux, Windows and OS X.

[caption id="attachment_11504" align="aligncenter" width="630"]Raspberry Pi in home automation and IoT Uses of Raspberry Pi[/caption]
Raspberry Pi as a Personal Web Server

The miniscule machine, Raspberry Pi has the capability to be used as web server that can host simple site or landing page and stores files in the cloud (without any hosting fees). In terms of server and hosting, Raspberry Pi can act as web server and responds to requests to serve up Web pages like sophisticated Web based apps or simple HTML apps.

Pi Web server hosts single Web page that connects to a MySQL database, which gets data from Python program, which is receiving data from a smart thermometer. Pi server cannot be used as a business solution because it is not as powerful as our desktop PCs but still can be used for personal resources like spaces designed for sites and storage. To make your Raspberry Pi into a web server you need a router, modem, an Ethernet cable, an operating system and a SSH (Secure Shell) access.

Use in Internet of Things based Home Automation

Home automation allows you to control your devices at home from your mobile device no matter wherever you are in the world.

“Home Automation contributes towards ‘Internet of Things’, which means that everything, every device can be assigned with an IP address and can be accessed, monitored and controlled remotely.”

Home automation using Raspberry Pi, allows you to access and control systems at your home like water leaks, garage door, watch for movement, sense for gas, check for lights, etc. Home automation system can be set to send alerts on your phone, if something happens. So now you can monitor everything from your phone.

For IoT applications based home automation, Raspberry Pi provides a suitable platform because of availability of many open source communities. For example, building a dashboard that can be accessed and managed to monitor Raspberry Pi. To the single dashboard, more and more sensors can be connected to Raspberry Pi and thus monitor all sensors remotely anytime from anywhere.

Krify is a multinational IT services and solution provider company. We are passionate to bring ideas to life using advanced and latest software tools and technologies. Our core compentcy include mobile app, web app and wearable app development. Contact us today for a free quotation.
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mobile app development trends 2017

Mobile App Development Trends Going to Rule in 2017

Mobile application development technologies are evolving rapidly with the evolution in mobile device technology. It may sound a bit early to predict the app trends in 2017, but the trends are already clear with the booming growth of technology seen in 2016. Also, the design trends evolve and change with the time and technology. New mobile design trends 2017 are already making a buzz among mobile app designers and developers. The evolution of the mobile app development trend happens due to the constantly evolving requirements of the end users. As we are in the last quarter of the year 2016, let’s see what is trending in the world of mobile app development.
Rise in Hybrid Technology
Ionic, Angular JS, PhoneGap, Cordova, are names of only a few technologies that can help augment the hybrid app development in future. With the increasing popularity of hybrid app development platforms, Google’s Material Design too is getting evolved to support application development for different platforms like Windows Phone. Cross-platform applications are more in demand due to the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture being adopted by most of the companies.
Attention to App Security
With the development of mobile app industry, security concerns and threats to the apps have also grown. In the World Wide Developers Conference, Apple announced that they will be incorporating the robust App Transport Security (ATS) for all iOS applications. Stronger data encryption can help to get new improved and more secure apps. For this, Google is trying with more stringent app permissions model and security updates.
Importance of mobile app UX designs
Mobile app designs and UX is nevertheless the key factor responsible for the success or failure of the mobile app. Visually appealing app designs and user-friendly UX attracts visitors and engage users. For best and intuitive user experience, the mobile app should be designed keeping latest app design trends in mind. The new design trends in 2017 will surely be things like grid-based interface designing, split-screens, visuals, splash, parallax graphics, micro interactions, etc.
Mobile messaging apps will be on rise
Giant messaging apps like Facebook, which is popular in the United States, and WeChat, which has more than 500 million users, are in huge demands. As 2017 approaches, the trend of messaging apps are going to be even popular and many more messaging apps are expected to be launched in app stores.
Cloud Technology is here to stay
During the year 2015 and 2016, an interesting relationship has emerged between cloud computing and mobile apps. Using cloud technology, centrally coordinated apps were delivered to any devices. This trend is going to stay in 2017 as well, due to the numerous amount of benefits offered by cloud technology. Benefits of cloud support for app developers:
  • Cloud support allows developers to deal with memory issues and bandwidth management, thus helping in retaining the small size of mobile apps.
  • It also allows developers to sync their apps with multiple devices. This function becomes important with advent of wearable gadgets like Samsung Gear and Apple Watch.
  • Mobile devices and wearable devices can sync easily for their apps and app extensions, due to cloud compatibility.
Thus, many of the future mobile apps are said to be driven by the cloud. gartner cloud shift summary
IoT applications –  Smart Homes and Smart Cities
Our homes are already being occupied by smart TVs, smart washing machines and smart refrigerators. The information is being exchanged between appliances and mobile apps. The same concept is emerging for a complete city giving rise to the term ‘Smart cities’. As India is on the verge of developing smart cities, smart and advanced technologies are being inculcated to make things happen. All the futuristic appliances are being engineered with smart integrations. Thus IoT applications are going to be an important part of business strategy for most of the mobile app development companies in India and across the world.
Location based services and GPS based mobile apps
Throughout 2016, location-based services (LBS) are predominantly defining the GPS based mobile apps. Apps like restaurant booking apps, taxi booking apps, apps for on-demand services like plumbers, carpenters, electricians, etc. In coming future, each and every utility service is going to use GPS based mobile apps to target potential customers.
Constantly growing app market
The market for mobile apps, which is already big, is going to grow and will become even bigger. Already the number of mobile apps in major app markets like Android Play Store and iOS App Store have reached the figure of 2 billion. As per the survey, 46 percent of mobile app users have used paid services of their apps. So by 2017, billions of downloads will generate around $77 billion of revenue. mobile app store revenue  
At Krify, we are constantly following the updates in mobile app development trends and create robust applications to compete and deliver the best to survive and excel in the competition of the market.
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mobile app analytics tool integration

Best Mobile App Analytics Tools and Its Usage To Optimize The Revenue

Once your mobile app is launched and you start looking for the data to measure the extent to which the app is successful, first and the only thing you get to know easily is how many people have downloaded your app. But definitely, it is not the only thing to track when it comes to mobile app analytics. It is also important to learn how, where, when and which type of audience is using your app. Mobile app analytics are there to help you get such insights on usage of your mobile app.

Even if the app download rate for your mobile app is very good in the beginning, it happens that people start uninstalling the app within few days, which can be explained by digging into the analytics of your mobile app.

Best and trustworthy mobile app analytics tools are available that will help you get the data, which can help you analyze how people are using the app, which are the pain points and more. Considering the analytics of your app, you can get the direction towards working and improving the performance of your app, which will take your app to next level.

For a good number of app downloads and revenue, there is much more behind these numbers that can be accessed using analytics tools.

How mobile app analytics tools can help?

Mobile app analytics tool helps us get insight about the performance of the app and let us plan and take action to rectify the flaws and improve the app performance. App analytics data gives insight on following aspects of an app.

How many people are using your app?

Mobile app analytics tool allows us to monitor how many users are being acquired, from where they are coming and how they are engaging with the content; all this report can be generated in real time. App analytics reports are generated in real-time using which we can see the number of users for each app version, geographical location of users, screens on which users are active, etc.

How to use analytics data to optimise User experience?

Analytics data report helps us understand how users are moving through the app and how they are interacting with the app. This can help us find answers to questions like:

  • At which point users are leaving the app?
  • Do we have any bottlenecks?
  • How is the user behavior different with respect to operating system, language, etc?
Which OS/Feature should we focus on?

As the app considered for further development, new challenges arise and we need to focus on things like what Operating System should we use? Which feature should be focused more? This type of data is important to decide the best for the business.

Top Mobile App Analytics tools

Flurry is one of the oldest and most respected app analytics platforms available in the market. In 2015, Yahoo acquired Flurry and it became the part of Yahoo Mobile Development Suite. Flurry focuses on user acquisition analytics and provides data about the number of sessions. Flurry also has an ad network, which gives you data regarding active users, frequency of users and metrics on your ad performance. It provides you the detailed user acquisition reports. The UI of Flurry is intuitive and easy to navigate, and used by big hits like Facebook to manage their apps.

Flurry offers lightweight and easy to install SDK and you can get the data as soon as you install it. Download the Flurry SDK and detailed documentation for knowing your app performance.

Flurry mobile app analytics

Cost: Free

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Mobile Web


Yes, Google has not stayed behind when it comes to analytics of mobile app. Along with Google analytics for website Google launched analytics for the mobile app too. The advantage of using Google analytics is that if you are using it for your website, you can also get your app analytics in the same dashboard. Google mobile app analytics is easy to use especially if you know how to use it for the web. The Google app analytics package includes Audience, Behaviour, Acquisition, and Conversions. Audience part tells you about new vs. returning users. Behaviour shows details regarding user action when they are using the app like number of screens viewed, the number of screens per session, average time on screen and number of crashes. The acquisition lets you know how users are accessing it for the first time.

The Mobile Analytics website also has a few success stories that illustrate the importance of using analytics to maximize the results you are getting from your app.

Another important feature is that it integrates with AdMob. It will let you know how your paid campaigns are doing.

google mobile app analytics

Cost: Free

Platforms: iOS, Android


Apple too jumped into analytics tools and launched their analytics platform in iTunes Connect. A few of the key features are:

A few of the key features are:

  • Filters – You can filter metrics by things like app version or iOS version. Makes it easier to drill down to see which segments you are doing well in.
  • Sources – Some basic tools for measuring the results from paid and organic traffic sources.
  • Retention – Since retention is a key signal of how good your app is, understanding how long people are sticking around is vital to your success.

This tool gives fewer details as compared to other tools but the important part is that you can view some key metrics without leaving the iTunes Dashboard.

Checkout the WWDC presentation to know how to get most out of the App Analytics.

Apple app analytics

Cost: Free

Platform: iOS


Countly is less famous than Flurry and Google but it has a cool design, unique positioning, and a great UI. It provides insights about how users are experiencing your app. It can give you deepest insights like button clicks, swipe screens, time spent on the app and each and every app movement is stored in the database.

It also has Enterprise Edition and Cloud Edition. This tool is also helpful in targeting related audience through push notification, segmentation or attribution tracking.

Cost: Free if self-hosted (open source)

Platforms: iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone.

Krify offers mobile app analytics integration along with mobile app development services. Through mobile app analytics get regular updates on various important analytics components that can help businesses with following things:

  • Understand the mobile metrics to know the ROI of investments done on marketing.
  • Knowing exactly how well the first version of your app is doing, you can plan the investment for next versions.
  • Understanding the mobile journey and pre-purchase research of your customers, you can optimize your next mobile campaigns.

Krify offers complete mobile solution for managing your business and maximize your sales. Mobile app development is the first step towards it. Once we have a mobile app for your business we can work together to ensure the consistent data collection, ongoing maintenance and usage of mobile app analytics. Contact us today for complete mobile solution for your business.

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Why Your Business Needs Content Marketing?

According to the present scenario, content marketing and content marketing strategy are two new favorite buzzwords, which has become such a popular trend. Content marketing is all about delivering the right content, at the right time, to the right audience, in the right place, while telling the right story. Smart marketers have already understood that there is a better way than the traditional marketing and that is online content marketing. So what exactly Content Marketing means? Content marketing can be defined as follows: “Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”
What is the importance of Content Marketing?
The important word mentioned in above definition is “valuable”. Every piece of content cannot become the part of content marketing campaign. To be a part of the content marketing campaign, the content piece should be the one, which people want to consume it instead of avoiding it. content-strategy-2
Content Strategy & Content Marketing Strategy
Content strategy and content marketing strategy are often considered as same but they are not. Yes, there is some overlap, but they are two different concepts. The Content strategy consists of strategies of how and which content you are going to create, publish, promote and track for results, that brings out the structure and role your organization plays. Content marketing strategy should be conscious of the of the story of the organization that needs to be told to audiences and should craft innovative ways to engage the audience.
Components of Content Strategy
To achieve the ultimate goal of content strategy i.e. satisfying expectations from users and meeting business objectives, following things are important to consider.
Content strategy considering peer-disciplines
“Content is the king”, we have heard this for a lot many times now, but content alone cannot make the digital project successful. The successful content strategy needs teamwork with its peer-disciplines. During content strategy, various peer-disciplines that should be consulted crucially are:
  • Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Marketing
  • Brand Building
Framework for content and content creators
Content strategy should be designed keeping in mind the business objectives but at the same time, the content being delivered should be useful and engaging as well. The content should have following components:
  • Substance – the message we want to deliver i.e. the topic, style and tone.
  • Structure – prioritization and breaking up the content into meaningful building blocks.
  • Governance – there should be integrity, quality and consistency throughout the content.
  • Workflow – to create and maintain the content, there should be standard tools, process and resources.
Components of Content Marketing Strategy
Now let's dive into the components of content marketing strategy:
Business goals
The first step while creating content marketing strategy is to carefully consider the business outcomes of what you are aiming to accomplish. State these goals clearly and objectives required to achieve these goals.
Competitive audit
Research on your competitors and list them down. Try to identify where do they publish and market their content and which type of content they  publish preferably. Check out their publishing frequency and the subject matter that they cover. You will need this data to identify that how your strategy should be different to compete with the noise made by competitors.
Customer profiles
Study and develop each type of potential customer you want to win and main points associated with them, regarding their desires, interests, etc.
Content distribution
Strategize how and through what medium you will display your content to audiences; through social media, video sharing sites, email, etc. Depending on this refine your approach.
Result measurement
To consider the result of your efforts as successful, you should have important KPIs (key performance indicators) in terms of shares, pageviews, time on page, followers, etc. The ultimate goal should be the qualified leads, sales, purchases and customer with higher values, which is important to prove ROI (return on investment).
Tools for content
Make sure about the tools that you are using to create content like any CMS (content management system) development such as WordPress. The resource for content creation should also be certain either your own writing staff or hiring content writing services. You should  have a good analytics software to track and measure your content like Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, etc. Yes, content marketing sounds like too much of work but it is crucial and worth for the amount of time and effort spent on crafting the strategy and executing it. Blindly publishing a ton of content is not the right way, you need to define your goals, plan tactics and then proceed with your strategy. And yes, effective content marketing should involve testing and tweaking – continuous diligence brings more awareness, brand impact and profit. Krify is a multinational Web, Mobile App Development and Digital Marketing Solutions Company. Are you looking for developing effective content or strategizing content marketing for your business? Contact our Content Marketing expert now for the consultation and complete content marketing strategy, to achieve your business goals.
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On-Demand Food Delivery App – Next Big Thing in On-Demand Economy

