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Chatbot Automation providing a big opportunity


There is a huge shift on usage of messaging apps than social media networks. What if there is an automated text message software? Sounds interesting!. There is a new evolution in how users engage in messaging platform through chatbots and voice assistants. Bots help users in their daily tasks like book a cab, buy pizza, navigate to destined location and also in other categories like education, health, travel, fashion, etc. The challenging task for bots is to provide the valuable content. Bots provide content distribution with personalized interactions. Messaging apps are surpassing social networking app in their growth.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a software powered by artificial intelligence that helps the end user to interact via a chat platform like Facebook, messenger, etc.

Why consider a chatbot?


Chat bot online

Usually, chatbot design consists of four different components, namely

  • Natural Language Processing: It does analyzing the user requests. This component will structure the given user data. Suppose if the user enters “I would like to have biryani tonight.” This phrase is converted into an object by the codebase of chatbot


 “Intent”: “delivery”,

 “Object”: “biryani”,

 “Time”: “12/08/2017 8:00pm”


Such component is built in-house and there are plenty of tools helpful to develop applications of chatbots.

  • Dialog manager: This component is to give reply to the user based on the past interactions. It simply runs on “IF” statements.

          Example: If the user asks “when”, based on the last interaction that is about a biryani delivery , dialog                           manager would reply when the biryani would be delivered.

  • Content: Content is basically the template of what the bot has decided to respond to the user. Based on the way the content is structured impact how the user will perceive the chatbot, from marketing and UX point of view.

           Example: Hi {name}, your biryani will be there at {delivery_time}

The variables will be changed by the dialog manager with appropriate values based on previous interactions.

  • Custom integrations: This component is for the more advanced bots. Its task is to retrieve  data from database or web service, run conditions and inform the dialog manager.

chatbot for apps


Examples of Chatbots:

Weather bots      : Provides the weather report to the user whenever asked.

Grocery bots      : Provides user to pic and order the groceries.

News bots           : Provides the interesting news to the users when asked.

Scheduling bots : Helps people in scheduling the meetings and also reminds them.

Finance bots       : Helps to manage the finance better.

There are lot more examples of Chatbots and no wonder how they will work as science and technology always make us feel surprised!

Here is how Facebook demonstrates the examples of chatbots.

Chatbots are a big opportunity

We had a look of chatbot capabilities and realised that it is not just a text application or a chatting application but something above that. In order to maintain the pace and be a good competitor just  follow where people are. People are now in messaging apps. Chatbots are potentially a big business opportunity to build something the people want.

Krify has a special team researching on chatbot integrations. Apart form being a mobile app development company we are also coming forward to expand our services in the integration of chatbots. Do communicate with our team to verify further.

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