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Virtual Reality Devices – Backpack Computers

Next Level Virtual Reality Devices – Backpack Computers

In the business economy, VR ONE is the first freestyle for gamers to meet the virtual reality style gaming using the VR headset with a cutting-edge precision optics and cardboard holders mostly for Android, iOS, and Windows mobiles.

In VR journey, from the past we have seen devices like HoloLens – Augmented Reality & Virtual reality to Hardware Tech Edge behind Microsoft’s HoloLens “Teleportation” by Microsoft, Virtual Reality Mobile Cardboards which are all given with the same device mobile controls … and now it is going to be the next level with the different version, meaning the next generation VR devices can now control other devices. Just like that!!

Drone VR Drive:


Here the following video shows a great way how to connect your drone vehicle using the VR apps development with android and iOS devices support to fly to its heights of virtual reality experiences.

VR Gamings:

You should brilliant enough to play VR Games using Virtual Reality Devices in order to play the action games using the high configured hardware devices like Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, and few others.

Do you think here VR Economy stopped?

Nope! As technology is bringing a lot many changes in different activities from one scenario to another, the Virtual Reality too is showing variations as simple as like Hardware is now modulating to fit for VR Economy. For an instance…

“One of the leading brands of the gaming business, MSI has put these desires together to meet the real-time user experiences in the world with virtual reality. “

Backpack Virtual Reality Devices

Here they are presenting the latest creation of virtual reality with an all new gaming experience named as the Backpack PC.

MSI (Micro-Star International) is impeccably ahead on meeting gamers’ desires using the MSI Backpack PC. The only need of introducing the Backpack PC is to become most up-to-date solutions for extreme gamers for playing games.

Yes! As you can see this Backpack PC is literally built to be worn on the back of you. Check out the experience in the below video.


VR experts are promising that you can get the premium experience while using the VR Backpack devices for gaming, anywhere you like – Tokyo Games Show.

The backpack looks like a much-enhanced render of an angry Transformer officially called as armor design of braveness, highlights the power of mobility and says that its “muscle shape with smooth outlines fashion the look of a champion in the VR world. The backpack has the support of latest 3D UX/UI with the support of android studio and iOS gaming apps.

Virtual Reality Devices VR Gaming

MSI PC Backpack is a backpack with a covering made of plastic and metal system with Core i7-6700K processor, GTX 980 graphics card. Easy to connect your USB, HDMI, and your headphones connectors to be straddling on top of the backpack, so you can connect your VR glasses using a pair of short cables. However, the company did mention the potential for launch in the end-of-the year .

“Krify has a team has eagerly waiting for the launch of MSI PC BackPack as techy lovers are eager to connect through the mobile and web app world.” – Get in touch for converting your gaming idea into an interesting gaming app through mobile apps development now !!

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