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ionic 3 framework

What’s new in Ionic 3?

Before diving into the main concept of Ionic framework let us understand what are hybrid apps!

Hybrid apps are the one which allows you to build and develop on multiple platforms like android, ios, windows. Javascript, HTML and CSS languages can be used to create powerful hybrid apps. In order to get a path to develop quick and low budget applications, you need to opt for hybrid mobile app development.

Ionic framework is developed by Drifty in the year 2013. It is an open source SDK used for developing web technologies and hybrid mobile applications using HTML5, CSS and javascript. This framework mainly focuses on user interface, look and feel of the application. Ionic is built on the combination of Angular and Apache Cardova.

What’s new in Ionic 3?

Ionic uses SemVer(Semantic Versioning)

The framework is updated in Ionic 3.0. Provided a version number Major, Minor, Patch increment the:

  • MAJOR version when you make incompatible API changes
  • MINOR version when you add new functionality in a backward-compatible manner
  • Patch version when you fix bugs.

When we upgrade our internal version of Angular, we are bumping the Ionic version according to whether the Angular upgrade is major, minor or a patch. Since this release upgrades Ionic to be compatible with Angular 4.0  and it also has incompatible API changes, it had to be a major release.

Compatible with Angular 4

The upgraded Ionic framework is compatible with Angular 4. This introduces new updated features, support the new version of typescript, fast and small applications and many more.

Compatible with TypeScript 2.1 and 2.2

Typescript acquires all the classes of javascript and therefore known as the superset of javascript. Ionic works with the latest version of Typescript same like Angular framework. This upgrade will improve the type checking and build time in your application.

IonicPage Decorator

You can set up deep links into your application using  IonicPage Decorator. This allows an easy way to set up lazy loading in your application and customize the configuration of each and every individual page.

Lazy loading

Ionic 3 supports lazy loading. The changes will speed up your application although they affect the navigation and file structure of your application. Each time you load the application, the components are also loaded and lead to slow down of the app, but by the implementation of lazy loading, only the necessary components are loaded therefore increasing the speed of the application.

Advantages of the Ionic framework

  • Ultimate open source SDK
  • Good availability of Plugins
  • Helps in creating default mobile app UI functionalities efficiently and easily
  • More  pre-styled and predefined components
  • Any browser will support for testing
  • It is enveloped by PhoneGap and Cardova
  • Once the code is written it runs on all devices.


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Ionic: Advanced Hybrid Mobile App Framework

The native apps have become very popular among all smartphone users. They are specifically designed for a certain mobile OS and hence they offer a better User experience over the mobile website.

Along with all the advantages that any native app has, it also has some downsides to it. Native apps are platform specific and needs respective development tools. They are more expensive proposition for developers who wants their app to be compatible with various platforms.  Naturally developing native apps for different types of mobile platforms is time consuming as it needs different software tools for each platform.

Hybrid Mobile Apps

The solution over above listed problems is Hybrid Mobile Apps. The foremost advantage is that they are platform independent (can run across multiple platforms like iOS, Android, etc). Developmet of such apps requires less time as compared to time required for the development of native apps for different platforms.

Basically, the hybrid app approach combines the native development with web technology. For hybrid apps, developers write maximum portion with cross-platform technologies and maintain the direct access to native APIs when it is required. The native portion of the app can be developed independently, and the web part of the app can be developed as a web page that can reside on a server. The web part of Hybrid apps are developed using technologies like HTML 5, CSS3 and JS.

What is Ionic?

Ionic framework is a front-end framework for hybrid mobile apps development. Ionic is a complete open-source SDK that can be used for hybrid mobile app development. Ionic was built on top of Apache Cordova (previously Phone Gap, a mobile app development framework) and Angular JS (Google’s web application framework).

Ionic provides services and tools for hybrid mobile app development using web technologies like HTML 5, CSS and Sass. Such hybrid apps built using these web technologies can be distributed through native app stores using Cordova.

Ionic was created by Drifty Co. in 2013.  It offers all the functionalities that are found with the SDKs for native mobile app development. Thus enabling users to build their apps, which can be customized for Android/iOS and can be deployed using Cordova. Ionic provides various custom components and methodologies for interaction using Angular JS.

The ionic is dedicated towards building products as per modern Web Standards for modern mobile devices. For Android, Ionic platform supports Android 4.1 and above. For iOS, ionic supports iOS 7 and above versions. Ionic framework also supports apps for Blackberry 10.

So lets build apps for all big platforms using ionic SDK. Ionic provides everything for app development, from front-end to back-end.

For more information on development using Ionic Framework, visit: http://ionicframework.com/  or http://ionic.io/

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