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In-app messages are the guide to drive the conversions – Firebase

firebase in-app messaging

Firebase is aimed to make the developer engage with their app active users within the app and manage the users in the right direction with insights collection for taking valuable actions. Here in the use cases for In-App messaging include purchase the in-app item, prompting users to share the app, and more.

The fact is, Firebase doesn’t require huge developer skills. It can be enabled by anyone with minimum skills who has hands-on basic development background to send customized in-app messages to a particular group at a scheduled time period and also provides acumens on the campaign performance. While in beta, this brand new service essentially allows you to show simple Alert dialog on your user’s devices while they are using the app to boost your engagement or to guide them towards performing an action.

Let’s know

What is In-App Messaging?

The major objective of messages sent with In-App messaging is to “PUSH” active users towards essential In-App actions like subscribing, watching a video, completing a level or buying an item. In-app messages are the guide within the app designed to drive the conversions, increase session time and encourage app exploration.  

Let us see some example, you could send an in-app messaging to get the users to subscribe, watch a video, complete a level, or even to buy an item. In this, we need to create a simple campaign message asking the users to rate the app. Once you click on the rate button, the user will be directed to the play store where there will be the list of apps and asked to submit the review for the app.

Now let us go in deep

How to explore firebase In-app messaging?

The basic things to do to set up the firebase In-app messaging

  • Connect the app – we need to connect the app with firebase.
  • Integrate the SDK – Then we need to integrate appropriate SDK that fits for In-app messaging
  • Create your first message –  Which involves just sending and receiving the messages without any coding. We can directly send messages from firebase console which similar to sending and receiving push messages from firebase console. You can create a campaign with 3 types for different In-app messages there we can create, modal, image and a banner message. The only difference is how they look and feel the functionalities.

                  Create your model message(Alert dialogue): Similar to Alert dialogue that includes background, text colour, title, image URL, body, button text, button action.

message type and color
                  Select the target people of your message: Conducting campaign that includes campaign name, campaign description, target app and other conditions. Here are a few types of engagement campaigns

target people
                   Scheduling the message: This includes the start and end date of a campaign which also includes start time, end time, trigger point, frequency limit.

schedule time
                   Conversion event: It’s an optional one, but you can track the conversion event based on the selection by triggering.

conversion event

Here we have done with the firebase console setup for In-app messaging. And now if you open the app after sending the message, you should be able to see the awesome message inviting you. The console allows you to track the number of users who have seen the message vs how many of the users clicked on the action associated with the message.

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