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Laravel – PHP Framework: Great Aid for Web Artisans

Laravel is a free, open source software framework for the PHP programming language. PHP is known to have a less than desirable syntax, it is easy to use, easy to deploy and is actually powering many modern websites that we use day-to-day. Laravel provides beautiful shortcuts, components and tools that help in accomplishing all your wed based projects. Laravel aims to fix some of PHP’s flaws as well.

The beauty in using Laravel is that it has a semantic and creative syntax, which makes it stand out among various frameworks available for the programming language. It is a great choice for amateur projects as well as enterprise solutions.

Laravel was created by Taylor Otwell with an attempt to provide advanced alternative to CodeIgniter framework. Laravel 1 was released in June 2011. Its source code is hosted on GitHub and is licensed under the terms of MIT license.

Laravel’s major new version is Laravel 5, released in February 2015. New features included in Laravel 5 are support for scheduling periodically executed tasks through a098 n package called Scheduler, improved handling of package assets through Elixir, an abstraction layer called Flysystem that allows remote storage to be used in same way as local file systems and simplified externally handled authentication through the optional Socialite package.

Laravel 5.1 was released in June 2015 to receive long-term support, with planned availability of bug fixes for 2 years and security patches for 3 years.

laravel 2

Laravel 5.2 and Its New Features

Laravel 5.2 is supposed to be released in December 2015. Few new additional features of this version has already been announced.

Some of these new cool features are:

  • Implicit Model Binding: it allows automatic binding of model to a route. For seasoned Laravel developers, it is similar to present route model binding except that now the step of binding it manually can be removed.
  • Appending output from scheduled tasks: The new Laravel Schedular will now be able to append output from the task to a file.
  • Laravel 5.2 Form Array Validation: In Laravel 5.2, to add validation rules, it does not require looping through and adding the rules individually.
  • Collections Wildcards: If you want to pull out data while using a collection, then now you can pass a (*) as a wildcard
  • Database Session Driver: It now includes user_id and ip_address, so that all sessions for a given user can be cleaned easily.
  • My SQL JSON Column Types: Laravel 5.2 now adds support for this column type.

Keynote from Laracon 2015

Laracon is the annual Laravel conference that is held in the United States and in Amsterdam.

In Taylor Otwell’s keynote at Laracon US 2015, he announced Laravel Spark – a framework on top of Laravel framework. It is a pre-built SaaS app with basic functionality to start coding the actual project and leaving the common functionalities like accounts, payments, subscriptions to Spark.

Laravel helps your application to stay alive and relevant using established software development patterns. Using Laravel framework is definitely advantageous over using handmade codes or other frameworks.

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