On-demand mobile applications is a booming business trend that grabbed the bigger limelight in past 2-3 years. Today we have many successful examples of on-demand mobile apps that have capitalized on-demand services like Uber, lyft, Postmates, Instacart, Dash,
Why on-demand apps are on the rampage?
With the success of Uber, business models with on demand app ideas got validation and trend started booming thereafter.
Economy statistics for On Demand Apps (USA)
  • 42% of adult population have used at least one on-demand service.
  • 51% of people offering services in on-demand economy experienced improved financial status
  • 46% of on-demand consumers have an annual income of less than $50,000 and only 22% have an annual income of more than $100,000 or more. It implies that on-demand economy is not for wealthy only.
Future of on-demand apps
Considering the recent investment patterns coming out from the venture capital firms and also the statistics mentioned above regarding on-demand economy, it gives a positive prediction that on-demand economy is here to stay. The on-demand app economy allows you to use it to order anything at the time, when you need it the most. Food delivery, package delivery, ride to a place, helping some other person to build bookshelves, booking a spontaneous getaway, today’s advanced app technology and app economy has got covered many things that has made consumer’s life easy, where they can rely on powerful on-demand apps for finishing their daily chores as well as special needs.
How everything got Uberified?
The concept of Uber was not fully recognised initially even by tech gurus. But today Uber has become the leading player in the on-demand world. But merely copying the Uber model and implementing it in various segments of different industries may not help. In reality, the term ‘Uber for X, Uber for Y, Uber for Z’ 'Uberification' of everything, are being used, but the Uber model may or may not be fit for each and every domain. It is time to make changes in the business model that will help to beat the competition where consumers want to get everything on demand by simply tapping on their smartphones. The on-demand economy has so far proving to be good for consumers, service providers including technology platforms.
Online Food Delivery Apps
The appetite for food delivery has never been so great as it can be seen in the year 2016, which is evident from the immense growth in takeaway food and home delivery sector, such that it is outpacing the restaurant industry. This is all due to consumers’ priority to the convenience and ease that on-demand food delivery offers. Depending on the psychology of convenience, the research on convenience has identified the following types of convenience that people find with on-demand food delivery app.
Decision Convenience
– Ratings and reviews for restaurants and its food, from users of food delivery apps, which help you decide fast and make it easy to choose.
Location Convenience
– Users can expect to receive hot meals or whatever they feel like eating, get delivered at their location, whenever and wherever they want.
Payment Convenience
– Users can pay fast and in an easy way using such apps with cards, PayPal accounts and wallets like Apple Pay and Android Pay.
Repeat users’ Convenience
– Users can make it even faster when they go for re-purchase. User’s address, payment details, favourite things to re-order can be bookmarked for next easy food order. Another facet to on-demand food delivery business is that some of the food start-ups in Asia, Europe and the US have failed. The prime reason behind such failures is the complexity involved with the three-sided business model that needs to satisfy consumers, restaurants, and couriers. So this is the high time and now the market will see the major shift in the way consumers are buying and consuming food.
There are three predominant business models prevalent in this business today which are:
  •          The order only model
  •          The order and delivery model
  •          The fully integrated model
Each model may pose different challenges and may have its own advantages or disadvantages. So the companies can grow as market winners when they choose the business model considering the recent shift being observed in the consumer behaviour.
If your goal is to setup and build the next chartbuster on-demand food app, then contact us today. Our team with technology expertise, experience and consultative approach towards the business, in the area of on-demand apps, can help you shape an outstanding and scalable on-demand food app. Hire us for your on-demand mobile app development now, by choosing us as your technology partner.
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Google allo conversation moving

Why to Go for Google Allo? – 10 Features Moving Smart Conversations

Google released a new smart messaging app, Google Allo. Lets get familiarised with the Google Allo. It is a smartest messaging application that supports you to say more with your loved once – express more effectively and do more than just using words. Express yourself dramatically with stickers, doodles, and HUGE emojis & text. Allo also brings you the Google Assistant, only preview edition for now. What is Google Allo's Smart Reply? Smart Reply works with simple taps i.e. you can reply to messages with a single tap, which offers you to send a quick repliy.

For Instance you want to send “yup” in answer to a friend asking for “Are you coming out?”. You can do this with a single tap. Liked this speed?

Google allo conversation
What Google Allo offers you for using pictures/stickers during conversations? Google Allo is amusing product from Google for nonstop chat support through exchanging text, pictures, stickers and many more texting style and speed, that can be chosen based on your personality through customisation and edit support.

“Google Allo assistant bringing the wings for two way communication”

smart replys allo conversation

Personalised Google Assistant for you: Google Assistant can perform actions for you as per your need, based on live conversation with you about your friends. For instance, it can help you to grab an address with help of '@google' to assist you within the chat, either group or direct. What features you can fetch through Google Allo as users?
  1. Turn your pictures into the smart work of art.
  2. Make your own perfect sticker to express and share with your dear ones.
  3. One-on-one text is possible with Google #Assistant bot, for any info.
  4. Share everything using Google Assistant, whenever you want it.
  5. Chat in incognito mode (private mode).
  6. Text formatting and more advanced features.
  7. End to End Selective encryption.
  8. Recognition of Picture.
  9. Responses are now automatic.
  10. Searches are possible now In-message.

Try now Google Allo for all such exciting features and many more....

Who can develop apps similar to Google Allo? Krify houses an expert team of Mobile Apps Developers  who are following their passion towards developing iOS, Windows, Android and Cross platform apps. Krify offers mobile app development with Krify's own server integrations using the Open source servers and protocol in, for you. Get in touch to start with developing mobile apps now….
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Virtual Reality Devices – Backpack Computers

Next Level Virtual Reality Devices – Backpack Computers

In the business economy, VR ONE is the first freestyle for gamers to meet the virtual reality style gaming using the VR headset with a cutting-edge precision optics and cardboard holders mostly for Android, iOS, and Windows mobiles. In VR journey, from the past we have seen devices like HoloLens – Augmented Reality & Virtual reality to Hardware Tech Edge behind Microsoft’s HoloLens “Teleportation” by Microsoft, Virtual Reality Mobile Cardboards which are all given with the same device mobile controls … and now it is going to be the next level with the different version, meaning the next generation VR devices can now control other devices. Just like that!! Drone VR Drive:   Here the following video shows a great way how to connect your drone vehicle using the VR apps development with android and iOS devices support to fly to its heights of virtual reality experiences. VR Gamings: You should brilliant enough to play VR Games using Virtual Reality Devices in order to play the action games using the high configured hardware devices like Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, and few others. Do you think here VR Economy stopped? Nope! As technology is bringing a lot many changes in different activities from one scenario to another, the Virtual Reality too is showing variations as simple as like Hardware is now modulating to fit for VR Economy. For an instance…

"One of the leading brands of the gaming business, MSI has put these desires together to meet the real-time user experiences in the world with virtual reality. "

Backpack Virtual Reality Devices Here they are presenting the latest creation of virtual reality with an all new gaming experience named as the Backpack PC. MSI (Micro-Star International) is impeccably ahead on meeting gamers’ desires using the MSI Backpack PC. The only need of introducing the Backpack PC is to become most up-to-date solutions for extreme gamers for playing games. Yes! As you can see this Backpack PC is literally built to be worn on the back of you. Check out the experience in the below video.   VR experts are promising that you can get the premium experience while using the VR Backpack devices for gaming, anywhere you like - Tokyo Games Show. The backpack looks like a much-enhanced render of an angry Transformer officially called as armor design of braveness, highlights the power of mobility and says that its "muscle shape with smooth outlines fashion the look of a champion in the VR world. The backpack has the support of latest 3D UX/UI with the support of android studio and iOS gaming apps. Virtual Reality Devices VR Gaming MSI PC Backpack is a backpack with a covering made of plastic and metal system with Core i7-6700K processor, GTX 980 graphics card. Easy to connect your USB, HDMI, and your headphones connectors to be straddling on top of the backpack, so you can connect your VR glasses using a pair of short cables. However, the company did mention the potential for launch in the end-of-the year .
"Krify has a team has eagerly waiting for the launch of MSI PC BackPack as techy lovers are eager to connect through the mobile and web app world." - Get in touch for converting your gaming idea into an interesting gaming app through mobile apps development now !!
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XMPP Social Chat Apps Development

Sender – Receiver communication Via XMPP – Server Trends 2016 – 2017

The big servers on the globe are inspiring with the happenings of Internet of Things (IoT) 2020 and getting ready exploit the internet technology to interconnect various devices and operate on a single click – a tap. Various researchers proving in real-time that heftier data packets is now possible by sophisticated algorithms implementation on the servers to route the data. What is a SERVER? A Server is a client’s machine (basically a high performance computer with bulk memories) programmed to serve different clients (computers) - requests and response back to back to serve them with in response time. To simplify it, server is a computer that helps you on your request and responds with information, through data packets. What features Server provides you? Server helps in accessing the right data packet with right request as a response, with following features for user client…

To access – to check, copy, distribute and transmit the data packets

To Rehash – to adapt the data packet

If you are the server side it offers you to host the servers…

To Share – to copy data packet on/from server space

To Push – to push/pull data packet

To Update – to update your files/ data packet

To Manage – to control the file permission in open / closed networks (Private/Public networks)

Note: Server provides different feature and services on different permissions and restrictions for user clients and admin clients. XMPP Server What is Server Space or Hosting Space? The server space or hosting space is a standard memory which techies use to host their web pages, data, information ... etc. that can be accessed globally. The global servers are managed by the hosting service providers like Krify, Godaddy, Hostgator, bluehost, and few more to store the global client’s data. “The future of computing defamation's in information storing, security like things. As computing proceeds a much more dynamic role few of #Internet of Things Expo’s already address the challenges going to be needed from where we are currently to this future.” Coming to XMPP: XMPP is an open-source IM protocol intended to permit interoperability between different Instant Messaging client programs. “Extensible Messaging and Presence protocol”, abbreviated as XMPP, is a communication protocol for message oriented middle-ware based on Extensible Markup Languages –XML, officially named as Jabber.  Where Jabber is now extended with a mix of Erlang programming language to jabberd - XMPP application server, called as #ejabberd. All the operations in ejabber is to power-up XMPP to become a rock solid extensible XMPP Server. ejabber Social Chat trends Via Jabber - XMPP server features: Do you know top social messenger called what’s app is using XMPP for extensible communication between two are more people, more over the protocol has been used similarly for signaling for VoIP, video, gaming, file transfer, the Internet of Things (IoT) applications such as the smart grid and social networking services. XMPP offers support for social chat apps development. Some of the social chat app developers using same server are IMO, Skype, Google Talk, Ebuddy, AIM, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! etc. All these works under the track of XMMP server as an Instant Messaging Client!
  1. Instant Messaging: It is a chatting approach between two or more individuals where the text is sent over the "Internet”.
  2. Group chat 1.0: XMMP facilitate multiple users to text at the same time with time synced in between different time zones.
  3. Advanced Message Processing: Progressive processing of XMPP communication sections include consistent data transport, time-sensitive conveyance and expiration of momentary messages.
  4. Byte stream can be both direct (peer-to-peer) or refereed (through a special purpose proxy server). The classic transport protocol used is TCP, with UDP to support optionally XMPP messaging.
  5. Entity Capabilities: The format has been kept as small as possible for standard XMPP transport mechanism for broadcasting the information that may be hidden either within a session or across sessions, on capabilities.
  6. Chat Notifications: The whole chat sessions includes possibilities of chat session with notifications like chat partner is actively engaged (online) in the chat, composing a message (Typing), temporarily paused, inactive, or gone (Offline).
  7. Service discovery: The identification of information can be discovered through capabilities the one to one entity and the multiple items associated with an entity chat groups.
  8. Feature Compromise: Manual customization helps the contextual feature options, such as accepting and denying the parameters of a file transfer or in communication sessions.
  9. Flexible Offline Communication: The XMPP allows users to retrieve its conversation (offline messages) when login in measured approach, without getting later retrieval flood of left messages from the server.
  10. User Location: XMPP provides interactive information with the identification of current geographical location (Maps Integration) on physical devices.
  11. User-Mood: Payload set-up for communicating info about user attitudes (Status), such as whether individual is currently sad, angry, happy or annoyed. User mode is transported by using the typically personal eventing protocol specified in XEP-0163
  12. Message Delivery Receipts: XMPP protocol provides message delivery receipts, whereby the dispatcher of a message can demand notification that the message has been delivered to a client - controlled by the future recipient.
Latest XMPP trends of 2016 extensions are facilitating business to development of whats app kind of applications by using the XMPP servers and upcoming trends in chatting apps around the business corner is now available as  open source, developed by the experienced chatting app developers. XMPP also provides calling feature with Android Apps and iOS Apps development using XMPP server integrations, using VOIP and SIP server protocols implementation on XMPP. VOIP Ejabbered Not Only for text messaging the Host XMPP-based live chats and WebRTC mix can facilitate the real video audio conversations right and conferences all without any additional software or plugins. Do you know XMPP Server trends is going to play a vital role in Internet Of Things? The Internet of Things is the record trending technology today that attitudes alongside wearable and robotics for it, through using XMPP extension called XAMPP. Confused? What is XMPP and what is XAMPP? Yes! There is a slight spelling difference between XAMPP & XMPP :P XAMPP is open source and free cross-platform web server solution stack package established by Apache. It includes Apache HTTP Server, MariaDB database and interpreters for scripts written in the PHP and PPL. XMMP Possibilities

Huff…! There are lot many things on and about servers, ask us we will help how to build up your business!

