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Things to Look for in web UI development trends of 2018

Web UI development trends 2018

What is a WEB UI?

The User interface is everything that is designed into an information device with which a user interacts with the application or a website. As the growing dependency on website and apps has led many companies to place increased priority on UI in an effort to improve the user’s overall experience.

                   To develop a Web UI design the basic things to have are HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, Material design which are the building blocks of a website. In this article, we gonna discuss in detail about the trending technologies that rule the world in every aspect of your business.

Things to Look for in a Front-End Framework

             Before getting started with the search for front-end frameworks. It’s very important to know yourself as the top things to look for in. By considering this, you have the best front-end frameworks that make the time easier. Let us come with each front-end technologies in detail and also the latest technologies that came to rule the UI design.

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

            HTML helps to create the basic template to communicate information. HTML helps to provide elements and content with a set of logical and instructions about how to display on the web page and what is their significance and semantic. It is the important tool for developing the website. It is the best language for website creation which is used by HTML developers.

           There are more than 1.8 billion different websites running at present. The whole world is running on web pages and these web pages are running on HTML as it one of the most dynamically evolving.  The latest version of HTML is HTML5 which is a game changer in many ways. It is more robust, with lower dependencies on supporting language and tools.

Here are the popular Features of HTML5:

  • Cross-platform code portability
  • Multimedia and interactive media support
  • GeoLocation Support

  • New Elements Like Audio, Video, canvas

  • Storage

  • Long scrolling website and parallax effects


               CSS(Cascading Style Sheet) plays a vital role in web design. When changes are made in one stylesheet, CSS will enable these changes in all the stylesheets. It will permit you to develop the complete look of your website. While HTML focuses on the content and structure of a website, CSS will be concerned with the elements of presentation such as layout, font and colour. Before CSS came to known Everything was included in the HTML which makes the document very complex. This division of functionalities among HTML and CSS will allow Web designers to have greater control over the web pages.

             The latest version of CSS is CSS3 which is more dynamic and it has reduced the use of images to a great extent especially for gradient and rounded corner below is the list   

Here are the popular Features of CSS3:

  • Rounded Corner
  • Border Images
  • Box Shadow
  • Text Shadow
  • Parallax Effects


                Javascript is the scripting language that can help powerful and reliable applications including the websites and portals to boost online business environment. JavaScript add functionalities, validate forms, detect browsers and many more. The major benefit for javascript developers is to add additional interaction with the website and its visitors.

                Despite the level of criticism that we face year to year, JavaScript is still one of the fastest growing programming languages in the world. The latest frameworks in javascript are listed below: React, Vue.js, Next.js, Angular.js

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Here are the popular Features of javascript:

  • It Detecting the user’s browser and OS,
  • It is light weighted
  • JavaScript is a scripting language JavaScript is an interpreter based scripting language.
  • JavaScript is case sensitive


            BootStrap is an open-source framework which is a combination of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript code to design user interface components. It is also called Front-end Framework. It is a collection of tools for creating a website and web applications. It is mainly used to design templates based on typography, forms, buttons, navigations and many more.

Some features for programmers preferred Bootstrap Framework

  • Easy to get started
  • Great grid system
  • Base styling for most HTML elements(Typography,Code,Tables,Forms,Buttons,Images,Icons)
  • An extensive list of components
  • Bundled Javascript plugins

Material Design

            Material design is an improved version of the flat design. It majorly deals with animations, layers, shades, navigation. Material design is intuitive that is much easier to understand and use as well. Google wants Material Design to be much more than Visual language. In order to improve our design- development workflow here is a new concept named Material Theming which is a huge upgrade to Material design which as the ability to “orderly” customize the material design to display the product in a better manner.

Some Features of the Material design

  • Change/Update/ add colours
  • Typography Management
  • Shapes
  • New Icon Style

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