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Xamarin- Framework for Native Apps

The Mobile World is changing day by day . In this healthly competitive World , Every business requires Mobile app to face their competitors and to promote their services. In such Scenario the real confusion is whether to go with Native Apps or Cross platform App?

Native apps run directly on the mobile device. They make use of the hardware features available on the device, such as a camera and sensors such as an accelerometer, a compass, etc where as Cross platform mobile development refers to a technique of writing a single codebase for apps that will eventually be used on different operating systems.
Recently Smart developers will take the advantage of toolset like Xamarin to reduce bulk of the development process.



What is Xamarin and why its users are increasing day by day???
• Xamarin facilitate the mobile developers the ability to quickly and easily create applications on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows devices in a fully native manner, but from a single code base.

• It respects the uniqueness of each platform and does not force developers to create apps that look the same on all platforms.

• Xamarin technology allows Developers to keep Native UI across all three platforms.

• It is integrated with SDKs of all of the different operating system.

• Using allows developers to automatically test iOS and Android apps immediately, on hundreds of devices.

Hence, Xamarin has brought technology a step ahead. It provides solution & allow developers to create UI’s unique to each platform and functionality that can be reused on another platform . Please check updated version of this Blog