How XMPP is important for your Business App? XMPP is providing a great way to connect businesses with everyone over the web by chat transpiration. Whatsapp kind of apps development, clone of hike app development, or an example is at the right side below corner, you’ll found a chat box ;) which connects us with you.
  1. Get connected online - chat with your own Database.
  2. Connect socially - text & call with anyone online.
  3. Share, Receive, Sync files online.
  4. Gamers can connect and play multiplayer games.
  5. Share your screens – Screen-cast, broadcast
  6. Video Conferences, IOT and many more...
The more you ask us, the more options you’ll get! Get in touch for your Social messaging apps development!
Get in touch for your mobile app development and Server needs, with our experienced chatting app developers – Krify brings to you social chatting apps development with an expert mobile app and web development teams based in India, UK, US.”
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Top mobile UI design trends 2017

Top Mobile UI Design Trends to Expect in 2017

Design industry evolves with the lightning speed and to stay in the race it is important to follow the recent industry standards. As a designer or as a leading technology firm into designing, it is important to be aware of the shifts going in the industry, irrespective of whether you want to follow the trend. check out some of the hot and important trends that we should follow in 2017 and implement them.

Check out some of the hot and important Mobile UI Design to follow in 2017

  • Motion Design
Motion design has already started appearing everywhere, in which just tapping on app button has been converted into something more meaning by giving it a motion. This motion design gives user a focal point and gives an immersive experience to users. Motion design has begun to become a whole new standard for representation of keynote elements. motion design in mobile UI

Upgradations of UI for gestures

New interesting gestures have been added to mobile apps with respect to user experience, usability and retention. It would not be wrong to say that implementation of gestures in the user experience of any mobile app is crucial for its success. To make the app more content-focused and improve speed and user interaction of the app and for better UI, we need to understand gestures in a better way. Gestures include touch mechanics and touch activities. Touch mechanics is something which your fingers do on the screen, it include: touch (tap), double touch, force touch, long press, long-press drag, drag, swipe or fling, pinch open, pinch closed, two-finger touch, two-finger long press, Two-finger long-press drag, two-finger drag, swipe or fling, two-finger double touch, rotate. Touch activities is the result of what is produced by touch mechanics. With the constant visible rise in number of smartphone users, designers need to go design better range of mobile gestures. material design for mobile app designs in 2017

Material Design again

Material Design has proven itself as the best design trend in 2016 and it is going to continue its ever popular trend in 2017 too. Material design allows in creating designs that simplifies user engagement on various mobile platforms. Some of the amazing examples are Google Maps, YouTube, Google Drive, etc. which are available for both Android and iOS platforms. Material design uses techniques like shadows, gradients and other subtle 3D effects, rather than being completely flat. This will improve the UX on mobiles considerably well. The adoption of material design was slow in case of various Android apps, we expect to see more popular apps adopting material designs. multi-app split screen for Android and iOS

Multi-app Split Screen

The multi-app, split-screen work flow allows you to do multiple things on your screen. This means one can check tweets, do emails and access an app at the time. It saves time and helps in avoiding the trouble of constantly switching between two or more app windows. This feature is already been integrated in iPad Pro. Now it’s the time to introduce mobile split-screen on Android devices. Designers and Developers need to focus on producing such multitasking feature for Android.

Passive Color Contrast

 It has been always suggested in past years to keep contrast loud so that it will facilitate the reading on screen. But in 2016, this trend started shifting towards more toned contrasts. In 2017, contrast will get even lesser loud and bit passive and more subtle, which is going to facilitate better reading experience and will be easier on user’s eyes.

Rise of Flat Design 2.0

As designers started to recognize flaws in flat design, flat design 2.0 emerged with the addition of subtle three dimensional design using delicate highlights, faint shadows and layer separation. Flat design 2.0 is now like material design in terms of gradients and 3D effects. With the arrival of 2017, more mobile sites and apps will have flat design too but with noticeable gradients indicating subtle 3D elements. This will improve the UI in terms of figuring out for users on where to slide and where to tap.

Personalisation in UI design

We are already aware of the ‘responsive design’, which is all about adapting a layout for various devices of different screen sizes. Now the personalisation of UI is the new concept, which is being looked at in 2017. It is based on the idea of apps can also behave differently towards different users with respect to the font size, eliminating flashing images, decreasing brightness of the screen and reducing the harsh sounds. This personalisation of UI can be achieved through the available metadata. This can be gained from the information provided by the user already i.e. on app, on device or on different platforms. Thus 2017, we can expect mobile app UI design to upgrade towards being more personalised and user-oriented than just being device-oriented.

Have a look at some more promising trends of mobile UI designing in 2017!

Card Design

card design in mobile UI designing

Complementary Gradients in Colors

complimentary color gradients in mobile UI designs

Typography – Font families

Typography - Font Families These UI design trends are definitely going to shape the future of mobile app designs in 2017 and coming years. Such designs which are more focused on better interface, good and enhanced user experience. Designers need to adopt these trends to sustain in the fast growing market for mobile apps.
Krify is a leading IT solution and services provider with a team of ace designers who stay updated with the designing trends within the industry. We offer web and mobile app design and development services at reasonable costs. Contact us today for free quotation.
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Technology Trends to Dominate in 2017

The year 2016 has come to an end, but in 2017 we will continue to see innovative updates to already existing technology rather any new, big and splashy device wave. In 2016 we saw important technological breakthroughs, which has changed the way we live, play and work. In the coming time, technologies are going to continue in a same way that will automate every other task involved in our life. So what to expect in this New Year, here are some tech trends for 2017, which you should keep an eye on. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Rise and Shine of Human Capabilities by Machines In 2016, we saw huge advancements in artificial intelligence, but 2017 may deliver even more as we can see that AI has gone mainstream. Industry research firm Gartner has predicted AI as the number one strategic technology in 2017 too. In 2017, AI will bring the focus on how we will communicate with computers and other devices, how AI systems will interact with each other and how we, humans are going to interact with each other regarding AI systems. We can already see the impact of AI reaching to groups outside the tech industries. Artificial intelligence which includes machine learning, advanced analytics and cognitive interfaces will lead to making more intelligent enterprises and their departments. Right from marketing, IT, procurement, customer service, supply chain to finance to legal – all departments will be operating with more efficiencies. The processes can be faster along with greater precision and will help in preventing errors proactively. So, AI is going to change the way businesses interact with their customers as well as employees. AI will play an important role in gathering individual information, which can be used to improve products and start new services to create values for customers and employees at highly personal level. Intelligent apps going to dominate everywhere Technologies like virtual personal assistants (VPAs) are intelligent apps and have the potential to transform the working style and make tasks easier. But intelligent apps are not limited to only digital assistants and every software category will be integrated with AI enabled systems, from security tools to enterprise apps like ERP or marketing or customer management. Industry Research Firm Gartner states that “most of the world’s largest 200 companies to exploit intelligent apps and utilize the full toolkit of big data and analytics tools to refine their offers and improve customer experience.” Home Automation Marketers will be pleased to learn that automation will become a bigger mainstay in and throughout 2017, with advanced technology enabling the automation of previously human-exclusive tasks. It is expected that this automation will improve the productivity with skyrocket speed in white collar jobs. Automation will make the systems at home easy to operate and can be controlled remotely. 2017 is going to be a landmark year in terms of home automation. [caption id="attachment_11548" align="aligncenter" width="634"]Internet of Things apps Internet of Things for Connecting and Interacting with Everything![/caption]   Internet of Things Like 2016, Internet of Things is going to be huge in this year too. Internet of Things will continue to enhance the way to interact with things and connect with objects. Low-power and wide-area networks are expected to go live in 2017, which will extend the reach of IoT devices. These networks will be an alternative to short-range wireless technologies like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Thus, even hard to reach devices would also be able to be connected to the internet. This will lead telecom operators to support low-bit-rate apps. This will make a way for enabling more objects to be embedded with chips and to be connected. This will help to run devices even in remote rural natural habitats. Digital world invading the physical world Mobile devices have added technology in the life of every common man, and it has become a part of everybody’s daily life. It’s rare to see anyone without a smartphone at any given time, giving us access to practically infinite information in the real-world. Online purchasing from websites already exists today, which helps online customers to buy and pick up products from a physical retail location, but in the next level, there will be further integrations between digital and physical world. Online brands like Amazon will own more physical products, like Dash Buttons, and physical brands like Walmart will start having more digital features, like store maps and product trials. Virtual and Augmented Reality The World has witnessed thousands of VR apps and games in 2016. Oculus Rift, a VR headset, received a positive response; Pokemon Go, an AR game, received an exploding number of downloads (over 100 million). Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality has really transformed the way humans are interacting with each other, devices and the environment we experience through such interactions. AR and VR technology are giving immersing experiences and is expanding beyond visual immersion. The market for AR and VR is ready and we can expect to see VR and AR devices and apps taking off really well in 2017. Enterprises will be having ample opportunities to follow for targeted applications in 2017. Everything on Demand Thanks to brands like Uber and the resulting madness of startups that are being built on the basis of Uberification of everything. On-demand apps connect consumers with service providers. Today there is Uber kind of model for every other service. In 2017, we expect this to see this develop even further. We have thousands of apps available to us to get rides, food deliveries, and even a place to stay for the night, but soon we’ll see this evolve into even stranger territory. Krify is a multinational mobile, wearable and web app development company based in India and UK. We provide IT solutions and services to help business automate their processes and upgrade to achieve bigger business growth. Our core competency include mobile apps, wearable apps, web apps and enterprise apps. Contact today for all your IT needs.
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digital-payments in India for cashless and digital payments

Making India a Cashless Economy through Digital Payments

Due to the demonetization drive from the Indian government, everybody in India is facing the issues to do transactions with hard cash. Although India is on the way towards the digital payment path, but Indian government’s demonetisation drive has definitely increased the pace of change towards cashless transactions. The Indian government is also gearing up to facilitate financial transactions through mobile payment, using Aadhar number. Aadhar enabled transaction solutions like Aadhar number linked mobile payment app will help in the process of cashless payments. National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) launched Aadhaar Payment Bridge System, which was one such system launched for electronically channelizing the Government subsidies and benefits in the Aadhaar Enabled Bank Accounts (AEBA) of the intended beneficiaries. All the efforts are being carried out to pave the path towards the cashless economy. In India, mobile payments and e-wallets are already being used by the urban population. Many people of middle and higher economic strata are using plastic money in India for various types of transactions. Many mobile payments apps are available to use for digital payments. To facilitate the micropayments and person-to-person payments, NPCI launched Unified Payment Interface (UPI), which was taken as a step towards achieving cashless economy in India. UPI is a system that enables multiple bank accounts (accounts of participating banks), banking services like fund transfer and merchant payments, all in a single mobile application. It is built on an Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) platform. Smartphone user can download and use the UPI app, if he or she has a bank account with the participating bank. UPI was launched by NPCI on 11th April 2016 and banks started uploading their UPI enabled apps on Google Play Store from 25th August 2016. NPCI launched UPI for cashless payment
How is UPI beneficial to banks?
  • Enable seamless merchant transactions
  • Single click, two factor authentication
  • Payment based on single/unique identifier
  • Universal application for all transactions
  • Innovative, safer and secured
  • Leveraging existing infrastructure
How will UPI help end consumers?
  • Single application for accessing different ban accounts.
  • Use of more secure virtual ID, no credential sharing
  • Raise compliant directly using mobile app
  • Round the clock availability of app
  • Single click authentication
Banks and merchants in India are trying to find out best ways to make digital payment reality in overall India. Various providers such as companies selling POS terminals (point of sale terminal – electronic device used to process card payments at retail locations), trying to find innovative ways to make cheaper card acceptance infrastructure to bring whole of India to transact online. Government’s latest move has definitely brought the digital payments in central debate. Many digital experts consider the POS system as a slower process and has less scalability. The generation of mobile payments has already started the wave of digital payment revolution in India.
Solution of Payment Gateway Integration to Facilitate Seamless Purchases
To facilitate online payments and transactions, payment gateway integration is essential. For most of the merchants, integration of payment gateway solution is the most challenging part. It makes easier for the customer and ensures the security of customer’s data. For merchants, it minimizes the amount of manual tasks and labor. Thus payment gateway integration allows you to accept a wide array of payments from all over the world. how payment gateway integration works and helps
Tighter Security Required for Using e-wallets
With the rise in digital payments, the security of consumer’s data also need extra attention. We need to build an extra secure payment ecosystem that should follow the RBI’s mobile payment guidelines as well as the strongest encryption algorithms to ensure complete security and safety of consumer’s data and mobile payment transactions. Currently, Paytm, Freecharge and Mobikwik are leading organisations of mobile payment industry, followed by new entries like Citrus Pay, Instamojo, TranServe and many more. There is still a lot to do to create a complete and vibrant mobile payment ecosystem that would help millions of merchants and consumers to accept digital cash. secure online payment and transactions
What to do to move India forward towards cashless economy?
For more and more cashless transactions, we need more organizations to focus on more of Paytm and Free charge type of app development. To achieve the complete cashless ecosystem, we need to focus on technologies for online payment mobile apps development.
Krify is a leading multinational company based in India and UK, serving customers across the world with IT solutions and services. Our core competency include mobile app, web, wearable app development and digital marketing services. Our mobility and software solutions empowers our clients to perform way ahead of competition by ideating, defining and implementing pivotal business solutions well in time.
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Cross-platform application development

Release of Angular 2.0, Ready to create your first Angular 2 App?

