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Upgrade your iPhone app to iPhone5 or face rejection

Apple has finally placed a deadline on its rejection of apps that use UDIDs. As of 1st May 2013, Apple will no longer accept new apps that use the Universal Device Identifier (UDID). In addition, all apps must be compatible with Apple’s Retina displays and iPhone apps must support the iPhone 5 which has 4? retina display, or they’re no go.

The ban on apps that don’t support the iPhone 5?s display is an interesting one, as there are still many apps out there on the store that are stuck at the old device resolution of the iPhone 4/4S. For whatever reason, Apple has had a hard time convincing some developers to update their apps to support the iPhone 5?s display. While most marquee apps have been updated, there are still a few on my device that are not updated. Now, if they want to fix any bugs or add any new features, they’ll also have to be iPhone 5-ready.

The new screen size requirements also mean that iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2G will slowly start to fade from the picture as new apps cease to support them. It means, any new updates to apps or new apps will no longer be able to support iOS 4.2 devices, as they’ll have to be built against the iOS 6 SDK, which contains features incompatible with older versions of Apple’s software (outside of some hacky methods).

What is required to convert your non-iPhone5 apps to iPhone5 Compatible?

It does not required any change in terms of the Functionality (models). It requires all the UI Views (View level) and Graphics to be redone to retina standards.

Would you like to upgrade your Apps to Retina display and iPhone5?

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