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Project Description

ParkShark is your personal assistant for parking! You can list your own parking space to make money while you're at work or on holidays and find and book parking in advance rather than driving around in circles.

Project Details






  • Car Parking
  • Near Parking Zones
  • Entertainment app
  • Compatible with iPhone Device
  • Lower Memory Occupancy
  • Less Ram Utilization
  • Faster Operations
  • Power Saving
  • Secure

ParkShark App Designs

ParkShark App:

  1. Book long-term parking so your daily commute is easier with your own dedicated parking space.
  2. Use your credit card or the money you’ve earned from your own parking space to book parking so you never need money on hand!
  3. List your parking space so people who work, attend events or shop in your area can pay you to use it. Cash out your extra earnings via PayPal or bank transfer.
  4. An entirely new and modern way to park is at your fingertips! Available in Ireland, UK and USA.

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