Angular JS is JavaScript based, open source, front-end web application framework for developing dynamic web apps. It allows you to use HTML as template language and also to extend HTML’s syntax that helps to express all components of your web app clearly.

It is primarily maintained by Google and its first version was launched by Google in 2010 as ‘Angular web application framework’. It is used to address challenges coming across in the process of single-page applications development. Angular’s important features like data binding and dependency injection reduce the amount of code need to be written otherwise. It is an ideal partner with any kind of server technology.

HTML is great for static documents but for building dynamic web applications in a way of ‘what do I have to do to trick the browser into doing what I want?’

The resisting mismatch between static documents and dynamic applications can be solved with frameworks and a library.

Frameworks – “a particular implementation of a web application, where your code fills in the details. The framework is in charge and it calls into your code when it needs something app-specific. E.g., durandal, ember, etc.

A library – “a collection of functions which are useful when writing web apps. Your code is in charge and it calls into the library when it sees fit. E.g., jQuery.

The approach used by Angular to minimize this resisting mismatch is by teaching the browser new syntax using a construct called ‘directives’.

Examples of directives are as follows:

  • Data binding.
  • Forms and form validation support.
  • Grouping of HTML into reusable components.
  • DOM control structures for repeating, showing and hiding DOM fragments.

web app development

Angular – A Complete Client-side Solution

Angular is a complete solution for building the client-side of a web application. It solved the problems encountered in the development of an emerging web. It manages all of the DOM and AJAX glue code written by you and arranges it in a well-defined structure.

Angular 2

After the success of Angular 1, its full-platform successor, Angular -2 was released at Google Headquarters on 15th September 2016. The company’s announcement mentions, “Angular 1 first solved the problem of how to develop for an emerging web. Six years later, the challenges faced by today’s application developers, and the sophistication of the devices that applications must support, have both changed immensely”.

Angular 2.0 came up with amazing new features like support for mobile development and modern browsers. Many of the core functionalities have been converted into modules. Now along with built-in libraries, third-party libraries can also be used easily.

After the release of Angular 2, the Angular team is going to release the updates via three channels i.e. Major, Minor, and Patch. Major versions will introduce incompatible API changes. Minor versions will come up with the addition of backwards-compatible functionality. Patch versions will bring fixes for backwards-compatible bugs.

Angular 2 core concept

Check out core concepts of Angular 2

Each Angular 2 application needs a set of components, for every screen, UI element, and route. A root component will hold all another set of components. Each component has input and output properties that are defined using property decorators. Input properties allow data flow into a component and output properties allow data flow out of the component. Input and output properties are the public API of a component.

The Angular 2 provides a higher-level API such that the native platform, the DOM, will reflect the state of the Angular application. This will help in two ways:

  • It will allow unit testing of the behaviour of the most of the part of an app without disturbing the DOM. This will make tests easier and faster.
  • It will be easier to refactor the components.
  • It will allow Angular applications to run completely outside of the browser on other platforms.
  • It will allow Angular applications to run in a web worker.

Angular 2 also provides such APIs, so that you can directly interact with the DOM. With Angular 2 any component can be bootstrapped as an application. Also, any component can be loaded into a router outlet. Thus you need to learn fewer APIs and it makes components more reusable.

Release of Angular 2.2.0

After the release of stable Angular 2.0 version, next update, Angular 2.1.0 was released as minor update and it does not contain any breaking changes. It came up as a drop-in replacement for version 2.0.x.

The most recent update on 15th Nov 2016, Angular version 2.2.0 was announced as a minor release. It too does not have any breaking changes and is a drop-in replacement for 2.1.x.

Now building dynamic web applications and cross-platform mobile applications will be easier and faster with the release of Angular 2. Krify has expertise in rendering and extending services for the development of Mobile Apps, Web Apps, Web-Hosting, UX & UI designs and Digital Marketing.

For converting your innovative mobile app idea, contact our business analyst to make it go live. Our expert native mobile app development team is here to support your app idea and develop a robust and powerful app.

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Why Home Based Business - Small Business require mobile apps or websites??

Success factors for Home Based Business – Small Business Startups

“If you have passion to work from home and chosen the right career to work from home, it could be a lot of fun”

There are numerous options available to choose and work to build a successful home based business on both small scale and large scale platforms by developing and empowering a new own system. What are the types of home based businesses? Home based businesses can be of two types: services based home business and product based home business. The business can be developed as an offline business or using the digital platform, any business can be developed as an online business or virtual store. In service based businesses, most of the small businesses deliver the service as one to one to customers, one to many home based businesses and most of them are home based virtual services or home-based digital services , which offer their services through online and offline mode, with direct and indirect presence. Here is the list of few home service based business ideas:
  • Personal Chef
  • Grant Writing Business
  • Home Health-Care Agency
  • House Cleaning
  • Dog Groomer
  • Wedding Coordinator
  • Freelance Writing
  • Graphic Design
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Medical transcription
  • Mobile Spa Business
  • Medical Spa
  • Wedding Planner or Bridal Consultant
  • Music for Kids
  • Hair Stylist
  • And few more
In product based businesses, most of the businesses are based on manufacturing items, preparing food items and preparing multiple handy items. Here is the list of some product-based home business ideas:
  • Ready for sale product - Bakery items exporting to shops or consumers
  • Embroidery work items
  • Water purification stations for purified water
  • Bakery/restaurant
  • Crafts making
  • Innovative Information Product - e.g. baby blanket preparation
  • Partner with major beauty brands
  • Marketplace for social good
  • Food for Philanthropy
  • Micro-giving for easy philanthropy
How to set-up a home-based business? Planning for home based business is not an easy thing. Without a clear idea of your goal and a perfect sketch with a detailed analysis of service or product demand that  in the market, any business cannot be successful. Every home based business needs the foundation of following basic criteria…
  1. Market analysis
  2. Identifying the demand for right business
  3. Selecting product based or service based business
  4. Research of idea
  5. Planning for investment
  6. Targeting to business end users
  7. Recheck of sellers – product based
  8. Recheck of end user – service based
  9. Synergy identification(employment required)
  10. Equipment ordering – purchases
few service home based businesses ideas On the other side of the coin, every business must focus on marketing for your home based business, online or offline promotions, which involves the following metrices…
  1. Identifying the right competitors
  2. Eye on the foot prints of competitors
  3. Implementing different ideas to promote your business
  4. Identifying end user promotion mediums
  5. Working on promotions parallel to business production/service
  6. Control of budgets – promotions
  7. Targeting viral digital mediums
What are the current trends in home based businesses? As days keeps on moving faster, the growth in the field of technology is par excellence. In the same way, business trends are taking wide turns and twists in both small scale businesses and large scale businesses. Yet 70% of people are undertaking home based businesses locally rather than going for international platform linked home businesses. But now as technology has made communications and collaboration easier through mobiles, systems and internet over the network in terms of cost and time. Success factors for Home Based Business: Businesses are currently more focused on online businesses, which helps them to connect with customer in a faster way and provide the service to them, as per the need of customers or clients depending on their business presence. What it needs to develop a home based business is the idea of a home-based work startup that would solve any of the existing problems of the consumer. It is importan to think and work in the direction that the business should be displayed in the market with reasonable cost or prices to target the potential end clients (people), in both service based businesses and product based businesses. current trends in home based businesses Different types of home based businesses starts with different investment budgets and is based on various technology business trends.
  1. After setting the complete business, business owner need to have a registered domain (Home based business website development) on their own name .
  2. Low investment startups and those who planned for a maximum budget with the best idea are choosing a mobile app development around their business presence and their customer presence like iOS app development and Android apps development.
  3. Also looking for online social media presence (social media marketing) where they can improve business as well as can touch base with clients and customers in real time.
  4. Creating the business places (Google, Bing business places integration) so that customers – clients can find them using technology.
  5. Going through paid campaigns (Adwords, Social Media Campaigns) can help in spreading their business to targeted regions.
The more passionate the home business people, they are looking for the best styles to evolving new home based businesses ideas and promoting styles.
Who can help Home Based Businesses for to achieve success? Krify can help you to bring the best response for business development and success through the impact of digital media on folks.
Get in touch with us for mobile application development and websites development for home based businesses. Our expert business analysts will bring the best suitable solution for your home-based business and startupsm to help you achieve the great success.
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VoIP Apps – Trending Solution for Business Communication

Voice Over Internet Protocol is a group of technologies that is used for provisioning of communication services over the public internet. VoIP or Internet Telephony has helped to eradicate the drawbacks of communication through landline connection and has continued to help in improving quality of communications happening within the large as well as small enterprises. In the competitive and customer oriented environment, stellar communication is crucial to stay ahead in the business. For enhanced flexibility, improved customer service and to be innovation-driven, VoIP based solutions help streamline your business operations. VoIP mobile apps for smartphones are easy option to connect with local as well as international audio and video calls. Apart from calling, instant messaging allows to share text messages as well as images. All this happens over the internet and thus using VoIP apps help cut the cost as compared to traditional calling and connecting. VoIP apps and VoIP calling is available for all platforms. VoIP app development for Android, iOS, Windows and cross platform allows you to use VoIP apps and VoIP calling for easy and cost-effective communications. Linphone is one such multiplatform, open source VoIP SIP client, which is used by mobile app developers for Linphone apps development. Linphone apps customization can be done and built for and can be supported by platforms like, MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows, etc.
SIP Servers For VoIP Calling
SIP server is the crucial component of IP PBX (private branch exchange), a telephone switching system within an enterprise that switches calls between VoIP users on local lines. It mainly handles the VoIP call set up in the network. SIP server manages only call setup and call tear down. It does not handle transmission or reception of any audio, which is managed by media server in RTP.
FreePBX and Asterisk for VoIP services
FreePBX is an open source graphical user interface (GUI) which manages Asterisk, a voice over IP and telephony server. Asterisk with the FreePBX front-end serves as PBX (private branch exchange), which is required for communication through audio-video calling, conference calling, text and image sharing using the internet. Using SIP telephony is the most secured communication for businesses of all size, large or small. For the high ended multimedia communication over the internet protocol i.e. for internet telephony, the business needs a customized Linphone app along with SIP server installation that include installation, setup and configuration of PBX system. This involves, installing PBX system based on CentOS7 operating system, setting up PBX system that supports ZRTP functionality, installing the matching Web GUI and configuration. Integrating VoIP technology and improving business communications is making a powerful impact on the growth of the businesses.
Krify is a leading web and mobile app development company with competency in digital marketing solutions. Linphone app customisation and SIP server installation is one of our core competency and we have helped several businesses to streamline their processes and improve communications through VoIP app development. Contact us today on how VoIP technology can improve your business.
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Are your Web Designs User-centric Designs?

