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Mobile Apps Boost Startups’

Can Mobile Apps Help to Boost Startups’ Growth?

Mobile #Mobile, Smartphone #Smartphone, you may go anywhere but you shall be always connected or tied with mobile phones.

A mobile app is a supercomputer software package intended to stay on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Some devices are itself pre-installed with apps like browser apps, mail apps, mail calendar, sinkable calendar apps, mapping apps, music apps and many more apps.

Every startup can be distinguished and separated from other startups based on its domain and platform. For instance, a startup with functionality of Pizza Making can be categorized under domain of Food > Fast food > pizza, burgers, likewise.

Why Mobile Apps for Startups?

As we know…


Everything starting from a child birth to human death is linked with online registrations in database for easy access. So to stay ahead everything is need to be connected with web!

Startup is like a small child born in the big #new world. It has lot of challenges and struggle to face in this competitive world. The first step towards bringing the notice of world to your small venture is using #digital platform. One can start with website development and its continuous and proper maintenance.

We all are aware that mobile technology is more popular among masses rather than #desktops and #PCs. The usage of mobile is much higher than that of computers. So people prefer using #internet on their smartphones. So this increasing usage of smartphones for internet has raised the demand of mobile apps. They are more convenient, fast and effective method of offering services and monitoring operations.

How Mobile Apps Benefit Startups?

Startups can derive several benefits from the mobile apps. Most prominent being that it can facilitate the User in a better way and help them connect well with the business.

When any business goes for mobile app development, that mobile app becomes its own exclusive property. So startups can use it extensively to promote their offers, services and brand messages in many creative ways. Thus branding for your startup can be done through marketing on mobile application.

Another huge advantage of using mobile app is its huge reach among masses. With passing days, mobile usage are increasing day-by-day across the globe. It implies that having strong presence through mobile platform will help your business reach more customers directly in creative manner.

Krify suggests startups to kick-start their business by having a creative and responsive website and mobile app. The first step towards the successful start can be a responsive website and mobile app development to create strong presence in the digital world.

How to choose between website and mobile app?

Every startup will definitely get confused over choosing Mobile app or Website. Well, we can define the need of both. Website development is primary option for every company that is minimum requirement for reorganization its existence in digital world.

The next choice can be made between Responsive website vs. Web app. Both will work on network connected devices but major difference is in look and style impact. If website is not responsive then on mobile, it will show improper arrangement of elements on screen.

Mobile Apps are directly designed for mobile users irrespective of screen sizes as with auto extensions and gets adapted with the device. There are more than 1.9 Billion Apps available on play-store for Android users in first place and Apple occupies the second place with more than 1.8 Billion Apps on App-store for Apple Users. We have currently 230 billion app users in world and are expected to turn into 340 billion app downloads, till the end of 2016.

Mobile Apps Growth Rate2016

Mobile Apps Growth Rate

For more facts and figures, check out our previous post on ‘Need of Mobile App Development for Businesses #2016’.

Reasons behind Top Startups’ Mobile Apps Failure:

  1. Low App Performance
  2. Inadequate App Version updates
  3. Less potential apps development
  4. Immature App UI/UX Designing
  5. Improper Marketing Strategies
  6. Familiar Apps Development
  7. Ineffective Idea‘s
  8. Picking a less suitable Platform
  9. Lagging behind every day Changing Technologies
  10. Not getting it developed from Expert professionals

Concluding Note:

Using the digital world for business’ growth is the hot trend in present times. For Strong digital presence to be made, one needs to take the path of responsive website development and innovative mobile app development.

Over the years of experience Krify has acquired the competency in understanding the marketing needs of your businesses. We have an #expert team of developers and designers that will work out for the #website and #mobile app development, which would be apt to boost the growth of your startup.

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