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Project Description

Transverse is a special mobile app for the user's who used to travel over the world, who have passion to Rome around the nature, even it's much useful to people who used to travel by the booking of cab's. Transverse for traveler with low-cost to premium offering Luxury journey's with in priced scheduled.





Transverse App for Travelers

Transverse offer you to travel in a luxury car’s with a driver. The driver is always allow you to can chooses by star rating with safe drive and a comfortable drive. where each cab will be tractable with and having a Geo-fenced GPS location identification for customer’s convenience, also customer can pay through online payment options like on demand.

  • Features: 
  • Location Tracking
  • Text Alerts
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Direct Interactions
  • View And Select Cab’s you Like
  • Online Payment Systems
  • Shdeule your Own time to reach Source – Destinations
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