Website’s effectiveness is primarily decided by the Web Design and its usability. Websites with user-centric designs have become a standard approach for developing a successful and profit-oriented web design. Let’s focus on important approaches for effective web design that can lead towards producing more sophisticated web designs.
Designing for Usability
If users or your targeted consumers does not find your product user-friendly, today or tomorrow, they will surely dump it. Because if there is not any usability in what you are producing, users will not feel like using it again. Web designing with usability is the foundation towards building a website, which is successful.
As Steve Jobs rightly said, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”
Design is about fulfilling User’s needs
For the success of any website or digital product, designs play an important role. Perfect web designs are those that work, fast to load and surface the right content quickly. Web designs should be able to provide people what they need and people should depend on them for searching anything on the web.
Designs = Aesthetics + an intent
Designs should be presentable and should be able to give what user is looking for. The design could be lightweight, trend-conscious or heavily styled, but it should be clear on its intent of what it needs to convey. It should be in sync with context, relevant and the user should be able to make a decision where to go next with minimum effort.
Allowing users to get what they need
Design elements should not inhibit users from completing their actions. The web design should be able to deliver a delightful experience to the user that will compel them to visit back to your website. The interaction flow is critical that allows users to complete their tasks smoothly and successfully. To achieve this, web designs should have following attributes:
  • Simple navigation
  • Organizing the content into relevant groups
  • Ensure the readability by taking care of fonts, colours, etc.
  • Don’t test user’s patience, user should be allowed to get what they need quickly.
How perfect web designs helps cutting the competition
When any business is launched that have useful service and provides a great user experience, the innovation in service itself can act as foundation stone in building and establishing any brand. When your service or product is not new and already there are many competitors in the field, then designs can pay a crucial role in cutting down the competition. Even if the old service is offered in a completely new form, this question will not be asked “why you have to choose me”.
Designing a site
Before starting the designing of the website, one should always sketch the overall schematic on a white board. So how to start this process of sketching, as follows:
  • Start with the navigation point and organize all menu tabs in order of importance.
  • Before creating the content, decide what content you want to put on pages concisely. Keep only those relevant pages, which visitors will look for.
  • If you are going to design for the information-rich site, create multiple navigation menus that will serve the information quickly that visitor is looking for.
  • Also while designing the site, one should make sure that visitor should not get lost in the content. Make them navigate through the content and reach to the information they want, by putting links on home-page for important internal pages.
To conclude
User experience depends on many other parameters but the most important is the balanced combination of beautiful designs and its usability. It is not necessary that only overwhelming and unique designs are great. Yes, it draws attention but is not powerful enough to satisfy the requirements of users.
Krify houses an expert team of website designers, experienced enough to read between the lines and craft designs keeping in mind what is crucial for the success of website. Hire our website developers now to give your website, aesthetics and usefulness at the same time.
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The Best TCP/IP Light Weight Protocol – MQTT Over Eclipse Mosquitto

The best TCP/IP Light Weight Protocol – MQTT Over Eclipse Mosquitto

We all know Internet Networks these days almost using the Internet protocols IP 4 or IP v6 versions in the networking stacks. Now we are discussing all about how a basic communication app development happens using the different OSI layers combination. Technically going into brief about the communication apps development between one network sources app to another network sources app on basis of the OSI model (Open Systems Interconnection) established by the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) where set of protocols are combined to architecture one to one by dividing open system into different layers as shown in following picture. MQTT Mobile Apps - TCP/IP Starting from Physical Layer: A bit base stuffed through data (i.e., characters, symbols – bits or images, and videos - pixelated) is in bits represented across a physical layer medium in networking apps development with standards includes IEEE 802.3 (Ethernet), IEEE 802.11 (Wireless Ethernet) regardless of networking mediums. The second most important Data Link Layer: is always responsible for linking formation of data packet delivery as an input to network layer. In social communication apps development similar to WhatsApp data link layer plays a significant role for information (data packets) identification on favoring performances of the messaging apps development by operations like sequencing messages with error check, media access management, getting and throwing acknowledgements through frames traffic control over the header popping and pushing addresses. Few protocols used alike High-Level Data Link Control (HDLC), Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), Point to Point Protocol (PPP) and Frame Relay. The Network Layer: not only brands the stream of traffic routing judgments but also offers traffic control on packets routing by performing operations like logical addressing using Internet Protocol (IP addresses) and Fragmentation of packets. Network layer is supreme common network for IP addressing in Internet using devices. In Networking app development also uses similar protocols like Internet Group Message Protocol (IGMP) and Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP). Transport layer: serves to the network layer by tanking responsibilities of messages segmentation and acknowledgement delivery to help in traffic control using sessions multiplexing. The Transport layer mainly helps in chat apps development to perform the error detection and corrections over message reorganization to ensure message sequence (and also sends the request for missing messages) as a reliable message channel. In mobile apps development using transport layer comprises with protocols like User Datagram Protocol (UDP) and Transport Control Protocol (TCP). Session is the best supporting security supplier on establishing and terminating the interactive messages (information) interchange in any session based apps development usually take care by the session layer using common protocols like NetBIOS and Named Pipes. Yup! The key of machine level languages apps development is - ASCII, - EBCDIC, - Unicode, is character code basically translations done using presentation layer with services like data conversion, encryption and compression. All these through Transport Layer Security (TLS), Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME). Different hangout kind chat apps development functionalities are hang on the application layer which allows the application for resource sharing remotely for file access, printer access in the network level management, and application layer is important layer for email integrated apps development (electronic messaging). The application layer protocols familiarly for common Internet apps development includes the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and Domain Name Service (DNS).
Technology TCP / IP “The Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) developed by International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee (CCITT) and Transport Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) ware developed by US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) at parallel times in past but still used when describing modern day protocols”
Now we are approaching the Best TCP/IP Light Weight ProtocolMQTT over Eclipse Mosquitto: What is MQTT? The word MQTT – Abbreviates as Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) officially called ‘MQ Telemetry Transport’. The MQTT is a light weight message protocol used for queuing of message resources constrained of network users. Progression of MQ Telemetry Transport: MQ - offers the message queuing i.e. lining up of data packets from one source to another source over the missionary equipment’s at network level packet transmission. Telemetry’ is the high end auto measurement & wireless transmission of data from remote sources. Suppose like Sensors at different sources with measure of electrical data (current, voltage), physical data (pressure, temperature) and all these are measured along with timing data info under a multiplexer procedures according to user specifications And the word Transport’ we are well known of packets transmission ( delivering messages – receiver to sender via network) works by using Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) over the network layer with the help of Internet protocols in IOT of applications. Yeah its sound’s a bit new Telemetry Telemetry is the automatic measurement and wireless transmission of data from remote sources. In general, telemetry works in the following way: (such as voltage or current) or (such as temperature or pressure). These measurements are converted to specific electrical voltages. The voltages, into a single data stream for transmission to a remote receiver. Upon reception, the data stream is separated into its original components and the data is displayed and.
MQTT Offers in apps development “MQTT is a connective protocol complete machine-to-machine (M2M) protocol / i.e., Internet of Things protocol" - with auto message updates!
What MQTT Offers in apps development? MQTT Real Environments: MQTT apps works to auto measure and deliver the messages (alerts) in a way initiate or obtain (Send/Receive) on different scenarios depends on the mobile application using MQTT clients. MQTT offers device applications development given by the Quality of Service (QoS) with a promise between sender and receiver message concerning the guarantee of delivering a message over three different agreements.
  1. At most once:
By agreeing this clients messages are delivered rendering to the best efforts of the basic Internet Protocol network. i.e., Message loss might occur. The quality of service is with interactive ambient sensor data.
  1. At least once
By agreeing this clients messages are assured to arrive but duplicates might occur.
  1. Exactly once
By agreeing this clients messages are guaranteed to arrive precisely once. Application development approaches in MQTT: MQTT machine apps setup follows a few tactics in communication providence over the network on both cloud and direct communications applications. i.e.
  1. MQTT Connect: Client need to wait and connect server for a connection establishment to serve messages.
  2. MQTT Disconnect: Client wait for until they done (finish) communication or any other work. So far the MQTT TCP/IP session is disconnected.
  3. MQTT Subscribe: Client need request server to let the client subscribe to the list or one topics (scenario for an instance weather reporting messages).
  4. MQTT Unsubscribe:Client need to request the server to let remove from subscribed list or group (to unsubscribe) in different scenarios.
  5. MQTT Publish: Client returns immediately to application thread after passing request to the MQTT client.
MQTT Server Mosquito Request Response – IOT mobile Apps: In MQTT IOT mobile apps development the request and response server plays ultra-important role over the communication and synchronization of data publish to send subscriber list or to receive from different machine sensor networks. The MQTT mobile app developers majorly think twice on the architecture development given by the professional network apps development administrators planning of MQTT architecture. MQTT Server Request Response As shown MQTT mobile apps development architecture has a combination of two different areas synchronization for IOT apps development using Eclipse Mosquitto. Middle ware Management: is like a three tire management service in-between the device level network level and data base level to make Internet of things connected for processing information. Sensor Devices Management: must be accurate in gathering required information and placed while dealing on setup of devices as the initial setup using embedded systems metrics and instrumental sciences. API’s Management: Takes from the major obligation with Internet of things API development for mobile and machines applications connection usually took more. Developers must need to maintain and managed accurately over the network communications. Enterprise Applications Management: derived the big set of apps data as enterprise solution to manage and interconnect devices and remote apps over the server, through the network and data base offered by machines device and the apps vice-versa. Wireless Sensors Management: Sensory network is something like a networking always working to gather information and pass it to a data base. Which is major data input collector. Network Systems Management: Is major part to create data transformations using big server’s network for combining a smaller to larger applications and machine system. “A device strategy to send (publish) info about any assumed topic (scenarios) to a server that jobs as an MQTT message broker. Then the broker pushes (sends) the info out to the clients that have earlier subscribed to the client's theme. All though following operation taking place in application development.”
  • MQTT broker
  • MQTT Broker Push
  • MQTT Broker Publish
Messaging Services:  Messaging services uses a transport layer well for transmission of data from server to user and machines devices to server using push and pop operations. Server Push: To send information (data) to server for storing. Server pop: To send information (data) to users (IOT apps applications)
Get connected with us for more information – IOT, Enterprise chat applications similar to Google Hangouts, mailing system using high end, open source servers and protocols’ from experienced developers for you.
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On Demand Apps

How Startups can start with On-Demand Service Apps Development?

On-demand service businesses are now a days hot business ideas, especially for start-up companies, around the globe. The way to success begins from the first day of promotions once they have an awesome service with them. Why On Demand Enterprise Services Succeed? Many fruitful on-demand services succeed because they offer flexibility in marketplaces, by involving more in commitment, from users to entrepreneurs. On Demand Startup Idea from KRIFY for you, as an example! Idea: Whether you need a car or driver no need to waste your time by searching and getting reference from others. With On Demand apps you will get your service at the moment when you require them. To Start with: As a startup, you need to build a platform for the users to connect with car drivers and car owners with a commitment of verified proofs, license and by building the suitable terms and conditions. An Idea from FLIPKART: Again at the moment, making the big businesses to invest in small business ideas collaboratively, is a hot trend. Likely FLIPKART is now offering individual startups to host a delivery boy’s store on orders and depends on the area wise selling demand. On Demand Services What are the best examples of successful On Demand Enterprises? Do you know UBER? One of the top On Demand startup now has become a top company in providing service to the customers with an innovative conceptual idea. Instacart's service established big relationships with in grocery firms which share their (store) existing markup, allowing to shop at in-store and pay with Android pay and Apple pay system with 10 to 20 percent retile prices TaskRabbit It is connecting the freelance labor with local demand to the needy, just made a way to connect consumers to find immediate help with everyday tasks, including moving, delivery, cleaning and handyman works. On Demand Businesses Likewise many startups are banging now a days with a simple on demand service ideas as growth rate implies - startups challenging the big companies. There are plenty of On Demand services like food on demand, electric works on demand, architectural works on demand, decorating works on demand, organizing works on demand and many more things for On Demand services, to start a startup company with less investments. The facility of On Demand App Ideas are opening a doorway to startup companies to take an advantage for successful step. (Do you know why startups fail?) So why don’t you take an advantage of technology to develop your own On Demand App, which can  2 billion+ active mobile users are present. What are the Major Areas to Focus for ON DEMAND APPS DEVELOPMENT? On Demand Apps Development should emphasis on two major areas, like as follows
  • Branding On Demand Apps
Branding is a significant role on getting returns on investment. The more you create branding the more you’ll have downloads and app promotions. Get branded with few things like…
  1. Give Free to go viral for first version.
  2. Use Social Connect to Register, Login and Connect.
  3. Provide secured individual user accounts.
  4. Make them feel great with Display Picture Options.
  5. Allow social sharing over Facebook, Twitter, and other social mediums.
Organize a well-planned structure to get success with-in few steps! Get in touch with our professional Marketers…
  • Developing On Demand Apps
For every on demand services provider startups it’s essential to have an Interconnect between an owners and workers - vice versa, and the medium is going to be Mobile App. So it’s being a primary step to implement any startups idea as an on demand service provider. Planning up idea with things really adds a valued output with following steps before development process starts.
  1. Idea sharing with friends, developers, marketers will helps to know success rate
  2. Knowing reviews on idea and thinking can elegant your idea
After all you’re just an idea can turns into a furious idea which is ready to take a development step where we can polish your idea to reach the real world with following on demand app development steps.
  1. Gathering you’re requirements with commitments
  2. Our team research more than you think by comparing real world on your idea.
  3. Our designing team adds the best user experience screen by coloring your ideas in reality.
  4. Our developers join their hand with you build your dreams.
  5. Our technology manager boost your idea with advanced open source technologies and tools to build your dream 2X faster with reduced prices.
  6. We always engage you by showcasing your app to reviews and to make it more effective.
  7. Our on demand app testers, test your app on different devices to build your idea as exact as possible.
  8. Our team never compromises on quality on demand apps to fulfill your dreams.
What are must have features in ON DEMAND APPS? As technology grown up day by day people are fed up with shortcuts in everything so positively your app should have functions like follows!
  1. Easy sign up with social media accounts
  2. Integrated Google maps using GPS, Geo fencing, navigation.
  3. Online Payments – Payment e-receipts
  4. Push Notifications – Reminders
  5. Simple Dashboard to navigate straightforwardly
  6. Auto filling address over a touch – using social media accounts
  7. Online Help, Tutorials and FAQ’s to contact.
  8. Go on online / Go on offline buttons – data saving modes.
  9. Individual profile’s setup with Dp, Email Id, phone number and other details.
  10. And few more majorly depends on your requirements.
STARTUPS IDEA “We build you a luxurious quality application for your business by creating an additional delight factors to your idea and wisdom.” Get in touch for On Demand Apps Development by the experienced On Demand App Developers from US, UK and India who serving global clients on app needs around the world.
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Find your Valentine 2017

Find your Valentine 2017 on Mobile – Dating Apps for Singles

Each one of us are waiting to wish our valentine with a special plan, to make the moment of 2017 Valentine day as one of precious memory in for long lasting relationships. History say’s us to celebrate with Valentine day each year on 14th February, in a way by exchanging cards, candies, gifts. Especially with red rose or flowers with their special “valentine.”

