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Offer & Deals App

Project Description

Offer & Deals is an Innovative shopping app that delivers unbeatable deals off the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in Greece . Based on the consumers current GPS location, the app displays nearest offers provided by Vendors. It is very intuitive that guides you with Google maps to the location of the offer easily. This app is availble in both English & Greece languages. Features : Shopping App Offers Deals GPS Geo Fencing Vendors Customers Users Prefernces Admin system Interactive UI Multi Lanaguage Latest Trends based Search Push notifications Socila Media Login & Sharing Filters

Project Details





Offerdose App Designs

Preferences :

  • After Successful login in to the Application, Users has an option to choose their preferences with the suitable regions and categories to look into the offers accordingly.
  • User can be able to select multiple Categories & Multiple regions.
  • Users should be able to set distance and Price  Range in order to get notification related to the Offers.
  • Users can be able to choose the Language -Greek or English.

Searching Offers :

  1. Users can be able to search offers depending on Store , Category , Location and latest offer.
  2. Users can be able to view Offers in both List View and Map View.
  3. If users search based on category, they can be able to view all the list of Categories.
  4. If users search based on Store, he  can view the information such as
  • Store name
  • Store branding
  • Store address such as City and street.
  • Store contact details such as Email & telephone
  • List of categories in which they provide offers
  • Location of the store

Offers detailed View  In detailed offers page, Users  can view the information such as

  • Store name
  • Store branding
  • Image of the offered item
  • Name of the offer,
  • Description (About offer in one line)
  • which category it belongs to
  • Location details of the offer
  • Original price
  • Discounted price
  • Add to favorite
  • Validity period for a particular offer(starting date & End date)
  • Store name

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