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How to make your Mobile App Go Viral

how to make an app go viral

Every app owner wants to get their app recognised and also earn more revenue for the business. If you are the one among them, your app needs to deserve spending some effort, time and money to go viral. Making an app viral is not so easy using the traditional marketing strategy unless a miracle happens.

In order to gain many users, you need to follow certain strategic plan even though you are a well-known company in the market. Efforts to make an app viral starts when you design your app and these will never end until you maintain the target or grow your app business. This is why we call this process as a cycle.

The cycle for a viral App

The cycle process to go an app viral is to interact with the people and to make the people love the app. Going app viral is not only just getting downloads but also convincing the people to keep using the app and also share the content with other people.

Let’s have a look at the basic steps to go viral with the app from scratch.

Steps to Make an App Go Viral

Most of the people love more than one app for some reasons. If the people come across an app with an interest in, it means they are more like to use it. Here are some steps that will guide you to convert people into users in love with your app, who will be your the best partners while spreading the word.

Let’s get in deep

An Effortless Design

The first thing to do is to offer users with an effortless design. As people are busy with many mobile apps and countless contents in these apps, your app needs to be with a fantastic design that will never be confusing or tiring. Apps with minimum distraction will attract more people attention. Maintaining simplicity is the key value for the app to get attention from the people. Offering the app that values something rather than annoying ads or useless content.

Success in Social Media

People spend more time social media using different devices about 60% of social media time spent is facilitated by mobile devices. Social media platforms like SnapChat, Instagram, YouTube are the most popular social media platforms people use.

How to use this data as an advantage to go app viral?

Start sharing your content and also introduce your app on these platforms. A viral app needs succeeding them by integrating social feed into the app. This integration will help you to share your word on the platforms. This is one of the most effective and organic ways to reach the people.

Positive Review

The reviews will create a good impact and also project the trustworthy and transparent on your app profile. Constant work on it! By that, you can motivate your users to leave the positive comments at the right time and right place. Wait until the user spends much time on your app and let them love your app, Asking 5 star is out of fashion, let’s establish the real connection with the users and be more human. Never hesitate to contact your happy users to ask for reviews, just avoiding being pushy. Without succeeding in the market, you cannot go on with the cycle of viral advertising alive.

Focus on targeted audience

Targeted audience means the people who actually in need of your app. Always main to the well-defined targeted audience which means engaging with the right group of people and it doesn’t make sense to please everyone. So spend your most time on the people who actually use and are in need of your app to go viral and treat to convince them. The focused targets user profile will tell you how to find out which will be used to reach the audience and how to turn them to use your app.

App Store Optimization

Every App Store has their own environment that helps the apps to have the high visibility in the app store. We need to optimize your app to adapt this ASO environment. There are tons of mobile apps in the various app stores and it is not that much easy to stand out among them. The main factors to consider are the title and keywords. Once you find out your main keyword don’t forget to place it in your title. In order to improve app ranking, you can regularly change the keyword.


Most of the people love to have gifts, so do app users. Offer them with rewards like inviting their friends to use your app. You can offer the user with free themes, a free upgrade and discounts to both the current user and new user, as this the common tactic, and try to avoid being annoying. A short time promotion generates a sense of importance and requests people into action. The newcomer checks the offer in short and forgets your offers forever.

Whatever the efforts you keep to go viral start from the beginning and last forever. The above-mentioned factors will definitely increase your chance to reach the million people. Once you’re done with the design and release a simple and attractive design, focus on marketing and PR campaigns. Social media and positive reviews are the key elements to consider for this process. To be a success in reaching the people, you have to define your audience and try to fulfil them Optimize your app considering what they actually looking for in an app and reward them to encourage.

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