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Developing Highend Apps and Features for Foldable Mobile upright UI/UX for Coming Smartphone

High end apps for Foldable mobile devices

Mobile phones are used to come in all shapes and sizes and for this reason, the device makers are trying hard to have largely standardized around the flat glass slab. But we could be looking at another big shift in smartphone design, Samsung has come up with new form factors devices — “Foldable Phones”. As smartphones are providing new experiences from the last ten years and it changed a lot of things like the way people think, the way of communication and also open many opportunities for the developers. Now the new Galaxy Fold bringing a new way to work and likely to be a new game changer.

Samsung took the wraps off a technology which will allow it to launch devices with foldable, rollable and even stretchable screen in the near future. This may be exciting for a while, but here you need to know what are app developers thinking about Foldable apps and their products? And every app owner should give a thought “is your app ready for the foldable phones?”  Google announced that it is optimising its operating system to prepare the apps for multi-window in Android to seamlessly adapt to different screen sizes i.e you may think that the device as both a phone and a tablet and foldable devices. However, the UI/UX design plays a key role in these devices as UI/UX should be unique even when the device is folded or unfolded.

Here are the set of recommendations and information to develop your apps for Samsung’s foldable phones in order to provide a great user experience.

Awesome Features of Foldable Smartphone Device 

App Continuity

Users will be in a state to manage multiple displays on one mobile device. Your application will be able to transition from one screen to another automatically. The apps will be displayed on different screens to suit the user’s preference as they will be switched between the screens. The apps needed for creating multi-screen support Android app. For this transition, your app will receive a configuration change for the new layout so as to provide a great user experience when switching from one screen to the other, you must make sure your app properly support runtime configuration change and develop apps for multiple screens.

How to Test:

Now, Android App Developers can check how a normal app going to look on Samsung’s wild foldable phone which enables them to verify that it was done properly by using an emulation situation that is equipped for app continuity. The emulator app that can run on AVD(Android Virtual Device) in Android Studio and Android tablets is equipped to test for changing screen size.


Beginning from API level 26, the platform offers enhanced support for application development for multi-screen solutions. If an activity is switching to a large screen such as foldable phone case, the users can use more than two split-screen modes. There may be instances that the app may stop functioning whenever there is a move one to another. In order to mitigate this, Multiscreen solutions are introduced in this foldable phones where if an activity supports multi-window mode and is running on a device with multiple displays users can move the activity from one display to another easily this is done when the activity has launched in an app, the app can specify which display should run.

How to Test

Just try it out by using the developer options, simulate secondary displays option. Also, remember that those simulated displays do not process inputs.

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Multi- Resume

In general, when the app is in multi-window but not focused, then it will be on the OnPause state. While providing recommendations on how to support multi-window, it was observed that many apps are not supporting the OnPause state. In order to help developers provided the best user experience on multi-window with minimal effort,  allows the device manufacturers to keep all the apps resumed even in the multi-windows in Android p. To get this option in Android p you need to add the meta-data in your app-manifest:

<meta-data android:name=”android.allow_multiple_resumed_activities” android:value=”true” />

Infinity Flex Display

Galaxy Fold takes the display game to the next level with the use of Infinity Flex display.  This is the first prototype of a foldable display. It is the world’s first dynamic AMOLED display and is based on the AMOLED technology. It is said to have built a proprietary polymer for the display, that will make it thinner to 50% and still maintaining its durability.

Unique and durable Hinges

The next best feature is the hinge mechanism. The hinge mechanism solved the too bulky for the device, enhanced the durability and make the device look great. These hinges are slim and integrate with the rear making if flat when used in the tablet mode. The device gets multiple interlocking gears that assure a smooth and stepped folding of the smartphone. When it was viewed from rear looks like an S-Pen has been stowed between the tablet. This hinge mechanism is said to withstand a minimum of 1 lakh folds.

 Three Camera Setups

Galaxy Fold is the first phone to get launched with 6 camera setup – a triple camera setup, a dual camera module and a single camera configuration. The camera can be used in any form while the device is running in any other activity.when it is unfolded, it has a dual camera set up at the front with a 10MP primary sensor with f/2.2 aperture and a secondary 8MP sensor for the depth sensing with f/1.9 aperture. In folded mode at the front, it has a 10MP camera within the notch with f/2.

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