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Tizen – An Intro, Wearable Apps

A recent spike in the development of open mobile Operating Systems has led to the release of exotic sounding distributions.

A new Linux based operating system called Tizen was launched for devices (including smartphones,tablets etc) by Samsung and Intel

When we say wearables, we think about it as a much broader conception. With the new Tizen SDK (software development kit) for wearables, We can easily build apps for smart watches.

The SDK allows developers to use HTML5 and related web technologies to write applications that run on supported devices.


Speak Features of Tizen:

  •  Open source
  • Compatibility with multiple mobile platforms
  • The OS is still compatible and may be launched in other OS like the IOS and Android, with a little code change.
  • Run HTML 5 applications – enables a smoother Web browsing experience for mobile devices

Samsung releases Tizen SDK for wearables to new apps like: Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo apps

Tizen is very much like Android. It will have the same basis in a secure, stable operating system. And is, ultimately, a platform that can be developed for with some ease.