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Mind Reading

Top 5 Technologies based on #Humanoid Brain – What is Mind Reading?

Mind Reading In reality 2018, the advance power among the individual minds makes the possible with a brief study of individual minds with the day to day growing technology. With this for the first time it is probable to decode the brain thoughts which holding several concepts.

Technology is enabling us to map of all the kind of information in the brain about to what are the most human thoughts are poised of.


What is Mind reading?

In terms of wiki, the Psychic power, Psionics, psychic skill – are alternative words used to label in the mind reading skill.

“Mind reading is a superficially magical skill to map someone’s psychological terrain from their words, emotions, and the body language.”

The transformation of info between individuals by means of other than the general mind intelligence.

One of the biggest improvements of the human brain’s ability is to chain individual perceptions into the complex thoughts, like just not to think of ‘Apple’ but ‘I like to eat an Apple in morning with my breakfast’.


About Mind Reading:

The Whole Brain Emulation (WBE), in terms of a computer. The mind upload or the brain upload is the imaginary futuristic process by skimming mental state of a specific brain substrate and copying it to the brain or a computer. The brain or a computer could then run the simulation model for the knowledge processing, such that it will responds in really the same way.

Robotics enabled Human through brains

Such is where Mind Reading comes into the picture by capturing the mind state / memory rolling over will provide a Super power to the Mind Reader to know his / her imaginary world and thoughts. The Scientific Knowledge of Mind Reading practically aims to help the build the futuristic & modern software’s to built on agility, Artificial Intelligence automation, IoT, Boats, insights & security and more.

1. How Robotics enabled Human through brains?

Based on the researches happened with human brains, robot that’s are empowering with the knowledge like a human about the recognition, grasping and how to see the real world to respond back with a very similar thought process up to how a real humanoid act.

With the data gathered through the research on various minds, Knowledge providing to a Robot is very simple with a few installations and clicks away.

Coming to advance Robo’s which have been developed are capable to learn the new things by interacting with the human minds. If you see consider a simple example, the way a personal assistant interacting with Robots the way they respond back is very similar based how they get trained to read the inflection.


2. How Artificial intelligence enabled through Human brains?

We all know the Artificial Intelligence is the real capability of human mind and powering a super system. The most impressive pattern of artificial intelligence is a computer that was really, truly good at chess.

Today’s Artificial intelligence with a pieces of software can do every-thing in form of interactions with humanoid.

In real like we have already using such technology on finger tips. With the mood of feeling the music can be played up. A chat bot can help you typing instead of real text by hands and more. All the curiosity get enabled only while it’s by human engineers who catches the mind various minds about how to respond back and make the job happy.


3. How Automation enabled through Human brains?

All the automated tasks will be grounded one to one with specific task completion as a goal. One among the most practical guide is to implement the mechanisation that each automation enabler will follow The Theory of Mind (ToM).

May be the world of humble humans will be swapped by the taskforces of slick automatons in terms of Automation. But, In order to automate the task’s it’s very important to know what a human capable to and in what way they used to solve the problem.

This is only understandable by observing the human being and individual minds to setup a process and develop the automation with a sensory networks from a brain to memory network.


4. How Bots enabled through Human brains?

Human are fond of regular instants and feelings, which are the things continuously change according to the mind-set. The mind is an agreed of intellectual faculty with consciousness, thinking, perception, language, judgement and memory.

It is always important of a bot to know each thing which have been interacted with a human activity right? It could be a chat bot, a functional bot or a Proactive bot. The job is to help the human mind by reducing the human efforts.

The Goal of bot is simply they communication way with proper messaging style or infect to complete the specific job. And of course it must have the right to ask in case of miss understandings of human mind or words before execute. Let’s say It may be Alexa device or Google Assistant, both powered pre instructions according to the human needs and mind set based on which they perform the action.


5. How IOT enabled through Human brains?

We all know the IoT is a two-way communication, Brains are now open to take electrical signals bearing the data of several likely sorts. Humanoid brains are now developed as the nodes that interoperated with the other nodes possibly each other.

Neuroscience provoked the visualisation that any organization can be modelled equivalent to the intellectual capability of the human brain. Now with the Brain Reading and Researched done AI algorithms developed are now useful to simulate the brain processes support a vision – certain human brains tasks can be simulated by brain-inspired organisations to set the substance of an intelligent society.

All though, we will going to see the nearby future with a different vision through Brain Powered Artificial Intelligence.


 Robotics Human Interface IOT

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