"The day of the romance is call as Valentine's Day. Named for a Christian victim as the beginning of his character for believing in the significance of love."

All these are went off as a history. Now the new generation era changed all the things by replacing one by one starting from a gift we share with the partner – Valentine :P. Technology is playing the most important role all the way for every single valentine to find their partner valentine to celebrate the day. How Valentine 2017 goanna changed?
  • Yes, the same as you guess. Greeting cards are now changed to WhatsApp forward messages to forward to valentine.
  • Yes, the sketch of art – Photo greeting cards are changed to Hike Stickers for wishing the valentine.
  • Yes, the most delicious food Candies and Chocolates are now turning into the virtual and Google Android operating system versions, to knack the valentine with surprise.
  • Yes, the gifts to share are now out of box, because firstly prices went very high and secondly people are more inclined towards creativity.
  • Yes, the flower are also being replaced now with saplings or plants, as people are becoming more aware about global warming and environment conservation.
Of course all these are applicable to true valentines. So… how a single boy or a single girl will think to celebrate the 2017 valentine day.

“Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......................... !! Think… Think… Think… and continues hehe ;)”

Code For Finding Love

Well, as every single boy and girl look for a valentine to seed new relations, some are for a short while and some are long-lasting. With the passing days, technology brought a lot of great and innovative things, which will help people to find their valentine in 2017. Here I can list a few!!
  • Hike Matchup! Hikers know that Hike is providing a new option called HIKEUP to find the valentine on with matching interest of both.
  • Hub for Singles! Find through tech hubs where a bunch of singles used to find through chat, text, call, video calls, and many more.
  • Facebook! Finding new friends is now easier than roaming on roads, if you are aware of Facebook groups to get in touch with the people, someone around us as well as far from us. Join singles' groups and find who best suits you.
  • Instagram and Twitter! Oooo these are one of the top social media networks making us to follow-up someone to get in touch around.
mobile usage banner All of these are the top social media application creating a new path with to connect with people. But still the new generations needs a bit more interactive applications as day to day technology and the way we interact are changing and gaining new heights. All together the latest solution for searching Valentine on this Valentine day is dating apps which are very suitable for the current generation for welcoming new relationships with fresh energies. Here are few top dating application you need to install: Relish Dating Application: Relish is the best way to bond with interesting new persons around you! RELISH, helps you discover that special person using shortened search conditions and a chat system through photo sharing, RELISH will reveal that "Happiness is closer than you think." Get it here! JLike Dating Application: JLike is a Jewish dating app hosting users from all over the world! Connect with thousands of members in your area and around the world browse photos, email, chat, meet up and more. users from all over the world! Connect with thousands of members in your area and around the world browse photos, email, chat, meet up and more. Get it here! Mobile App Screens Why one should use a dating app to find their Valentine? Today people are having lack of time, so single youths don't want to go for lengthy arrangements to find their life partner. We all know that instant connect and instant results are now the new mantra which is possible through global connectivity and viral digital network connecting people nearby as well as across the globe. The concept of get-together with someone special in the real time is continuously desired by all. In 2017 folks having ultra-fast mobiles with double the connectivity speed i.e., 4G and 5G networks can enjoy the fabulous advantages through location-enabled services (GPS Networks). The process goes on through interests, hobbies...etc. Initially the user start surfing by selecting their tastes, interests, hobbies… etc. applying filter option match with nearby locations. Once you done with filtering options if different people’s profiles will be visible with a picture. Finally, now the dating apps are here to promote you. As soon as the app admin confirms about your profile, you will start getting notification, if someone likes your profile or text you. If both of them are interested and like each other, then its’ a time to start conversation and take the relationship to the next stage after meeting through the mobile phone dating applications.
Are you a tech savvy looking for mobile app development? Here is some stuff for you. The market for a mobile app, which is goanna be a very big thing, to grow. Already the figure of mobile apps is doubled in the markets of Android Play Store, iOS App Store and Windows stores, around 3 billion so far. “Well, Get in touch with us. We have a great team for you who are very professional and expert in the design and development of mobile apps and web application as well. We also offer digital marketing and SEO services to help you promote your business and app with the help of our digital marketing specialists.
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Building WhatsApp like Apps for Android and iOS for Instant Messaging

The explosion of mobile computing has led to the growth of chat and messaging apps with a faster pace than mobile. As investors are finding great potential for chat apps in dominating the new marketing landscape, the demand for WhatsApp clone app development is growing hugely. People are preferring WhatsApp like applications for private as well as social chat in forms of group chat.
Domination of WhatsApp like app for Instant Messaging
Statistics says that digital communication has become all about messaging apps. People are migrating from social media networks like Facebook to micro-networks like WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber etc. for day-to-day communication. Lately, the messenger apps movement is growing in markets like Asia, Europe and India and it will continue to grow. Messaging apps are top global apps dominating the mobile usage session.
Messaging App Preferences in Different Regions:
[caption id="attachment_11517" align="aligncenter" width="680"]chatting app messaging app WhatsApp clone app Source: eMarketer.com[/caption]   Till date Whatsapp is the most pursued messaging application and has inspired for the creation of clones. But many of such cloning attempts fails as it don’t match with the standards of WhatsApp. To develop a Whatsapp like application, one needs to understand the technicalities and functioning mechanism of the app.
Technicalities of Whatsapp
Whatsapp is a real-time messaging application that uses Ejabberd (XMPP) server for transferring instant messages between two or more users. Whatsapp has been programmed by using programming language ERLANG and is powered by signaling technologies. This makes WhatsApp compatible for server-side chat history, group chats, user avatars and attachments. However, for building a WhatsApp like messaging app, a lot of efforts were taken which include modifications in Ejabberd for an in-house protocol from XMPP, code restructuring and incorporating some crucial changes in Erlang. All such important changes led to achieving optimized server performance. The plus point of using ERLANG is that it helps in pushing changes to live implementation. [caption id="attachment_11536" align="aligncenter" width="567"]WhatsApp clone app powered by XMPP server WhatsApp powered by XMPP server[/caption]   WhatsApp uses XMPP for protocol transfer and to ensure network security, it uses DSL for secure private data transfer. The mechanism is that when the message is sent, it is queued on the server and the message waits till recipient reconnects to the server to receive the message. Once the message is delivered, it gets deleted from server memory.
Develop WhatsApp like instant messaging application with Krify  
Plenty of messaging applications are available in an app store as an alternative to WhatsApp, But in reality, such applications are failing as they are not being built perfectly in all technical aspects. Krify’s in-house team of experienced and skilled software professionals is available and equipped to develop a WhatsApp clone app for Android, iOS and Windows platforms. If you are looking for Whatsapp like native messaging apps, hire our technical experts for WhatsApp like native app having speedy and flawless performance. We offer WhatsApp clone app development solution and the app functionalities include:
  • One-to-one chatting and group chatting.
  • User can update their profile with status message, contact details, profile picture, avatar.
  • Media sharing in form of photos, voice recordings, videos, without any limits.
  • Easy to create group chat and so is to leave the chat.
  • Video calling with the simple interface which facilitates easy camera switching, muting, etc.
  • Cross-platform solution for video and audio calling
  • Easy notifications on receipt of chat messages, incoming calls and other custom alerts.
Whatsapp clone applications for Enterprises
Krify also offers WhatsApp like clone app for enterprises which will provide add-ons for compliance, data protection management, security and third party software integrations. Such instant messaging apps for enterprises will come with extra security having client and server side encryption, secret chat and device ID database lock. Contact us today for an intuitive and fast messaging app solution for your business or enterprise as well as for commercial chatting app solution.
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building website with bootstrap

Bootstrap – For Building Elegant, Modern and Responsive Websites

Bootstrap is a front-end framework used for websites and web application development. It has HTML and CSS-based design templates, which can be used for typography, buttons, navigation, forms and various interface components. It also has optional JavaScript extensions. Bootstrap is a popular mobile first, HTML, CSS and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. It was first developed as Twitter Blueprint to assist Twitter developers in working more efficiently and consistently. The name was then changed to Bootstrap and was launched for developers to use for front-end web development that helps in improving the user experience for the web projects. Follow our previous blog for preliminary information on creating websites with Bootstrap.
Benefits of Using Bootstrap for WordPress
With the evolution of mobile products, people are looking for alternatives for conventional web platforms. WordPress is the most common type of web platform that has been used for development of many sites. It allows easy usage, dynamic visual flow with interactive blogging and SEO. Bootstrap is comparatively new but rapidly growing website style, which works to make your website compatible with any device. Benefits of theming with Bootstrap are:
  • It is responsive and mobile first
  • It uses clean, attractive and modern designs
  • It plays well with HTML5.
  • It gives easy access to scripts.
For tablet or computer, WordPress is good enough and has more visually appealing and conceptual themes as compared to Bootstrap. Wordpress websites use more memory while loading, due to the high-end designs of Wordpress, which slows down the loading speed of the website on phone or other mobile devices. Bootstrap, being equally good, best suited for mobile phones and all small screen devices. Based on the size of the viewing window, Bootstrap’s dynamic design allows text and the page changes. So you don’t need to use side scroll while using the site on the phone, but scrolling up and down is there to browse the site completely. As Bootstrap uses less memory for loading as compared to WordPress, it helps in better loading performance on mobile devices.
Free Bootstrap themes and templates
Start Bootstrap provides open source and easy to use the collection of Bootstrap themes and templates, which can be used for website development and can also be used commercially. It provides themes in various categories such as full websites, one-page websites, landing pages, blogs, portfolios, e-commerce, admin and dashboard, starter template and many more.
Wrap Bootstrap
Wrap Bootstrap is a marketplace for premium templates and themes of Bootstrap. It provides you a single but solid foundation for developing impressive and responsive websites and web applications. It also allows designers to upload and sell their customized default styles and earn the percentage on each sale. bootstrap themes and templates
Material Design for Bootstrap
Material Design for Bootstrap (MDB) is a powerful Material Design UI kit for the Bootstrap framework. MDB is a theme built using Bootstrap 3, which implements Google’s material design. The latest version for MDB is version 4.2.0. It offers Bootstrap elements dipped in material design that includes navbars, tabs, buttons, typography, sliders, progress bars, bootstrap ready to use layout, responsive CSS3, grid system and other things which are material design. No need to build the website from the scratch, you get a ready theme to customize and you will have the material design based UX/UI.
Responsive Bootstrap flat design
Bootflat is an open source Flat UI kit based on Bootstrap CSS version 3.3.0 framework. It offers easier and faster ways for designers and developers to create elegant web apps. It was visioned as a stunning flat design and built with Sass 3.4.9.
Highlights of Bootflat:
  • Bootflat uses lightweight, high-function plugins for optimum performance and keeps down the CSS and JS file sizes.
  • Bootflat, built with mobile-first in mind, provides off screen navigation and all the widgets are compatible with all the screen sizes.
  • Bootflat UI kit is PSD Interface Pack that includes a set of beautiful components that can be used to create beautiful websites as well as iOS/Android apps.
bootflat bootstrap flat design
Plugins for bootstrap
Bootstrap’s plugins and extensions are not really limited. There are numerous free and premium extensions and add-ons available for extending Bootstrap. It comes with bundles of jQuery plugins and reusable components. Also, it gives you the choice, whether you want to use it or not. Access all the Bootstrap resources and plugins here.
Latest Bootstrap 4 Alpha 5 Release
Alpha 5 arrived just over a month after Alpha 4 with some major feature improvements and loads of bug fixes. Bootstrap 4 is getting more stable with each alpha release. Alpha 5 release brought following updates:
  • New CSS bundles
  • Grid updates
  • Navbar updates
  • More utilities
On the way to Alpha 6 release
Bootstrap has revealed that one more major alpha release, alpha 6, before getting into the slightly more stable beta ships. There’s still more to expect around major components — the navbar, flexbox variants, utilities, and accessibility.
Confused about choosing the best suited web platform for your business? Feel free to contact us. Our expert Business Analysts will help you choose the best platform to develop responsive website for your business. We offer customised web design and development services at competitive pricing. We have already associated with many of the startup organizations and helped them to get their business on world wide web. Navigate through our portfolio to have a look on our previous website development works.
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Enhanced Mobile App Design User based Trends 2017

