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React native- Major differences to consider in the development of Android and iOS Apps

React Native difference in Android and iOS apps

React Native uses rich mobile UI from declarative components which allows you to reuse code for developing apps for Android and iOS. We can use the same code for both platforms, but it may vary for Android and iOS in the end with some differences

4 Top differences in the development of React Native in Android and iOS platforms

Operating system

Operating System plays a major role in testing the app developed in both Android and iOS. With react Native we can build applications on both Android and IOS. MacOS is very supportable for React Native Developers. For IOS simulators and android emulator,  there are official tools which are very easy and more supportable. Android studio there are official tools but which are limited to a certain level.

Native Element

React Native compiles javascript element for its components to platform specific elements and thus produces a different result in both Android and iOS. Let us take an example to describe this in detail, consider picker component which gives different results in the iOS simulator and the Android emulator, because react native will run javascript to platform specific elements for tits components get the results.  

Shadow Style

While working with React Native you can style applications using javascript, especially when dealing with shadows style in Android and iOS. Android doesn’t have shadows at all. Because Android doesn’t support shadows in react native. If we want to implement some kind of shadows in android, then we have to use elevation(elevation: 20) property. Using this we can elevate an element above the standard elements by that it casts a shadow. Using this we can cast only one property that too with certain limitations.on Android.

Linking Libraries

Adding third party libraries into the app is not that much easy work to be done by the web developers, because adding it as a dependency, but by running “react-native link library-name” will be done this job. These linking libraries with react native are done well by the using the link “library-name”.Manual library linking means adding code in both Android and iOS, for this, we need to have the knowledge on java and swift/Objective-C language.

From the above, all discussion concludes that even though there are differences around the development of layout for both Android and iOS systems, React Native is still awesome technology, as it lets you use the same code for Android and iOS systems. A layout of the application causes the difference in Android and iOS. After all the difference in React Native regarding Android and iOS, There are some limitations for windows is also an advantage. Most of the problems raise while working with Android Apps.

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