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Sender – Receiver communication Via XMPP – Server Trends 2016 – 2017

XMPP Social Chat Apps Development

The big servers on the globe are inspiring with the happenings of Internet of Things (IoT) 2020 and getting ready exploit the internet technology to interconnect various devices and operate on a single click – a tap.

Various researchers proving in real-time that heftier data packets is now possible by sophisticated algorithms implementation on the servers to route the data.

What is a SERVER?

A Server is a client’s machine (basically a high performance computer with bulk memories) programmed to serve different clients (computers) – requests and response back to back to serve them with in response time.

To simplify it, server is a computer that helps you on your request and responds with information, through data packets.

What features Server provides you?

Server helps in accessing the right data packet with right request as a response, with following features for user client…

To access – to check, copy, distribute and transmit the data packets

To Rehash – to adapt the data packet

If you are the server side it offers you to host the servers…

To Share – to copy data packet on/from server space

To Push – to push/pull data packet

To Update – to update your files/ data packet

To Manage – to control the file permission in open / closed networks (Private/Public networks)

Note: Server provides different feature and services on different permissions and restrictions for user clients and admin clients.

XMPP Server

What is Server Space or Hosting Space?

The server space or hosting space is a standard memory which techies use to host their web pages, data, information … etc. that can be accessed globally.

The global servers are managed by the hosting service providers like Krify, Godaddy, Hostgator, bluehost, and few more to store the global client’s data.

“The future of computing defamation’s in information storing, security like things. As computing proceeds a much more dynamic role few of #Internet of Things Expo’s already address the challenges going to be needed from where we are currently to this future.”

Coming to XMPP:

XMPP is an open-source IM protocol intended to permit interoperability between different Instant Messaging client programs.

Extensible Messaging and Presence protocol”, abbreviated as XMPP, is a communication protocol for message oriented middle-ware based on Extensible Markup Languages –XML, officially named as Jabber. 

Where Jabber is now extended with a mix of Erlang programming language to jabberd – XMPP application server, called as #ejabberd. All the operations in ejabber is to power-up XMPP to become a rock solid extensible XMPP Server.


Social Chat trends Via Jabber – XMPP server features:

Do you know top social messenger called what’s app is using XMPP for extensible communication between two are more people, more over the protocol has been used similarly for signaling for VoIP, video, gaming, file transfer, the Internet of Things (IoT) applications such as the smart grid and social networking services.

XMPP offers support for social chat apps development. Some of the social chat app developers using same server are IMO, Skype, Google Talk, Ebuddy, AIM, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! etc. All these works under the track of XMMP server as an Instant Messaging Client!

  1. Instant Messaging: It is a chatting approach between two or more individuals where the text is sent over the “Internet”.
  2. Group chat 1.0: XMMP facilitate multiple users to text at the same time with time synced in between different time zones.
  3. Advanced Message Processing: Progressive processing of XMPP communication sections include consistent data transport, time-sensitive conveyance and expiration of momentary messages.
  4. Byte stream can be both direct (peer-to-peer) or refereed (through a special purpose proxy server).
    The classic transport protocol used is TCP, with UDP to support optionally XMPP messaging.
  5. Entity Capabilities: The format has been kept as small as possible for standard XMPP transport mechanism for broadcasting the information that may be hidden either within a session or across sessions, on capabilities.
  6. Chat Notifications: The whole chat sessions includes possibilities of chat session with notifications like chat partner is actively engaged (online) in the chat, composing a message (Typing), temporarily paused, inactive, or gone (Offline).
  7. Service discovery: The identification of information can be discovered through capabilities the one to one entity and the multiple items associated with an entity chat groups.
  8. Feature Compromise: Manual customization helps the contextual feature options, such as accepting and denying the parameters of a file transfer or in communication sessions.
  9. Flexible Offline Communication: The XMPP allows users to retrieve its conversation (offline messages) when login in measured approach, without getting later retrieval flood of left messages from the server.
  10. User Location: XMPP provides interactive information with the identification of current geographical location (Maps Integration) on physical devices.
  11. User-Mood: Payload set-up for communicating info about user attitudes (Status), such as whether individual is currently sad, angry, happy or annoyed. User mode is transported by using the typically personal eventing protocol specified in XEP-0163
  12. Message Delivery Receipts: XMPP protocol provides message delivery receipts, whereby the dispatcher of a message can demand notification that the message has been delivered to a client – controlled by the future recipient.

Latest XMPP trends of 2016 extensions are facilitating business to development of whats app kind of applications by using the XMPP servers and upcoming trends in chatting apps around the business corner is now available as  open source, developed by the experienced chatting app developers.

XMPP also provides calling feature with Android Apps and iOS Apps development using XMPP server integrations, using VOIP and SIP server protocols implementation on XMPP.

VOIP Ejabbered

Not Only for text messaging the Host XMPP-based live chats and WebRTC mix can facilitate the real video audio conversations right and conferences all without any additional software or plugins.

Do you know XMPP Server trends is going to play a vital role in Internet Of Things?

The Internet of Things is the record trending technology today that attitudes alongside wearable and robotics for it, through using XMPP extension called XAMPP.

Confused? What is XMPP and what is XAMPP?

Yes! There is a slight spelling difference between XAMPP & XMPP 😛

XAMPP is open source and free cross-platform web server solution stack package established by Apache. It includes Apache HTTP Server, MariaDB database and interpreters for scripts written in the PHP and PPL.

XMMP Possibilities

Huff…! There are lot many things on and about servers, ask us we will help how to build up your business!

How XMPP is important for your Business App?

XMPP is providing a great way to connect businesses with everyone over the web by chat transpiration. Whatsapp kind of apps development, clone of hike app development, or an example is at the right side below corner, you’ll found a chat box 😉 which connects us with you.

  1. Get connected online – chat with your own Database.
  2. Connect socially – text & call with anyone online.
  3. Share, Receive, Sync files online.
  4. Gamers can connect and play multiplayer games.
  5. Share your screens – Screen-cast, broadcast
  6. Video Conferences, IOT and many more…

The more you ask us, the more options you’ll get! Get in touch for your Social messaging apps development!

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