Advanced mobile app design trends in Future UI – UX 2017

Mobile apps aren’t just for creating major brands to market and provide services anymore; in fact, a recent study shown that over one third of all small businesses already had either a own mobile app or website planning to launch in the next year in upcoming months i.e Mobile app development from New year 2017 from the best seasonal kick start offers.
Over a half (55%) people say's a poor mobile app interface or experience would make them less likely to use or buy a company’s products or services.
If your mobile app isn’t delivering the good user experience, your customers will not wait anymore for you as there are plenty of mobile apps helping them smarter and better than you. Mobile Apps designs are the first step to getting attract your customer - which every company wants and expect by a there mobile app presence, it may be doing you more harm than good. Latest trends in 2016 mobile app designs: Usually, mobile app design trends change according to the appearance of new operating system versions and their release on the new phones, best device models. (In general people are looking for the best models around new phones with latest upgrade, including the best new Android phones, best new iPhones and best new Windows phones in different device manufacturers like Apple phones, Microsoft phones, Google phones, Samsung phones, Sony phones, HTC phones, LG phones and more.)
If your mobile app isn’t delivering the user experience your customers want and expect, it may be doing you more harm than good.
By considering all the new mobile trends here are few latest trends of mobile app designs... 1. Bigger Screens Design: The larger screens are signed to an emphasis of gesture-based navigations and the look and feel of apps make more spacious by hiding controls in contextual menus and additional content.  If you reconsider mobile app screens as per older screen standards, it may be brought complexity to the whole approach of UI and UX designs. Mobile App Designing for Bigger Screens You should ready with optimistic designs for bigger screens with visual hierarchy of big bold and strong fonts that plucky enough to attract user with diffused backgrounds. 2. Simple User Interface Grouping the information in outlined boxes is making a one-tap entry point to the user with more detailed information exchange with attractive, convenient and efficient organization. mobile app user Interface gif Small chunks of information awareness of “cards” are easily sorted and adapted to user preferences around with a motion presence is always added advantage for your app designs. 3. Swiping Replace's Other Gestures Gesture driven navigations primarily serving the functional purpose for mobiles with a bit additions in the hardware of device manufacturing to make easier moves in-app transactions, motions, and other operations. UI that uses the wider, more intuitive range of the gestures for better UX will go to hit the highest range of success. Swiping Replace's Other Gestures If you want an immediate action from a user on your apps, making the bigger button is not always works, sometimes popup based buttons impact more. Now the same buttons replaced with gestures replaced to open any app, or a specific future in order to make app user life simple ;) with few fade in the background. 4. Creative Navigation and Scrolling Remember' Most of the mobile app users do not hesitate while taking a small tour through simple navigations where the Graphics will always rock, Even users stuck for a bit simply like you here while watching this... Mobile App Functional Animation Enhances user experience with your own functionalities for your apps just like to attract users. where Long scrollings with large size images and decent font style abbreviating with an icon can finely describes the new business approaches. 5. App Functional Animation Coming to functional animation motion, just consider a business app where people can find a lot many other user needs for an instance deals and places like hospitals neat to their place, shopping places, every thing on an app. functional animation backgrounds 6. Storytelling and Branding One of the first you need to do before starting a mobile app development is to tell a story to users that show case what and how your mobile is useful for them. storytelling-and-branding Story telling involves from the first stage of mockups drawing followed by wire frames with an effective logo for your applications. For an instance, a logo sign capable of showing an anger expression as well as the soft expression within sec's behalf of creative branding with a clean story. 7. Increased Emphasis on Typography As we know everyone has their own hand writing, the same mobile apps forming a new strategy of own fonts for them with unique in style through motion pictures or polygon shapes or a casual font style with increased focus on selecting creative fonts. Emphasis on Typography 8. Fresh Colorful Palettes The trending fast colors resurrecting from 2016. Of-course cluttering of the colors is an older fashion for mobile apps graphics designs. Most often Smart designers chooses the vibrant colors for recognized business easily. As now picking different colors are very easy with the recent photoshop and other designing tools. Fresh Color Palettes 9. Wearable Technology Appealing Apps Designing  The faster moving trends are Wearables for the current technology is moving, world's top designers are focused on principles of the wearable apps by simple effective and small app designings different from aspects of the wearables. Preferably Gesture driven audible alerts, actions, text messages, etc. can be ordered with the eye-catchy designs with clover user interaction models. wearable 10. Positive appeal of social media Buttons Mobile App designers are trying out for impressive ways of appearing social media buttons. As per the research on social media, utmost apps seems incomplete without a social media buttons. Whether it is the business app or game app or service app or eCommerce app there will be social media buttons for sure in any of screens available. social-media-buttons These trends all share the common goal of making mobile apps more accessible, engaging, and easy to use as today’s consumers becoming increasingly reliant on their mobile devices at all stages of the buying journey.  
Get in touch for your mobile apps development !! Krify is a one pack solution for your mobile apps development with collaborative team who are specilized in there own fields for designing innovative Website, Web apps, Mobile Apps, Wearable apps Development with global presence...
Get a quote for your mobile app development requirements now...
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Highlights Of Pixel And Pixel XL – A New Phone From Google

Google phones will now be available as ‘Google Pixel’ and its time to say bye to Google Nexus. Google has launched two new phones Pixel and Pixel XL which is giving a tough competition to popular Apple phones – iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. It is a first phone built by Google inside out i.e. its software and hardware both are built by Google.
Review of Pixel and Pixel XL
Google’s high-end Android device, as revealed by Google, has been optimized for speedy performance with real-world apps that consumers actually use. Two amazing features that are being talked about most are its camera and its virtual assistant. Specifications
  • Screen: 5in 1080p AMOLED (441ppi)
  • Processor: quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 821
  • RAM: 4GB of RAM
  • Storage: 32 or 128GB
  • Operating system: Android 7.1 Nougat
  • Camera: 12.3MP rear camera, 8MP front-facing camera
  • Connectivity: LTE, Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth 4.2, USB-C and GPS
  • Dimensions: 143.8 x 69.5 x 7.3-8.6 mm
  • Weight: 143g
Let’s check out the highlights of Pixel features.
Pixel Camera
Pixel’s camera is ‘highest rated smartphone camera’. The Pixel camera captures the images as fast as you launch it and does so continuously and eliminates any shutter lag. The Launch of the camera is always fast whether it has been kept idle for long or whatever is the light level, the camera is launched with lightning speed with a quick double tap of the power button. Smartburst feature (holding down the shutter button will capture numerous photos with rapid-fire) allows to capture and select the best of shots from multiple shots. Smartburst can even select the best shot for you. Another powerhouse feature regarding camera and photos is unlimited cloud storage as Google photos and at full resolution. pixel pixel xl camera
Pixel OS – Best Android Experience
As per experts’ opinion, OS of Pixel – Nougat 7.1 – is the best software experience of Android. Fast, smooth, without bloatware, and software updates will be available from Google directly. Google has revealed that they will be following quarterly update cycle for Android so Pixel will get updates and enhancements four times in a year now. Google Assistant with Pixels will be launched even without touching the phone. Even if the phone is off, the assistant will come to life when you say ‘OK Google’. And if saying ‘OK Google’ all the time is weird for you, then the assistant can be launched by long-pressing the home button.
Google Assistant of Pixel
Google has developed an intelligent and fully-fledged AI assistant and have morphed with Pixel and certainly looks compelling. Let’s have a look how is this smart Google Assistant works. With Pixel and Nougat version 7.1, Google has refined the personalized AI (Artificial Intelligence) experience. Like launching the assistant merely by saying ‘OK Google’ and also by holding down the home button on the screen. Assistant can help with various range of services with simple commands like, ‘Wake me up at 5 am’, ‘Who is winner of Game Challenge Show?’ etc. It can also access your calendar, Gmail, etc. and serve your personalized queries like ‘what time is my flight?’
All day through battery life
The battery life of pixel is impressive. The pixel and pixel XL has fast charging feature due to USB-C’s power delivery specification. To full charge the phone from completely nil battery it took 1 hour and 45 minutes. The charging is happening as 25% of capacity in 15 minutes, 40% in 25 minutes and 65% in 50 minutes.
Pixel works everywhere
The Pixel and Pixel XL both works on all major carriers in US such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile and on every MVNO as well. Pixels are designed clearly to provide complete support on Verizon. The add-on features of Pixel for T-Mobile and Verizon users are VoLTE (Voice over LTE), visual voicemail and HD voice. So the Pixel just works anywhere no matter whoever the carrier is. This gives a possibility that Pixel will be called as world phone as it will be able to travel well around the phone and user will be able to use phones as soon as they are out of their plane.
Consistent High-speed performance
Expert says Pixel is the most consistently fast phone among all Android phones. Can’t say after the long term usage but the day-to-day consistency of speed is really impressive. Switching between tasks and apps is really smooth and fast. Even if the Pixel is aesthetically neutral, it has robust specs, killer camera, super-responsive touch and screen, which makes Pixel and Pixel XL really competitive to iPhone 7.
Pixel Launcher
Nexus Launcher is now Pixel Launcher and available in the Play Store. The APK is available for download. The Pixel Launcher is technically exclusive to Pixel Phones. Through Pixel Launcher Google can push updates easily. It is not available for other Android phones, but it would be easy for Google to flip a switch and make Pixel Launcher available for all phones.
Do you have an app idea that you want to get developed for Android platform that would enhance the Pixel experience? We have an experienced and creative team of designers and Android App developers who can bring your app idea to life.
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Android vs iOS App Development

Apple Vs Android: Is iMessage Drop Out due to Google Allo?

Do you think Apple is now in high competition with Android? Yeah off course now as you can see the number of Apple users are reducing day by day and Android users are relatively growing there is a big competition among each other with 2.13 million Android Apps compared to iTunes 1.51 million iOS Apps. Truly, till now the iTunes App Store a prime for developers, but things are changing in smart technology. There is a huge number of exclusive apps in iOS iTunes store that will make Android app store feel jealous with the results in the revenue generated with less apps. [caption id="attachment_10998" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Appstore and Play store revenue It going to be much higher in 2016[/caption] Reasons behind Android big apps base:
  1. Extremely open source software’s support and availability compared to Apple.
  2. Android increasing the quality of software you may won’t find on iOS in future.
  3. Increased and secured cloud connectivity with android accounts.
  4. Simple User Interaction turning low-level user to expert level user of apps.
  5. Time to time continues android operating software updates.
  6. Apps linking through single account (like Gmail) can link thousands of apps on app store with accounts
  7. Vast availability of creative app developers in Android platform.
  8. Easy customizations and predefined open structures to use in coding for development.
  9. Cost of Android devices is very less compared to iPhones.
  10. Increase over Internet of things where Android helping to connect with many as an open source platform for development of new things.
And more are helping android to grow their Android app base. Now in 2016 Android has an opportunity to hit increased number of app base through success over launch of Google’s Android 7 (Nougat) update as first Multitasking environment release for mobiles.
How Android Challenging iOS directly? Yes! Google Android is challenging very smartly by attracting middle age people as a target for current technology changes and user behavior. You can see one of the recent apps from Google, Google Allo as one of the innovative applications which helping users to move smartly on conversations for percent crazy youth on different trends.
Reasons behind the success of Google Android: There are lot many reasons for Android success in a way that Google it-self has billions of search users in the world surfing through Google every day. From the first Android operating system OS Cupcake lunch's in 2009 it doesn't have a great competence to challenge iOS and Nokia (Microsoft Windows) before as there are small number of smartphone users, So as days passed on the updates of android operating system software are get a competence to challenge them is mostly due to their updates, smartphone prices, apps base improvement and trend change. Where android only not succeeded where Google is one of reason. [caption id="attachment_11000" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Android and iOS app-downloads Android and iOS app downloads and revenue 2016[/caption]

Important reason for Android Success:

  1. Google’s support for Android users like Gmail accounts linking, Google Play Store, Special Google Search preference on apps and all.
  2. Google special setups on app promotions for users and app owners by supporting with Adwords.
  3. Android operating system price and thousands of free apps day to day adding on play store.
  4. Definitely, Google's reputation is one of the major reason.
  5. User friendliness is one another part of success compared to other platforms.
  6. Open Source freedom for developers and support from Google experts within less time.
  7. Customization's is helped more like another bullet point for success of apps and software through updates.
  8. Add on applications like Google SEARCH, Google MAPS, Google DOC’s sink, Google Games, Google Chrome, Google Music players and all.
  9. Stability of Apps and the Operating System on devices through performance.
  10. And many more…
Still, iOS has their own advantages compared to Android Enormous app ecosystem: One of the dissimilar advantage for Apple tablet apps that popular smartphones apps are usually available the both platforms. Deeper integration with Facebook and Twitter: it is much easier to post updates with faster handling and share on social networking sites using iOS than Android platform because iOS is a bit deeply integrated. iOS Only apps: As like FaceTime, Passbook and mobile payments apps Four-sided for any of available iOS devices like 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 6 and up, As auto free updates available on iOS depends on slight hardware functionality change. Just not like limited Android phones) Interface is protected down: There are very Limited customization options are available compared to Android like for the home screen it only rows of app icons are allowed, Any Media on iOS required to sink with iTunes…etc. and majorly users has only way to get iOS app install through from the App Store. Software upgrade: Apple suggestions on software upgrades to all Apple devices that have the capability of hardware handling to the new software. Where any iOS devices stay with frequent software features for at least two to three years. Better privacy controls: Even iOS device offers improved control over the admission of apps to the users' private information such like contacts and locations. How about Android disadvantages compared to iOS? We can directly say that the only con in Android is Massive hardware updates where one mobile to another mobile changes in very short span even a small feature is added by varying through hardware, screen sizes, device capabilities and features. iOS and Android sharesi advertising-android-v-ios-0 What’s Apple is planning to get succeed in feature? Apple is a smart kid and who is one of teacher a lot other operating systems companies like Google, Microsoft in an advanced strategizing of technology needs.

Now Apple is not concentrating on improving Apps base such a way to competition with Google, Where ‘it thinks one way smartly to move on and improve the advanced apps for iOS users with security and going to remove the similar apps already exists on iStore.

