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Points to remember when porting Mobile App from One Platform to Another

The strategy used by some businesses is developing a platform first and the release it in store and based on the reviews and success rate, the app will hit the other platform.

Porting an app from one platform to another is not much about the translation of the codes, it is more about the development of the app from the scratch which involves different hardware configurations, operating system support, and customization.

Redesigning is one major pre requisite for porting and there is spark difference between the design philosophy of IOS and Android ecosystems.

Things to consider while porting

  • Analyze the existing application – how does it work, scope for optimization, bugs, technology stack etc.
  • By checking whether all the features are supported by another platform if not check feasibility and find alternative solution.
  • Creating UI/UX and a navigational style as per design guidelines.
  • Architecture differences
  • Store submission

Android users have an option to come back to the home screen from the app by using back option, however for IOS that feature is not embedded.

Thus, converting or porting from one platform to another platform requires significant planning and careful consideration. If you would like to know further information about porting between two OS then please contact our team at Krify.

Our expert team can help you to convert your application to another platform seamlessly.

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