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Angular Js

Angular Js

Angular Js is an open source Javascript web applications framework that is developed and maintained by the engineers at Google. It is the front-end section of the MEAN stack. This MVW based front-end framework has quickly achieved popularity and has become the go-to framework for developing single page Applications. It is famous for its excellent flexibility, scalability, mobile responsive, supports all browsers and the simplest MVC implementation. l types of business requirements. Angular JS framework adapts and extends traditional HTML to present dynamic content through two-way data binding that allows for the automatic synchronization of models and views. As a result, Angular Js de-emphasizes explicit DOM manipulation with the goals of improving testability and performance.

Angular JS Development Services

Expert Angular JS developers at Krify Software Technologies adopt advanced MVC pattern to develop dynamic & powerful, web applications.

AngularJs Customization

It is most beneficial to customize the appearance of the business website as per the requirements and this is possible with Angular JS customization services.
Web Application Development

Get experienced Angular JS web developers delivering great services so it’s easy to create a wonderful web application.
Plugin Development

Angular JS is an amazing Javascript framework useful in creating effective plugins helpful in the development of AngularJS Applications.

Angular JS UX/UI Development

With Angular JS technology, it’d easy to get cost-effective and efficient UX/UI development services as our skilled developers offer great solutions.
Angular JS Portal Development

With the help of Angular JS technology, it is easy to build a simple and enticing portal system with floating panels.
Angular JS E-commerce development

Developing a helpful and feature- rich shopping cart is a lot easier with the help of Angular JS that offers great e-commerce solution.

Hire an AngularJS Developer

At Krify Software Technologies, you can hire Angular JS Developers who are experts at Angular JS, Which is used for web app development. Having more than 10 years of experience with AngularJS, our expert developers can quickly and efficiently create custom solutions for both startups and Large Enterprises. When you avail AngularJS Development Services from Krify software Technologies, you are guaranteed high quality, timely delivery as we will leverage our extensive experience as an Angular JS development company in India to ensure your complete satisfaction.

What makes us your Reliable Angular JS development Partner?

 AngularJS Mobile App Development using Ionic

 Complete AngularJS development cycle

 Angular Testing & QA Services

 Real-Time Web / Mobile Applications using Angular, Socket.io

 Single Page Applications using AngularJS (SPA)

 Customized Product Dashboard

 Angular Web Development Services

 Hire Dedicated Angular Developers

How we do it

Lean Product Development

We believe in Lean development process, focusing on constant idea validation, product feature evaluation, continuous improvement and quick iterations.
Agile Project Management

Our work culture is geared towards agile, lean and collaborative projects ensuring effective product scoping, faster delivery and a quick to market product.

Test Driven Development

Development process which stresses on tests first. Test Automation and Quality Assurance that guarantees the applications are error free in every release.
Continuous Delivery and Deployment

New features are released to production as quickly as possible. Our processes are organised with continuous integration and delivery ensuring speed of releases.

Why choose Krify software technologies for AngularJS development in India and UK?

We have the best Angular JS development team in Bangalore India, Kakinada India and Chigwell, UK.

Our experienced Angular JS team has expertise in all the Angular JS related technologies, including the following


Extensive knowledge of MVC Javascript frameworks like Angular JS,Angular.js 6.

Using Angular JS and firebase we built fully working chat and solutions.

Using Ionic we built full stack mobile app development

Using MongoDB on the backend, REST API drove complex single page web application development.


We always believe that the product delivery in unique and with high quality and all our clients are the testimony to the fact. We are unique because we have a skilled and experienced team who have created amazing AngularJS products again and again. We create:


Quality Products: By keeping in mind the client’s requirement our skilled and experienced developers team of AngularJs lends us the most flexible of creating world-class products.

Well-Designed Products: The main objective of our company is UX aspects and hence our developed products are a delight for every user and so there will be more customer retention and satisfaction.

Swiftly Curated Products: Angular JS and our expertise allow us to create superior and optimized products with quick turnaround time.

Well-tested Products: We create unit tests while developing Angular web applications that ensure the final product is fully functional and bug-free.

Customized & Scalable Web Apps

Give your web apps the capability of AngularJS technology. Hire JavaScript developer from us.


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