Just for an instance… One of the Top messaging app iMessage is shutting down soon which is the most successful iMessage sticker packs will not be available anymore. Obviously, Apple don’t like this to do this, as it approved the app primarily. After shooting "Apple’s lawyers weren’t happy that Phoneys got through the review process," Howell wrote in a post on Medium. What is going to be the replacement for iMessage? As Apple is looking for competitor based tech apps as well as highly reputed user need apps like Google – Allo from Android base kind of messaging service app may going to release very soon as a replace for iMessgae.   To Conclude: Apple’s iOS Apps development is comparatively never down unless people has intensity over iPhone, business need in iPhone trending areas like USA, UK, AU…etc. Even though there are numerous Apps in playstore while comparing with App store still the revenue of App store is high. Which shows that Appstore can give a tough competition to play store in every aspect.   Who can help on what your app required for your business? Krify can help you to develop the best business suitable applications for your needs by having hands-on expert iOS app development team and Android Apps Development team with current trends.  
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About Google Doodle – How Doodle Born to Create and Celebrate Events

Google celebrating Google Doodle 18th Happy Birthday today with lot of confusion over the date of birth.  Historically the company Google, founded by Mr. Larry Page and Mr. Sergey Brin in 1998, habitually marks it as birthday on Google homepage dated September 27. But still Google is confused to celebrate it for a regular day as it revised and celebrated on different dates in past. [caption id="attachment_10967" align="aligncenter" width="900"]Happy Birthday - Google Doodle Happy Birthday Google Doodle[/caption] How Google Doodle Born? Doodle invented with an idea to celebrate things in world with relatively simple decoration for the Google logo (company logo) to just to celebrate famous events. Do you know what is Doodle? Doodle is a kind name called by Google team for Google Company Logo’s designed Doodle illustrators team, Where Google illustrators team officially called as doodlers and the logo’s designed are called Google Doodle and engineers that are behind each and every doodle you see.. Few Google Doodles How do you elect which events will have doodles? Usually Googlers have regular get together to brainstorm on which events will be celebrate with doodle and they will mostly select few different concepts from numerous sources may be Googlers or Google users, which are people alike, different, honorable…etc. Who picks what doodles created by Doodlers? Again after Googlers in-brief brainstorm for event selection on which events Google celebrate and what will be the Doodle for it. Who will design doodles? Google’s creative illustrators team with engineers sink will work and design doodle behind each doodle you see in Google.   What is first doodle on Google? The first best Doodle is the Burning Man festival in 1998, actually celebrated before the business was officially founded. [caption id="attachment_10970" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Burning Man festival Burning Man festival Doodle[/caption]   Google users or public can submit ideas for doodles? The team doodle is always eager to hear ideas from Google users from mails at ‘proposals@google.com for the next best doodle idea. A drawback here is they were unable to get back to public on mails but optimistically they will read and consider every best idea from public.  
Visit our blog regularly tech updates for more update of technology
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Reasons to Download iOS 10 Update Now!

iOS 10 is now available for iPhone users as it was released publicly on September 13, 2016. Experts have concluded that iOS 7 was a redesign, iOS 8 was a re-architecture and iOS 9 was a rewiring. Arrival of iOS 10 has pushed all the previous updates and features a way forward that will bring a bolder, bigger and much more brilliant makeover. The first beta release was made available only to the registered developers and the first public-beta was released on July 7, 2016. Now it is available publicly that makes your iPhone “MORE PERSONAL, MORE POWERFUL, MORE PLAYFUL.” Apple is claiming iOS 10 as their biggest release yet and indeed it is. It has got many new upgradations like bolder ways in messages, photos like never before to relive the memories, reaching destinations even faster using proactive suggestions from maps. Apple has come up with so much to say about iOS 10, some of the outshining features have been listed here.
iMessages got the biggest update making it more beautiful
iMessages, Apple’s messaging app, has got lot many new and exciting updates.
  • Have you thought of sending a self-written message to someone? Yes it is possible now to send a message in your own handwriting. Your friend or receiver can see it animate just like the ink flows on the paper.
  • Now say your words with animations for instance, you can say happy birthday with particular animation that take over the complete screen.
  • You can also change the way you say by changing the look of your message bubbles. You can say it louder or whisper it, by choosing the appearance of message bubbles.
  • You can now use invisible ink that keeps your photo and message hidden, when swiped it get revealed.
  • Tapback allows to send one of six quick responses that let people know what is on your mind.
  • Reasons to use more stickers is here. Stickers are available in App Store for iMessage and you can use them on top of bubbles or dress up a photo.
Use more of emojis than text:
Now chat more expressively with interactive emoji characters in your iMessages. You type the message and then tap the emoji icon, all the words that can be replaced by an emoji will highlighted. As you tap again the word will be replaced by a picture. Isn’t it amazing?
Now search more smartly!
iOS 10 comes with an intelligent picture processing feature that enables Photos app to find readily whatever to search for either date, person or a place. Now the photos app is smart enough to make highlight reels of the pictures and videos based around particular dates and times.
Choose the best route before you enroute!
New iOS 10 mapping tool gives you updates regarding live traffic during your journey. You can use the updates to check out where there are long queues. If you tap the route summary panel at its bottom on the screen, you can also search for nearby gas stations, food stops on the way. Once you start on the chosen route, Apple Maps will return to your original journey.
What about dealing with notifications on the lock screen?
Notifications will work differently with iOS 10 providing even more inline functionality that wont compel you to open the app in question. For example, full conversation threads will be visible in messages. If you hard-press an alert (for 3D devices) or swipe left and tap view (for non-3D Touch devices) you can see the available options depending on the app.
Siri + Third party apps:
SiriKit helps iOS 10 apps to work with Siri which helps users to get their things done only by using their voice. SiriKit also extends the support for new services like ride booking and personal payments. There are apps got incorporated the Siri integrations within the app include Lyft, Slack and LinkedIn. In the near future, there will be many third party apps available with Siri integrations that would help from accessing fitness stats to finding photos using only voice.
Express more with new emojis:
iOS 10 has come with 100 new emojis added to it so that you should not miss any icon to represent your mood or feeling. Many of the icons are now available as male or female versions of existing emoji as well as there is an addition of more emojis like single parent family. Many of the existing emojis have also got redesigned now.
Home App – Apple’s IoT platform is ready!
The Home app from Apple is now ready, as Apple’s IoT platform, for mainstream in iOS 10 and it allows to control all devices that are compatible with HomeKit. Home App can connect to any HomeKit compatible devices, it could be a light, thermostat, garage door, window blinds, etc. The app allows you to make group settings in particular scenes, so that your things know what to do when you are around or when you are sleeping and so on. ios-2
For whom iOS 10 is for?
iOS 10 has been designed for iPhone 5 and later, for iPad 4th generation and later, for iPad Pro range, for iPad mini 2 and later and the 6th generation iPod touch and later. iOS 10 is unfortunately not available for older iPhones, iPod touch and iPads. Most of the users are prompted automatically to upgrade, if not users can do it manually through Settings > General > Software Update. As iOS 10 is a major update release, its size is in between 600MB and 1.2GB and depends significantly on the device. Although it is a major iOS release, some isolated reports of issues are always there but not have come as a blockage for iOS 10. As Apple being safe and secure, sharing sensitive data for services like Maps and Siri, are also encrypted and safe.
Build more powerful apps with iOS 10 SDK:
Now developers can jump on building powerful and intelligent apps using the all new iOS 10 SDK that includes new services and APIs that enables new categories of apps and features. This would enable iOS developers for innovative and powerful iphone apps development and iPad apps development.   Now developers can extend their apps to iMessages, Siri, iMaps and Phone apps to provide more engaging functionalities and experiences like never before. iOS 10 SDK also empowers with APIs and services that has capabilities with Live Photos, HomeKit, CloudKit, CarPlay Siri Support, and many more.
Krify has a dedicated and experienced team of iOS developers who can help you develop your app idea into a powerful iOS app customized as per desired features.
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Android Apps Development Company India

Online Startup Businesses are Stirring their Website to Android Application

Do you think...

Online businesses are stirring their website grounded business to mobile applications. why  and what not?

Today maximum of the users have smart phones along with applications in order to have all the info on their handset. Apart from using just basic functionalities (to answer for a call or reply to a message), there are additional valuable things (Social Media, Business, News, Updates, Games, Entertainment, Fun, Family, Video Calls, and many more), that a smartphone does for us. We can say these are the top factors behind the development of mobile app and is a huge success factor for startups.

Using a mobile app has many advantages. It’s easy to navigate, uses less memory space on servers, faster operations, strong enough to handle net traffic, etc.

As per the worldwide statistics, smartphone marketplace is growing by approximately 13.0% in every year, while Android governing the smartphone market with the portion of 84.7% giving threatening competition to other OS based smartphones to persist.

Android Active Devices - Apps DevelopmentDuring the last year's #Google press event for #Nexus and the #android, they announced that there are 1.4 billion active Android devices worldwide.

The #Startup mobile app development companies essentially now need to target on android application development for quicker growth and success.

Here are particular business advantages that startups can get with android mobile app development:

Plenty of opportunities:

Smartphone users downloading everyday millions of android apps globally from #Google play store.

Heterogeneous network

From startup to well established businesses, each has diverse processes for supervision of the operations. To accomplish various processes simultaneously, till date there are a lot of systems employed hand-in-hand by android developers for developing enterprise mobile apps for android, which are well-suited and inter-operable like in combinations of cross-platforms.

Exposed Resources

Experienced android app developers are available in abundance for the android development – SDK development.

Promotions and Customer Reach

One of huge business benefits for an android application development is that you can get exposure and big publicity on Google Play through different campaigns.

Returns on Investments:

Since Android is an #opensource podium, the development cost required is very less as compared to iPhone apps development, as developers can access the SDK and development tools for free.

Advanced Productivity:

Developers can reduce their exertion by using Android Development platform, as there is a large sum of code public library that are open for use.

Worldwide Open App Spreading

Android apps are vended and scattered over the world as prime and open marketplace #Google Play, where 11.1 billion apps downloads are seen till the end of the Q1 2016.

Feature niche app bids

you can make your app dynamic in-house customization to fulfill the business requirements any time offered through Android app development.

Android Business Apps Development Company India

Get in touch! Start your android app development today with us...

"We help in your idea execution and develop top-class Mobile Apps for your business growth"

Do you know under which domains Startups are focusing for business development?

Small to Big businesses are currently focusing on booming business areas, especially "On-Demand Apps Development" for their business development around the globe.

On-Demand Apps is now a door way to know businesses for success through Android Apps Development. A simple idea can transform a small business into a big business through wise steps and decisions.

Read more about How Startups need to start with On-Demand Service Apps Development? (at our previous article)

Discuss your idea with us for free - chat online with us (we are humans not bot's) at right side ;) below. Send us your brief idea/requirements directly on sales@krify.com or get in touch through contact form so that we can work together. We will let you know the cost, time, opensource availability and other important factors.

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Go For AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages Web Development

Why To Go For AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages Web Development?

As faster as you load as faster as you attract new visitors! Now finally digital web trends identified the value of time – loading speed of pages with respect to the advanced technology of international mobile networks like 3G, 4G and 5G boosted with style loading. What is Accelerated Mobile Page? AMP abbreviates Accelerated Mobile Pages. AMP is a technique to create web pages for static content that renders speed. Accelerated Mobile Pages in action consists of three different parts: HTML, Java Scripts and Google AMP Cache. AMP is available as open standard for any publisher. AMP Developers Why to go for AMP? | Benefits of Accelerated Mobile Page
  1. Faster than ever’
  2. Loading with Style
  3. Awesome User Experience
  4. Mobile Friendly
  5. Auto Deep Adjustments on Any Browser
  6. Search Engine Friendly
  7. Optimized data consumption's
  8. Open ecosystem
  9. Doesn’t permit bad ad experiences
  10. post-click experience
Why #Google Showing Interest on AMP Web Pages Development? AMP Project was officially broadcasted on 7th Oct, 2015, with support by Google, WordPress, Twitter, and few other publishers and companies. Accelerated Mobile Pages Google day by day concentrating more on the AMP Pages to digitize by 2017, the open-source initiative, announced by Google in last October, that has the stated independent of “theatrically improvement on the performance of mobile web.” Google believes by creating open technical standards to boost page speed and streamlining ads (e.g., no interstitials and no pop-ups), they wish that the ecosystem can build faster, more engaging mobile web which helps to benefit everyone. Twitter Insights already stated ‘their AMP pages load fast within Twitter’ more business are now concentrating on the AMP Web Pages Development for next big success in their career. How Businesses get benefits of AMP - How Google get benefited AMP Ads? To address the benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages shows how faster the performance is in two cases!
  • Firstly How fast the web page is loading with all elements in web-page. Gathering of web page elements will be more clear and quicker.
  • Secondly how faster Google Ads display resulting from the issue of payload drain caused by data gathering the ads typically carry, Ads for AMP will be able would be faster.
Did AMP web Pages aided for organic search results and ranking? Defiantly from the Google search engine trends followed from 2013 insights there is a big difference in tanking for mobile friendly web pages and non-responsive web pages loading. As same there will be improved rankings possible with AMP pages in organic search results. Accordingly, Google would eventually reward AMP pages in the search results, just as it already has with “mobile friendly” websites. How to create your AMP Pages? You can create your own AMP pages for your websites by reaching a professional AMP Page Developers or Just by Learning the AMP pages development. Where can I Learn AMP pages Development? To get started for AMP pages creation you should aware of three topics followed by few development techniques.
  3. Google AMP Cache
You can learn everything about AMP official website named as Project AMP Org for free. Who are professional AMP - Accelerated Mobile Page Web developers? As recent technology it is out many few are the best AMP professional developers are available currently in the web development as a AMP - Accelerated Mobile Page Development Company.
Krify always has an eye on the top level web standards research and development with a bunch of expert web developers, our Web Amp Developers team can help you. Get in touch for Accelerated Mobile Web Page Development now…
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